RIP: Post Office, where are my postcards? @phlpost @govph @ABSCBNNews

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This is not a rant post but I am sharing you my horrible story about the postcards that I sent to my friends/family in the Philippines.

I remembered I mailed 15 postcards last August and I was shocked that ONLY 3 received the postcards. I asked my friends if they have received it, and it's NEGATIVE.

So, I guess, this is confirmed. Postal Mail Service in the Philippines is DEAD.

[caption id="attachment_8288" align="aligncenter" width="318"]The death of snail mail The death of snail mail[/caption]

Even their website ( doesn't have a customer support service form or contact information. And, the tracking feature is also unavailable. And btw, their Twitter account (@phlpost) is owned by a specific person, Who is SHE?


If you are sending an important documents or packages, I advise you to use commercial mailing services like Fedex or DHL which you can easily track your mail/package through their website or just call their customer support and they will able to help you to locate it.

Alright, I am now convinced NOT TO SEND anything to the Philippines using Phil Post.


Poor Service!

IN TAGLISH: Mababaw man or sabihin postcard lang yan, the fact that I took effort in sending it and paid the stamps eh I have the right para magreklamo. Hindi ko nga alam saan magrereklamo?

Feel free to share this horrible story on your timeline, tweets and blogs.

PS: My cousin received her Christmas Card from our cousin from USA (dated in 2012) few weeks ago, so it was a year delayed.  It's better late than never, bwahahaha!


Here are some complains I've researched online, feel free to browse them.


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