Summer is here! Check out my LootCrate x Sanrio Small Gift Crate #smallgiftcrate

I renewed my subscription box because I wanted to receive exclusive Sanrio goodies every quarter!

I am so excited to share my 2017 Summer Vacation Sanrio Small Gift Crate.

The box contains:

  • Sanrio Trinket

Don’t ignore this small piece because you can use this as your bag chain!


  • Keroppi Charm

Belated Happy Birthday Keroppi! This cute charm is a perfect accessory to your bag! Nope, I’ll keep this as a souvenir!


  • Hello Kitty Beach Figure

Transparent Hello Kitty figure with Hello Kitty photo inside


  • Sanrio Beach Towel

Let’s go on swimming! This Beach towel is so cute with your favorite Sanrio characters on their Summer outfits!


  • Sanrio Beach Tote

OMG I love this beach tote. This is a waterproof bag with Sanrio characters in the water. They’re sooooo cute!!!

  • Keroppi Flip Flops

I remembered LootCrate sent an email asking for a shoe size, I thought they were giving away a pair of sneakers lol

Let’s go to the beach 🙂

My 2nd Sanrio Small Gift Crate is Here!

This quarter’s theme is FRIENDSHIP. Inside the lootcrate box are your favorite Sanrio friends: Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, Patty and Jimmy, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars.

Here are the fun items I received:

  • Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Mamepuchi Plush Set
  • Little Twin Stars Infinity Scarf
  • Patty & Jimmy Enamel Pin Set
  • Little Twin Stars Stackable Mugs – a real winner!
  • My Melody keychain charm
  • Hello Kitty and Mimmy Letter set
  • Sanrio Friendship Trinket

Watch my unboxing video:

Subscribe to Lootcrate Sanrio: s

Unboxing Hello Sanrio Loot Crate #SmallGiftCrate

I subscribed to Loot Crate for Hello Sanrio. For each quarter I will receive exclusive merchandise featuring collectibles, apparel and small accessories of my favorite Sanrio characters straight from my mailbox!!!

I got my Loot Crate X Sanrio before Christmas and I am so excited to share what’s inside of the box!

  • My first Hello Sanrio Pocket Tee with Sanrio gang Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Chococate, My Melody, Badtz-Maru, Pompompurin and Pochaco

  • Hello Kitty Exclusive Vinyl Sparkling Figure

  • Hello Kitty Lucky Bag Charm/Keychain

  • Hello Sanrio pouch bag great storage for small items
  • Hello Sanrio Notebook and Stickers
  • Hello Sanrio Scented Small erasers
  • Hello Sanrio Pen with Kitty charms

It’s not too late, you can still join the craze by subscribing to:

I can’t wait for my next Hello Sanrio Loot Crate for the first quarter!!!!

My visit to Hello Kitty Dessert Bar in SM North EDSA – Philippines

I went to the Philippines for a two week short vacation and it’s a must to block my schedule to visit Hello Kitty Dessert Bar in SM North EDSA. It was a gloomy friday when we traveled from Cavite to North side of Metro, the traffic was so bad early in the morning and we need to get back to Cavite before afternoon rush hour.



Weeks ago, Hello Kitty Cafe truck visited Midwest USA (Illinois) and we lined up for two hours to grab yummy Hello Kitty treats. I am very eager to drag myself early morning to be able to complete my mission.

HK pastries

Fortunately, when we arrived in SM North EDSA’s Prime Block (3rd Floor) the store was empty so we went ahead and ordered different treats like doughnuts, tiramisu, coffee and shakes (with Hello Kitty faces & Sanrio gang on icings, toppings and coffee design).

As we were waiting for our orders, we took snapshots of the shop’s pink Hello Kitty facade and tons of selfie. White and pink tables complemented the ‘kawaiiness’ atmosphere though the seats were limited, I highly advised that you arrive early. Utensils from paper cups, stirrer and placemats have Hello Kitty faces and I wish I can take them home while Hello Kitty cafe crews wear their cutest pink aprons.

20160826_132625 20160826_132627 20160826_132630

My Mango-Graham Frappe was a grand winner (not that too sweet, perfectly paired with my doughnut!) as well as the other drinks according to my family & friend. The signature Hello Kitty and My Melody doughnuts were soo good!

hk coffee hk frappe

Other food items include like salads, signature pasta, and breads. Price range from Php 85 and above. It’s quite expensive but who cares if you love Hello Kitty, you’ll appreciate the ambiance and the food.

20160826_133104 20160826_133107 20160826_133109 20160826_133224

I heard that a more spacious Hello Kitty Cafe is about to open soon in SM Aura or nearby BGC? Can you please confirm?


Hello Kitty Cafe Truck – first Chicagoland appearance @hellokittycafe #hellokittycafe

Finally, the long wait is over. Hello Kitty Cafe Truck arrived last weekend (August 13 Saturday & August 14 Sunday) to offer super cute yummy Hello Kitty treats for Midwest. The truck made its first appearance at Hello Kitty convention in Los Angeles,California in 2014. Food and Merchandises were sold out – pink bow-shaped water bottle, cookies with HK design, four-pack mini cakes, macaroons, shirts and mugs. During those time, the line were crazy everywhere so we only had bought few times because the goodies were sold out quickly.


We were there as early as 7am-ish and line started I guess around 5am? We brought camping chairs so that we can wait comfortably. It was also our first time to visit Oakbrook Center, I was surprised that the place was huge and we kept looking for the location which was located near Argo Tea and Urban Outfitters.

Hello Kitty Truck is here. Welcome to ILLINOIS!!!

A video posted by Misyel Coladilla (@daomisyel) on

HK truck1

The Hello Kitty Cafe truck arrived at past 8am and we were cheering & excited! We were 15th on the line waiting for the 10am opening and we started to take photos of the truck.



20160813_131013 20160813_131008 20160813_130919

Too bad that they were not selling donuts. They did not announce clearly that it was only available in their pop-up built Hello Kitty Cafe in Irvine, California. The line moved fast as we reach the counter and decided to purchase one of everything they offer. I was joking that if we can also purchased their uniforms because it was tooo cute! We’re done buying our goods in less than 10 minutes. When we left the venue, we saw the huge amount of people lining up and I feel sorry for those who did not make it because I’ve read they were sold out before 5pm which is frustrating to some people who were there and they weren’t informed clearly that the stocks were depleting.

20160813_101700 20160813_101707 20160813_102118


1. For event like this try to arrive early and sacrifice your time. You must arrive 3 hours before the opening.
2. Bring light snacks and water with you. Most stores were not open yet until 10am.
3. Bring umbrellas or folded seats with you so that you won’t get tired standing. Also don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
4. Ask colleagues/friends/family members to join you so that you can have bathroom breaks and save the line or ask them to buy something for you in case you arrive late.

Suggestions to Hello Kitty Cafe Truck team:

1. You should have a system in your inventory to notify people who were there that the stocks were about to sold out. Like a signage board/counter in front of your truck so that they would know earlier. Or a PA system announcing that only few merchandises were available so that they won’t be keep waiting too long.

2. Ordering Number system for those who are ordering bulk so that you can control your inventory. Like two separate lines: express and bulk – those ordering in bulk should order and paid in advance so that you can accommodate those who will buying single items.

3. Include activities for kids – This will keep them busy and enjoy their stay. Activities like coloring books, face painting or kiddie tattoos. I know this is a cafe’ truck but having those activities will make the little ones happy!

Anyways, We had a great time seeing Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Illinois.

Hope they will come back.