My Personal Web Review: Zalora Philippines @ZALORAPH


The way a website looks definitely has something to do with its success. In fact, it has the largest part. But but if we are going to combine pleasant appearance and structure and good content, success will is just right there in a close distance. If your business is about business, you should give intense work on the two major components, they are layout/visuals and content. If you did it right for these component, your website has a good future. Doing this is very easy, all you need to do is consider these guidelines.

An online shopping website has launched few weeks ago, Zalora Philippines offers a wide variety of clothes, accessories and many more that suits everyone’s taste in fashion and lifestyle whether it is casual, formal or just for your home.
First, make sure that everything inside your homepages, or other pages are easy to read. This is a task included on the your web design. Use colors and images that are not sore to the eyes. Users will instantly leave your site once they feel they cannot take it looking at it.
You should keep your site updated. It should always have fresh contents so uses won’t get tired going back to your site. You can put in related articles, helpful links or anything that will make them bookmark your website.

Zalora Philippines has a very simple background color and the combination of colors used in the pages were balanced.
The site has an ezine, – the page took me 3-5 seconds to load the page. It would be better if the site has ‘texts’ on it. Giving the importance of web contents which will Search Engines will find you using your keywords.

Make it easy to navigate. Keep every features easy to find. When users find ease exploring the page, they will surely stay in it longer.
The design should match the characteristics of your target audience. If your target user is are teen ladies, you should dress your pages in a way that they will enjoy it, like it is modern and hippy. Also, you should consider the type of product or service that your is selling. If it’s about health, you can use make it appear as green, if it is about toys for kids, you can use assorted colors.
Be reachable for your audiences. Yo should display contact details so that the users who happened to have questions regarding your business can connect to you anytime. By doing this, you will have a good shot of getting their interest. And also, you must be open for criticism or suggestion. This will open for more improvement give you a direct idea of what to improve on your site.

Zalora Philippines displayed its contact details – and (02) 513 0373
The content should also be clear and understandable. As far as you can, use only the words that don’t require a dictionary for your audience to understand. You should also be observant with the spelling and grammar of every contents. Bad grammar will only give the users some shadows of doubt, thinking that you’re site is not credible.

Make sure that all the important sections of your webpage are not dead links. Users will lose the interest to explore any site once they find out that they cannot access the page that they want to go to. Pages should be on its proper location. If it is a very wide topic, contents should be categorized and sort out for the ease of exploring the page.

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  • Zye

    They may have a good website, but their actual delivery and customer service is terrible. I’m never using them again.

  • Mia

    their contact number is not even a working number..tried to search for it but not able to find another number..

  • mia

    i also had a terrible experience with zalora..i never trust that site again.

  • Zye

    I know, right? It’s been very stressful and traumatic for me, so I’m going back to shopping in actual stores.

  • Kay Serrano

    I had a good experience with zalora. I ordered twice already. First order was a bit small for me and I easily got an exchange for it (another cheaper item thus my the excess amount was credited us “store credit”) Thanks to Apple and Abby who were very accomodating and who gave me their mobile nos and emails for faster transaction.

  • china_doll

    i also had a terrible experience with zalora…almost all of my orders are out of stock and the worst is they didnt refund me :*(

  • bel

    I too had a terrible experience with Zalora, be careful buying because their system are not always updated.. once you order and wait for several days they will tell you that they can’t deliver the item because it’s already out of stock! And need to order for another product just to get your money back!

  • LG_GL

    I got the most traumatic online shipping at Zalora, out of 3 orders I made in just 2 days, 2 are terrible. The displayed online as available but in actual there’s no stock. the other one is improper packing according to the courier so they sent it back to Zalora and worst part of it, they did not notify me about it. They don’t respond to my emails and they ignored my leave-on messages from their Hotline. They may be flooded with hundreds of complaints. Am not going to recommend this to anybody and let us please spread this reviews so others are not victimized by this.

  • denise

    I ordered “Flat Orla” (flat shoes) last November at price 2k+. Few weeks later I saw the price doubled. On the page you will see ” At your door 7-14 days”. A month have passed I contacted Zalora and they gave me updates and told me that the product was hold in the customs and couldn’t be delivered. They gave me an option to gave me store credit or full refund. Why is the product still selling if Zalora can’t deliver it? They just wasted my time!

  • tim santos villanueva

    not only a hundred of complaints but maybe a millions…..this website is worthless…it’s a waste of time ordering to this kind of online shopping…..i also had a terrible experience with zalora, hnintay ko ung item na inorder ko then after 3 days wla paring dumarating kaya naicpan kong twgan cla ulit then sabay sbi skn na out of stock na daw pla…ndi man lang ako tinxt or tinawagan pra naman ndi ako nagmukang tanga kakahintay to the point na i cancelled all of my activities in the school…. kaya kayo think 1000 times bago kau umorder jan…better to buy in MALLS kesa online shopping kc mag aaksaya ka lng ng oras….

  • Samantha

    had a terrible experience… will never ever order from them again… ordered something mali yun item, they can’t replace it na daw but wanted me to buy something else na lang, aasked for a refund, refunded my card but not for the amount they charged me, called them but insisted they credited the right amount, i gave up and just paid the remainder of the charge… sobrang hassle,,,

  • abx

    .initial transaction of ordering and having it delivered was so fast, but just to have it exchanged takes SO long. it’s disappointing.

    i ordered my dress April 10 (Wednesday), got it April 11 (Thursday).

    i tried the dress on for less than a minute and sent an email right away that it was too big, so i’d like to have it exchanged to a size small. that was Thursday. thinking their service was fast, i waited for pick up ’til Saturday, but no, i had to call and found out that pick up was scheduled April 15 (monday)- that’s FOUR DAYS gone already. then today, on the SIXTH day of waiting i get an email it passed quality control, and delivery of new stock would take FIVE to SEVEN MORE DAYS. wow. so exchange of item takes MORE THAN A WEEK/ALMOST 2 WEEKS?? so much for waiting. now i’m scared even the size small won’t fit. why? ’cause that’ll mean i’ll have to go through the same thing again- and i need that dress next week already!! had i known it was going to take this long, i would’ve just gone to the mall. i’m SO disappointed. that return/exchange item ‘within 5-7 days’ is very misleading.

  • kupido

    amazing! the delivery is so fast.. i ordered my shoe sunday afternoon and got it on a very good package the next day..fits on me perfect…Kudos to Zalora mga nais magreturn..isip isip din kasi bago umorder, make sure yun talga size nyo and check mabuti dun sa size chart mga tao kasi tamad magbasa.makita lang n maganda at tingin nila bagay sa kanila kahit di nmn ganun yun size tsk tsk tas pagdi nagkasya sa kanila at nagreklamo mabagal ang return policy nila sisihin pa yung pinagbilan tsk tsk..include yourself as well sa mga sisihin in the first place it wont happen kung tama yung size order mo..i understand the people who blame this compny coz they receivd wrong items, damaged items etc but not because di nagkasya sa kanila..isip isip din lol….ooopsss obserbasyon ko lng..bato bato sa langit tamaan wag magalit lol πŸ˜›

    • thanks for sharing your experience shopping online at Zalora.

    • tsance

      sorry to oppose your opinion regarding sa shoe size ng zalora… attentive to details ako at binasa ko ang size chart nila bago umorder ng shoes… I even confirmed my shoe size sa mga physical stores like CLN… but then, yung mga shoes na purchased ko from Zalora are one size short!!… I even used a ruler to measure their shoes kung tama talaga ang sizing nila and found out that it was not accurate… come to think of it, why is it that items in Zalora are cheaper than sa mga items malls? and they even continue to give discounts… could it be that these items are quality control rejects that’s why they offer them at a lower price? … “isip isip din lol”

  • mary

    i had a bad experience from zalora too..i received wrong items,they didn’t pick up the items so i went to lbc to send it back to them,.emailed zalora after that and they replied after 3 days,..and now i will wait 2-3weeks?! omg…i will not shop online again

  • heidi16

    parang fake ang zalora products.. yung in-order ko n nike bag,, iba ang picture sa site sa actual.. nadismaya talaga ako,, hindi n lng ako nagreklamo kasi sobrang hassel.. kaya ibinenta ko n lng yung item sa sulit shop, at yung actual picture ang pinost ko, mas mababang price.. naiinis kz ako pag nakikita ko yung item, at yung idea n naisahan ako,,, grrrrr.. ang maganda lng sa zalora, yung packaging,, yun lng

    • sorry to hear that and thank you for visiting my blog.

  • Melesse

    Shop now at ZALORA and get a 15% discount with this voucher code: ZBAP9QU

  • I’ve already purchased a couple of products from ZALORA and I was never disappointed with my purchases. Their products are of good quality. Their website is user-friendly too so it’s really easy to navigate. They also offer a lot of discounts through coupon codes. Use ZBAP0PZ to get 15% discount if you are a first time customer πŸ™‚

  • I think can also be a great choice if your planning to shop for fashion items.

  • Eva

    My first purchase was a success too! Thanks to your blog, I was confident that my purchase will be smooth-sailing. For first time purchasers, you may use my code to get a 15% discount. I actually used a code too and my satchel which was originally priced at 2900 was brought down to 2200! Here’s the code β€” ZBAPQW4M. – See more at:

  • Ena

    Same here. Zalora has a friendly design, which is easy for the customers to find what they want. Also the prices are the same or lesser compare to the retail stores. They also have codes for discounts. I have tried this code ZBAP994I and got 15% discount. Enjoy shopping πŸ™‚

  • Yog

    Hi. Share ko lang experience ko kahit ilang years na ‘tong blog post na ‘to.

    Bumili ko ng Nike Roshe One Retro sa Zalora on Sale. On top of that, the site allowed me to use discount codes. I paid via Cash On Delivery. Kung ‘yun ang gagamitin mo na method, may way pa para ma check mo kung kasya/mali/pangit etc. ang item na “inorder” mo, check it before you hand over the money.

    According to Nike, hindi daw fake ang na order ko from Zalora.

    I ordered at 6pm Sunday, 9am next day nandito na sa bahay ang courier.

    To sum it all up, I was very pleased with my order and the whole transaction.

    • Reena Landero

      how did you contact Nike? i would like to ask them about my order as well po. nagdadalawang-isip kasi ako kung irereturn ko or hindi because it looks fake to me. πŸ™

  • Diana

    Hello idk if active pa tong blog na to balak ko ksi mag order ng nike thea 4300 price so naninigurado lang ako if orginal yun. Nadala ksi ako sa mga online shop e puru imitation lang ksi.

    • I am not sure how authentic the products because I haven’t bought through Zalora but my advice is to buy in official stores in Mall if you are in doubt ordering online but I know Zalora has nice products you may wanna try them if you want. Thanks for your comment.