Multi-awarded LG G5 and Friends “play” their way to the Philippines

Glamour Moments team is so happy to witnessed the unveiling of new LG G5 last April 28, 2016 held at Shangri-la at the Fort Taguig.

LG G5 sports is the brand’s first-ever Modular type design, encase in a sleek metal aluminum body and a Slide-out Batter which can easily swap a depleted battery with a fully charged one.


I am very fond of the LG’s new TVC here in the United States. I don’t even recognize Jason Statham at first glance because He portrays so different characters in the TVC and I’m not sure if He is the real one 😛 LOL

During the launch, LG also introduces its “friends” namely LG Cam Plus, LG Hi-FI Plus with B&O Play, LG 360 VR, LG 360 Cam, LG Rolling Bot, LG Tone PlatinumTM, H3 by B&O Play, and the hub application called LG Friends Manager.

LG G5 is available in the Philippines in gray, titan, gold and pink with a retail price of PHP 34,990.00. Check out the official page of LG and follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

LG Friends

You can also read the complete Press Release here.

Here are some photos taken at the Event 🙂 credits to Andrea

Review on Majestic’s Backlink Checker

It’s been a long time since I posted about SEO tools and gave a detailed review. Somehow, it motivated me to write today because this website is giving away a 13-inch Apple MacBook Air this Thanksgiving. Okay, am not after the prize (that’s true!) but I wanted to give you a step by step analysis on how we use Majestic.

I’ve been working with this industry for almost 8 years (whew!), I witnessed the importance of using SEO tools in our daily lives, we called them “lifesavers” or “early warning detectors.”


Step 1: Go to Register and Create your Free Account using your Email Address.

Whether your website is new or old, it is a mandatory that you perform a diagnostics specially checking the backlinks. We didn’t know that “some” harmful links hurt our Search Engine performance and rankings. If we didn’t perform or analyze your website Analytics or run a backlink checker, you will not be able to catch “spam referrals” or “malicious” links injected to your website. I am a victim of “spam referrals” and Google Analytics helped me to “filter out” them and I reported these websites to permanently remove them on my backlinks.

How you will know if the website tool you’re using is trusted? First, you must investigate
through reading website reviews or recommendation coming from reputable SEO/Webmaster sites/blog. A perfect example is in Search Engine Watch or SEO Moz. Secondly, if you have stumbled upon this website and tested it. If you are comfortable with the results then it shows that the tool is effective. Aside from trust, some tools offer a “FREE” subscription. This is for you to test it and if you feel you want more then you have the chance to upgrade your subscription to get premium or custom services.

  1. Go to
  2. Create your Free Account using your Email Address
  3. Then, you may start performing diagnostics
Step 2: Enter any Website URL

Step 2: Enter any Website URL

Or you may also compare another website.


Above is the example results. I am not active in blogging so the results is below average.


URL Search For means the website you’ve entered.

URL Last Crawled is the date when spiders crawled your website, Mine was November 20, 2015


Here is the backlinks overview. Whew, it showed that I didn’t really performed well during the past months YAY!

majestic paid

There is a limit for FREE usage so I suggest you upgrade your account to enjoy the premium privilege!

Also for more SEO tips and tricks, visit their website blog at

Sneak Peak: Pac-Man and Arcade Gaming inspired Restaurant at Level 257


I saw this signage ‘Level 257’ outside when traveling from Rosemont to Schaumburg.

I don’t even know that this place exists until I read from its official blog, that the place is already opened.

We love playing Pac-Man since we’re young and I even remembered that there was a burger place in Caloocan named after this game character (LOL).

Also Namco games were there. I saw Mappy and Galaga – my two most fave games!

20150716_181904 20150716_182240

Level 257 is located at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois. My mistake yesterday was we entered Sears which is adjacent to Young Mens section exit to the mall wherein we can exit near Stir Krazy (Sowee, it’s Google Maps fault!).

With the theme, “To play is human”

Then the entrance door welcomed us with this quote saying:

“Life is like a level of Pac-Man to move forward you must keep playing”

Here are some of the snapshots I took from my phone. We will back next time to play, eat and have fun….!!! Summer Book Giveaway! – Thank you!




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There is no reason to learn new things in Summer!




Turning 30 And Still Loving Toys – Part 1

Toycon  2015 Coverage by Roger Decierdo

Turning 30 is often said to be another step deeper into the adult world, a time where one has to seriously think about buying a house, a car, or deciding on a long-term business venture. And that also means getting further away from toys and other childish things.

But that is not the case with some people, including myself. While we are now looking at possible property investments or preparing ourselves to embark on yet another business, we are definitely not giving up our action figures, dolls, and other toys. And we are definitely always looking forward the annual Toycon.

Now on its 14th year, the Philippine Toys, Gaming, and Collectibles Convention has regularly attracted not only young people, but also those who have already gone past that category, yet still wanting to have some kiddie fun. And this year’s Toycon is no different, as it is packed with a lot of things to have fun with.

As always, superheroes were there to greet the adult populace at the start of their journey back to childhood. With the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie being shown just two months ago, there were a lot of Marvel stuff to see. One of the most impressive displays during the event was the huge Hulkbuster armor statue, which definitely dwarfed everything in the venue. But of course, Veronica (as the Hulkbuster was referred to in the film) would not be complete without the big green guy himself, so some distance away stood an equally imposing Hulk.

figure 1

Figure 1: The impressive Veronica aka Hulkbuster

figure 2

Figure 2: Face to face with the big green guy

figure 3a

Figure 3 Boy Langgam (Ant-Man) But, where there is Marvel, there would definitely be DC Comics, a rivalry that comic book fans have been following since their childhood days. And it’s not just Batman and Superman who are present, as the rest of the Justice League are also there. Con visitors even got a glimpse of the Batsuit from the Arkham game series, courtesy of a cosplayer.

figure 4

Figure 4 The Man of Steel

figure 5

Figure 5: Na-na-na-na! Si Batman!

figure 6

At siyempre, me pinoy superheroes din: Figure 6 Si Darna…

figure 7

Figure 7: …..Si Captain Barbell….

figure 8

Figure 8 ….At si Ramon Zamora!