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My Experience at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015

Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015 is over and I can’t believe that I’ve seen my favorites in just two days! This year, I invested my time and money (going VIP is awesome!) to experience and be part of this super event.

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Day 1 & 2 – Thursday & Friday (Agenda: Toy hunt)
After work, I go straight to the venue to picked up my badge. Having a VIP access has many perks that includes a photo op & autograph, plus a 4 day access to the event. This year, I purchased Stephen Amell VIP access. Who is he? Oh well, Google it to find out, LOL

I also got a chance to take a look at different toys and comics at the exhibit area. There two halls, the funny part of this adventure is – I didn’t know that the next hall is what we called, “Autograph session” I found out it very late when I went there on Saturday…that was my very big mistake to check out who were there last Thursday & Friday, okay I’ll skip that part for my Saturday entry LOL


There is also the Avatar inspired booth, Toruk – Cirque de Soleil is having their own version of Avatar so you have to see it if you are a circus fan. I think the first show will be in Las Vegas. Going back to the booth, it has “make your own Avatar” morphing your face into a something special. Morphed faces also shown on the TV screen outside the booth but you can also prefer receiving your morphed faces through email. Here’s mine:


It’s FUNKO EVERYWHERE. Yes, literally. I was drowned seeing tons of Funko. Though I’m looking for something unique to collect, I ended up buying Hello Kitty vinyl figures. Also, I took home a Green Ranger vinyl – Wizard World’s collectible souvenir item. There was also a R2D2 vinyl (not that sure of its manufacturer) for $10 and the bad thing
was, I couldn’t find it when I went back the other day…sigh!!!



Day 3: It’s raining men (Saturday)

Yes, that’s true. My feet & back hurts from standing and waiting long lines but that’s not an excuse…everything is worth it. Seeing them is one of the best experience.

Here’s the video and I compiled it. Be ready and start screaming 😛


Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder
Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell
Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank

Photo op & autograph
Every fan loves meeting their favorite artist/celebrity. This area is heaven!!! Unfortunately, taking photos or selfies were not allowed in this area. But hey wait, I did an acrobatic shot while waiting in line.

Stephen Amell!!!!!!!!
Stephen Amell!!!!!!!!

Saturday Highlights include: Ian Somerhalder, Burt Reynolds, Ben McKenzie, Brett Dalton, Bruce Campbell, Tobin Bell, Stephen Amell, Jason David Frank, Nathan Fillion.

New series premiere of CBS Supergirl, Fox Scream Queens & Minority Report.

More highlights posted here at http://wizardworlddigital.com/

I’m also writing another review at Azrael’s Merryland, so be sure to check that out! 😛