Drink Tea to Eliminate Belly Fat

If you are trying to eliminate the jiggle around your waistline, tea may be a smart addition to our diet and abs workout program according to researches. Although drinking tea may not make belly fats magically dissolve immediately, believe me, it may help enhance the results.

Since the beginning of this summer season, I also started working out to at least reduce my belly fats, and I’m serious this time, really.

One Top Lifestyle Tea

And since I am very eager to dispose my excess fats, I have been researching for ways on how to eliminate that jiggle around my waistline. And, based on my research, I found out that other than red wine before bed time, tea is also one of the best ways to aid in your weight lost program and I think it’s effective.

However, my biggest problem is that I am not really used into drinking tea as I am a coffee addict, and I am not sure if I would love the taste of tea. I really thought that switching into tea would be a big challenge for me, but when I tried, I found out it’s not and I actually enjoyed it.

From doing my abs work out in the morning, limiting my carbs and sugar intake, walking for at least 40 minutes a day to drinking a glass of red wine at night, I still want to add tea to my diet to maximize my daily weight loss program.

Knowing that I am hesitant to drink tea, a friend of mine from Japan recommended Karel Capek’s tea for my weight loss program since it has a wide variety of classic and flavored black teas to offer. She shipped a few flavors of the said tea all the way from Japan to Philippines so I could try a few flavors, hoping that I would love its taste, and bingo! She got me!

I was quite surprised that Karel Capek’s tea has really got the perfect tea blends for me. I tried all the flavors that my friend sent me – the Royal Apple, Cream Girls Tea, White Peach Tea and the 2017 Year’s Tea. I tried all of them, and with or without sugar and milk, I just love it! It has the rich and smooth flavor of tea that I would definitely enjoy.

What is even more surprising is when my 8-year old daughter, who is also a picky eater like me, tried my tea and she enjoyed its taste. In fact, she loves it and now she keeps on asking me to buy more. She loved the Cream Girls Tea the most since she loves strawberries.

I am grateful that I can now make my unica hija to drink tea without further ado. We could now both enjoy drinking tea while getting all the nutrients and benefits that it can provide to our health. Thanks to my very good friend for recommending Karel Capek.

Meanwhile, if you would ask the effect of tea for my weight loss, I feel like it’s indeed an effective way to reduce belly fats since I can really feel it. I am starting to lose some weight and my belly fat is starting to get smaller and smaller. So, cheers to a fitter and healthier new me!


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My Grow and Glow Groot!

It’s planting season once again and I got a chance to create my grow and glow groot plant!
Thanks to my sister who sent me this present on my birthday last March, the kit have sets of sprout, vine and growing medium soil.


Inspired from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Groot turned into a small potted plant dancing “I want you Back.”


After few days, my plant grows! It’s pretty magical and amazing!


You can purchase Grow and Glow Groot at Amazon, Toys R Us or any selected stores.

Get Ready for TOYCON 2016 + Pop Life FanXperience in June 2016

On its 15 years and still going strong, the Philippines’ most successful pop culture event has moved to its new home. A much bigger venue with extraordinary guest appearances, toy exhibits, talented cosplayers will gather on June 10 to 12, 2016 at SMX Convention Center Hall 1-4 in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

13320944_10154261582402437_6091022073601350103_oFor tickets please visit the official website at www.toyconph.com and its ToyconPH Facebook Page for latest announcements.

Still not convinced in attending to Toycon? Maybe, Mario Maurer can change your mind or if you are a great fan of Stan Lee, His collection is arriving in Toycon too!


See you there!


GStuff Stuffs Us with Everything Healthy and Helpful!

Stay healthy this summer! I love to share healthy stuff and products that will help our local communities and protect our environment. You may visit GStuff at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Alabang Town Center and Trinoma. I also hope they will export these amazing products!

Picture Announce May14TalkUPDATE:
Health and Wellness talk of Gina Lopez is happening on May 7 instead of May 14. See you there!

Press Release:

G stuff was created out of a desire to conserve the natural beauty of the Philippines while growing sustainable wealth and creating stability in local communities. By sending profits of the sales of premium Filipino products back into supporting local, social and environmental projects, GStuff aims to eradicate poverty, while protecting the natural environment. G Stuff’s mission is to be a model of social entrepreneurship embodying the qualities of integrity, creativity, dynamism and social conscience at its best. This means when poverty is reduced, a community benefits. When we protect our natural environment, everyone benefits.

Owned by ABS-CBN Foundation Lingkod Kapamilya’s Chairman Gina Lopez, G Stuff offers a wide variety of health and wellness products! They range from Sun Blocks, Herbal Rubs and Lotions, Lip Balms, Natural Insect Repellants, Moringa-based products from Breath Sprays, Lip Care to Hydrating Lotions to , VCO Massage Oils and Oil Pulling Solutions, Essential Oils to Home Collection like Room Sprays and to gorgeous Abaca-Sinamay Roses, woven stool boxes, woven bags and clutches.  G Stuff also offers healthy food products like all-natural Coconut Flour, Kefir Spread, Duck Eggs, Gluten-free untreated Taro Chips, Volcanic Pili Nuts, the amazing Anvil Tsokolate Drink and Coffee with Malunggay, Healthy Oatmeal Cookies with Duck Eggs, and Healthy Gourmet Tuyo.

The G in G-Stuff is a play on G-Spot therefore these are goodies that hit your health and hoist it to a premium level. It also ushers to G of Gina Lopez, an advocate of health and wellness. Being a person who will never do anything to put anybody’s health in danger, GStuff gets to the three famous slogans:

Good for You
It’s committed to promoting products that are good for your health, and to things that are Filipino. They’re made from the country’s natural resources.

Good for Communities
It pays fair trade prices for raw materials, and the profits go back to community projects, helping the micro-entrepreneurs in the provinces, for their businesses to thrive.

Good for the Environment
Profits go back to protecting the environment because G-Stuff uses products from sustainable farming.

GStuff is at the Powerplant Mall Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, and Trinoma. Visit our website at www.gstuff.ph, like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gstuffph and Instagram at @gstuffph. Call 09175864530, 5005623, 5005587, 5005604, 4161828.