Eastwood City’s Blessed John Paul II Parish now St John II Parish

Last Friday, I visited Eastwood City’s Blessed John Paul II Parish (formerly known as Holy Family Chapel) wherein the Blood Relic of Blessed Pope John Paul II was at the Church last Thursday, May 10.

Eastwood renamed the church to St. John Paul II Parish since He has been canonized at Vatican city recently. I remembered that I usually visited this church after work to hear the 5pm mass. I feel very comfortable inside the church because the ambiance is really will uplift your faith.

You may check out the Pope mobile which He used during his visit in 1995 World Youth Day celebrated here in the Philippines. It was a great opportunity to see the Pope upclose when the motorcade passed by infront where I am standing and He gave us his blessings after the morning mass.

  • Jamby

    Not happy with this parish. It is not so accommodating. Parish priest denied me the sacrament of marriage under the Catholic church on the chosen date… for a rule that other parishes do not even implement… no weddings during Lent. Now I am left to have my wedding outside the catholic church since this is the only parish that suits our set up and requirements physically and geographically.

    • Oh, hope you find a parish on your wedding 🙂 thanks for posting!

    • Omar

      You are just a nominal Christian, you do not really know your faith, poor fellow a Christian on skin deep. Yes, they are right that the Philippines is the only Catholic nation in Asian but one of the most corrupt in the world because Christian faith in the Philippines is just skin deep, it never penetrated the soul of the Filipinos. Oh cry baby…huhu…huhu….to shallow….not only in faith but as a person.