Countdown to Chicago’s Eclipse 2017

Tomorrow, August 21, 2017 at around 11:54am, the biggest event is about to happen when the Moon will start to block Chicago’s view of the Sun!

I have seen different eclipses when I was in the Philippines but this time I am so excited because we’re going to witness a total solar eclipse!


There are viewing areas to see the eclipse: at the Alder Planetarium, Daley Plaza, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and in Perryville, MO.

We got our free solar eclipse glasses at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago and there are free outdoor activities like block party and educational talks with experts and Astronomers!



Go to this website for more information about Chicago Solar Eclipse:

You can also watch the eclipse through my blog. Here’s the live feed from ABC7 Chicago.


Make sure your Solar eclipse glasses were purchased from reputable and accredited vendors. I heard fake solar eclipse glasses were sold online. You can verify from Adler’s website if the glasses are safe to use.

Ultra Super Green – the best organic and natural grocery hub in Quezon City

Ultra Super Green is a little piece of heaven for organic products located along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

Locally grown and manufactured, the products are certified organic yet lower cost compared to the counterparts found in most supermarkets. I got excited to find items i only find in high-end supermarkets being sold at a more affordable price since they are locally produced.

Ultra Super Green products are all natural grown, eco-friendly and prices are competitive compared with supermarkets.

Featuring the some of the top local brands:

  • Milea organics
  • Messy Bessy
  • Yamang Bukid
  • Carica
  • Greenola flax seeds
  • Coco Wonder
  • Alaminos Goat’s Milk Star
  • Creative Baker’s Organic Gluten-free
  • Bayani Brew
  • Organic Alley
  • Green Mama
  • DeMetrio’s local wines
  • Coco Dolce Dark chocolate

The store’s location is accessible to all residents near Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City and situated near by schools/college campuses and nearby UP Town Center. They also encourage organic shoppers like health conscious and some people who wanted to switch to organic food and beverages to visit their store.

Most of the store’s products packaging are unique and creatively labeled. You will also notice that the store uses a weaved basket in the counter and some free sample food testing of variety of organic products they are currently being sold in the market.

Now, you don’t need a special trip to different bazaars and farmers market. Ultra Super Green has an extensive selection of organic products that you could afford.

Follow in Instagram @UltraSuperGreen and Like their page on Facebook –

Address: Elizabeth Hall- Ground Flr. Lot1 Blk. 41 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Numbers: +639559044744 / (02)7381202

More photos from the store grand launching:

Andrea is an Occasional Pastry chef. Occasional Blogger. Full-time Superhero.

A string of thoughts and a stray piece of mind


Instead of lengthy discussions about issues this and that, how about you go back from the start and how you do things back in the day? Can you go back to that? Or do you have something to go back to? Some things start for all the wrong reasons, and thus led to issues being encountered now.

How about we all pause and think back how we do things when we were all starting? It was all about our personal experiences, adventures and whatnots. What happened to that? What happened to now?

How about we do that again? Can we do that again? I know i can, but can you?

And if you can, will you? Because i will and i am doing it now. I suggest you do it to. Take a step back and restart. It’s not too hard. Compared to what’s going on now, taking a step back to step one and restarting is easier and a much wiser decision, not to mention a very needed one.

You might wonder what exactly am i pertaining to. Nothing in particular to be honest. That’s how i initially wanted this to be, but seeing that issues are sprouting here and there, i can’t help but relate this post to anything and everything this could possibly relate to.

Andrea is an Occasional Pastry chef. Occasional Blogger. Full-time Superhero.

Inside the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum – Springfield, Illinois

This was my second time to visit Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. I love going back to this place because this museum has a state of the art exhibits and you’ll be amaze of its special effects. You’ll learn a lot of Lincoln’s life story from his childhood, as a political aspirant and when He was elected as the President of the United States.

Upon entering the museum, you’ll see a modeled figures of Lincoln family standing at the center of the Plaza. Guests were welcomed by a volunteer asking you if its your first time and She/He will be giving you some initial instructions and recommendations on where to go first like touring the Indiana log cabin, the Blue Room of the White House, Election House and Ford’s Theater.

Inside the museum, you will see a modeled life size installation of Lincoln’s life transformation, audio and visual presentations of events during his presidential race, some of his works and speeches were also displayed.

The next door is a holographic theater, called “Ghost of the Library” (my favorite!) and a movie presentation titled, “Lincoln’s eyes.”

In Ghosts of the library, a historian talks about the importance of archives and how to preserve them. He was a Civil War soldier who was killed in the battle and revealed the holographic images or ghosts of Lincoln.

The other program was narrated and tells you a story about Lincoln’s different emotions and portrayal of his assassination. The movie has special effects with moving and shaking seats, real smokes and loud shots!

Kids can play at the Mrs Lincoln’s attic with toys made from woods. Also you’ll see “actors” dressed as Abraham and Mary at the center Plaza.

Overall, the museum is a walk-through experience and you’ll able to “feel” the dramatic moments of Lincoln’s life story.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum – 112 N 6th St, Springfield, IL 62701

Please check the official website for museum hours and ticket prices

You can also read my blog post on my first visit to Abraham Lincoln’s Presidential Museum.

Historical Adventure in Springfield, Illinois

Touring Inside Abraham Lincoln’s Home in Springfield, Illinois

Our second destination was to visit  Abraham Lincoln’s House in Springfield, Illinois. You have to get a FREE ticket at the Visitor Center and make sure you arrive 5 to 10 minutes before of your scheduled tour. Tickets are first-come, first-serve basis so plan your visit accordingly.

Before entering the house, the park rangers / tour guide will discuss some important matters and the do’s and don’ts: any kind of food and beverage were not allowed to bring inside, no gums, no flash photography, no touching of decorations, leaning on the wall is not allowed and do not step beyond that blue line. Because the House was built during 180-ish so the materials were very antique and sensitive.


You can also see other restored houses like the Arnold House and Harriet Dean house. The Lincoln Home is open daily from 8:30 am to 5 pm and inside the Visitor Center you can buy memorabilia, books and videos. There is also a movie presentation inside about Abraham’s life.

According to National Historic Site Illinois, Lincoln’s home was opened to public in 1887. His house was resided on the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets. This was also where He lived when during his career as a lawyer and became a politician. Lincoln bought the house for $1,200 and the house had 12 rooms on two floors. His son Robert Todd Lincoln donated the house to the State of Illinois in 1887 and with one condition that the property will be restored and maintained open to the public with no charge.

Lincoln lived a simple life during those years. His daily routine was to chopped wood, lit fires in the morning, milking his cows, and went to work. He would also provide a legal counsel to some needy in the remote areas.

Inside the house:  Sitting Room and Receiving Hall

On this photo, you’ll see the beauty of the house where decorations were color coordinated and wall papers were very vintage and Victorian. The family spent their happy days and nights at the Sitting Room were children play games, read books and viewing photos on the stereoscope (yeah, it’s like the 3D viewer on our time!).

On the other side of the room, there was a receiving area. This where the family welcome their guests and one of the largest room. Lincoln hosted several parties and gatherings.

The Bedrooms
Abraham and Mary had their own rooms. Usually Abraham work late at night and He don’t want to disturb his wife. The eldest child, Robert had his own bedroom and the younger ones Willie and Tad used to slept on a trundle bed at Mary’s room.

The Kitchen
Lincoln’s kitchen was very small and you’ll see a new cast iron wood burning stove and a small working table.

The Dining Table

Outside the House/ Neighborhood
Lincoln family had friends in the neighborhood. Mary used to be good friends with Julia Sprigg.


It was my first time to visit an actual house of a late President of the United States. There were a lot of information about Lincoln’s home and discoveries that made his tragic life became meaningful to everyone.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site- 413 S 8th St, Springfield, IL 62701