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7 Rules of Life

1. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.
2. What others think of you is none of your business.
3. Time heals almost everything, give it time.
4. Don't compare your life to others and don't judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
5. Stop thinking too much, it's alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.
6. No one is in charge of your happiness, except you.
7. Smile. You don't own al the problems in the world.
I have found this photo at Twitter and re-typed the texts. Why am posting this? Aside from saving it as my wallpaper at my desktop, it would be better if I share it to you. Leave all your worries and Move on...

Everything will be fine, just patiently pray for it :)


It's a movie date on Friday courtesy of @NuffnangPH and @PLDTHOME

Just got in!
Joining in movie contests is one of my passion. Why? because this is one of the pleasure activity I would love to do aside from 'eating' hahaha. Anyways, a big thank you to Nuffnang Philippines and @PLDTHOME.

I'm bringing my BFF to Resorts World as promised :)

See you on Friday!

Listening to your Intuition

They said that intuition never go wrong. I am not perfect in predicting things but when it comes to listening to my own gut feeling -- I'm always RIGHT. Deciding which road to take is really challenging. I also take consideration of my feelings if this will looks good on me or perhaps knowing exactly what I wanted.

Sometimes its incorrect, but practicing on how you can able to use your intuition effectively is really powerful. If you are not an expert in a certain field, always seek a second opinion and listen to them. Most of the times, I often go out, make most of my time listening to myself and the interesting part of it is to - investigate more on each situations.

How would you know if someone is lying or being dishonest? - Its really hard to predict but always listen to yourself. You only have two options whether - you should leave them or keep on going. Focus on your particular belief and make the right choices.

Guilt Free. Remember, when there's smoke...there's fire...

Top OPM rock legends gathered for Tayo'y mga Pinoy TVC

I was surprised when I saw this TVC last time and I immediately hooked on this, browsing its official Youtube channel and shared it with on my timeline. What made it interesting is that they have shoot the TVC using Smart's fiber-powered network. 

Ely Buendia, Barbie Almabis, Rico Blanco and Raimund Marasigan made an exceptional concept music video re-creating our own favorite classic Filipino Rock Song, Tayo'y Mga Pinoy.

The 30 second TVC earned more than one million views in Youtube for 6 days after posted online. Netizens shared their experiences and were surprised to see these top OPM rock icon in one TVC!

Last night, a new version of TVC was launched held in Jump Experience Center, SM Megamall. As a special treat, all OPM fanatics can download Tayo'y mga Pinoy at iTunes and on at no cost to Smart Subscribers.

You too can also enjoy the free Calling Ring Back Tune (for 5 days, renewable for P15/15 days) by texting PNOY at 2728.

Watch the full length music vid…

Caracol 2013: Makati City's Festival of Life and Color

This is my second time to witnessed the annual event held in Globe Event Grounds, Circuit Makati last Sunday, February 24. Caracol is derived from a Spanish term which means "shell" and the festival's message is to explore the wonders and beauty of nature. This is also one good way of promoting public awareness to save and conserve our environment and natural resources. In line with Make It Happen. Make it Makati campaign, Caracol Festival is an early treat for 2013 by Ayala Land, bringing its best in business, lifestyle, entertainment and culture.

Started with a grand parade of various group and barangay in Makati City, Caracol Festival 2013 has its own version of dance and costume competition wherein each group which composes of students in elementary, highschool and barangay clusters performed with their own dynamic routine aiming to address the awareness of protecting our environment.

"Beyond being a visual feast and jovial celebration, the Caracol Festival seeks …

Freedom and Being Free

This post is not about EDSA Revolution or People Power (just kidding). It's about having the greatest gift of all which is - being free as a human being :) In our lives, we always make choices on how we are going to deal with our daily lives. Sometimes we got confused on what brings us happiness (can be a material or non-material) but here is what I've read a while ago... If you would like to know what truly make us free, first is to know ourselves better.

Knowing ourselves more actually will give you more awareness and self-acceptance. Gaining all the love that you wanted from the people around you makes us feel secure, thus, knowing if we are willing to compromise in exchange of happiness will lead us to confusion.

Always follow your intuition and pray for guidance. It's really effective. Yun lang, emo lang.


“I'm single because I was born that way.”
― Mae West

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
― Abraham Lincoln

“The truth will set yo…

Stainless Jewelry: Making it the most fashionable jewelry

In order to create flattering styles and look good, find the best style and choose earrings, bangles, necklaces and rings to complete your style. How can you bring better results in jewelry fashion?

Budget: Spending your paychecks should not go overboard. Perhaps, make sure that for every piece of jewelry you bought, you also consider its durability and made from hypoallergenic materials.

Go with the latest designs. Find time in choosing the best designs by browsing your favorite fashion magazines or fashion websites. You may also check other jewelry Facebook Pages.

Mix and Match: Go trendy and make sure that you would know how great to combine each every pieces of jewelry. One good suggestion is to go on vintage or Contemporary.

Why choose stainless steel jewelry? Aside from doesn't tarnish, the materials are very durable and strong. Consider that some luxury items are also made of stainless steel like watches and bracelets. Always consider its long term usage and it goes with every …

[Videos] Caracol 2013 - Circuit Makati City

Here are some of the videos I took a while ago during Caracol 2013, Makati City's official festival held in Circuit Makati (formerly Santa Ana Racetrack).

Story to follow :)

Saturdate with my BFF

I cancelled our Clark adventure (Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta) because of unfavorable weather condition last Friday. Instead, I stayed at home recuperating and am glad that my BFF visited me last Saturday.

We decided to spent the rest of the afternoon at Marikina Riverbanks, few blocks away from my home. I tried this cheap massage chair for only P25 (10 minutes) and went window shopping. we took our early dinner at Chowking and opened our fortune cookies. Mine was all about an unexpected surprise... "Life will soon bring you an unexpected surprise"thinking that March is coming soon (my birthday month), and I am really excited. Hope it could be something that I wished for a longer time (hmmm wild guess?)...

and my BFF's fortune cookie says "Not until one raises one's own children does one appreciate one's parents' kindness" - very timely because she is a mother of 3 gorgeous kids :) hahaha.

My goal also that day was to look for a sofa bed. We check…

Weird Dream

Last night I was sick with cold and flu (which I think I had allergy asthma), I have dream that I was working abroad.

The setting is quite weird, I was walking on the sidewalk looking for a particular place until I woke up realizing that I was dreaming. And, ended up thinking of that place (hahaha)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450"]p credits to shutterstock[/caption]

I know its quite normal specially when our brain is normally functioning and our body temperature affects a lot and I know this is unexplainable. Or maybe I used to be working all day and my body had missed it hahaha :)

Whatever it is, I'm doing well right now :) Thank God.

Health perks of Coffee

There are studies shown that drinking coffee also has health perks. Here are some of it:

Protects against diabetes - It was said that for every extra cup of coffee you drink a day, will dropped down its risk.
High in antioxidants - believed that it may reduced the risk of stroke, due to high contents of antioxidants
Increases life span - It was also believed that drinking coffee may have combat sickness like certain cancer, depression and lower the risk of developing Parkinson's and dementia.
Improving your weight - Drinking coffee can speed up your metabolism and lower your risk to obesity.

What’s inside Golden Herbs Coffee Supreme & why you'll love it

This coffee which comes in a convenient pre-mix drink in single serve sachets shows promise especially for those with a driving passion for coffee.


It has two powerful herbs that are good for human health – moringa oleifera and ashitaba –with a sweetener - stevia, a plant sugar which is a healthy sugar good for diabetics and t…

Dream Catcher: Goodbye bad dreams

Based from the traditions of Native Americans, they believe during that time that dream catcher will protect you from negative dreams and let the positive dreams pass through. Dream Catcher symbolizes strength and unity which is made from soft feathers, arrow heads and beads, this can be hung over or near your bed swinging.

Thanks to my friend, I got a new Dream Catcher :) winks

Why you should own a Nokia Lumia?

Nokia Lumia is the new generation of Smartphones making it very innovative and feel smart when using windows Phone Generating System. Share, capture, and perfect for everyday use.

Here are some fast facts about Nokia Lumia.

Nokia Lumia 620, Lumia 820 and Nokia 920 are powered by Windows 8. Get instant access to your favorite apps with LIVE TILES.

With Nokia Smart Shoot, you can take a series of photos with a single click
Nokia City Lens allows you to see your city differently
Its innovative design allows for wireless charging and swappable shells
Nokia Lumia Windows 8 smartphones come with full-versions of Microsoft Office, Outlook and Internet Explorer 10

Where to shop for latest gadgets and appliances? Abenson is one of the country's biggest appliance networks, which is also one of the major destination for shoppers of the latest in mobile technology.

The good catch here is you can pay as low as P500/month for that gadget (I remembered I bought my television & dvd player with zero i…

PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is...Booster, the Lost Dog

We've been addicted to Derek's Anna Banana Song and got curious when Derek got busted until a new Anna Banana, Aria came to the scene. What I loved most is when they have found Booster (the lost dog).

If you are too tired of slow broadband internet connection at home, you better switch to PLDT myDSL and find out on how you can also enjoy the strongest connection at home. Mommy will enjoy browsing online recipes, Daddy will watch his favorite sports online and kids will enjoy researching over the internet.

Subscribe to PLDT myDSL Anna Banana Youtube Channel ( and learn the latest from Lorenzo family. Also enjoy watching these four TVCs that captured our hearts:

Derek’s Anna Banana Song:
Derek got busted:
Aria is the new Anna Banana!:
Booster, the Lost Dog:

“Your home deserves unlimited sharing from the strong, reliable, family sized connection o…

Negativity, Go away!

There are times that we don't (always) get along with some people around us, oftentimes, we just simply ran away in most difficult times and making ourselves feel uncomfortable, unhappy and most of the times we feel insecure about the situation. How are we going to unblock these negativity happening around us? -- Focus.

It would be better if you just embrace the power of kindness within yourself and try to strengthening your inner values. Through this, there are issues that you cannot control but from yourself, can turn it into a positive event.

Take a deep breath if you are in bad mood and simply open your eyes, let go off the negativity.

And always wear a SMILE

Stressed Out? - Reconnect through Meditation

How you can free your mind and give yourself time to explore other things at your most difficult time? Let go of some external distractions around you and start calming your chattering monkey-like mind. Start practicing on how to meditate and give yourself time to unveil your inner joy and happiness.

Here's a simple and effective practice that can be done anywhere and at anytime of day. Practice for five minutes, 10 minutes or longer:

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Take a deep breath and let it go. Eyes are closed, breathe normally. Begin to silently count at the end of each out breath: Inhale...exhale...count one; inhale...exhale...two; inhale...exhale...three. Count to five, then start at one again. Just five breaths and back to one. Simply following each breath in and silently counting. So simple.

STEEL MAKES A STATEMENT - It Happens When Stainless Steel Meets Style

Find out why you should have buy EMO's stainless steel jewelry.
Unique - Design - Quality.

Press Release

MAKATI CITY (Philippines) – Fashion has always taken bold new steps. New materials combine with new designs to create new trends. New trends bring new statements. And new statements become new fashion.

In a world where gold and silver are the preferred materials, fashion has taken another bold step, taking the highest grade stainless steel and transforming these to works of art. And at the forefront of this trend in the Philippines is EMO, Steel + Style.

“EMO built its reputation on quality and fashion. Our creations rightfully fall into the same category as jewelry, in the same league as gold and silver,” emphasizes young entrepreneur Sidney Ang.

Fly with them? -- YES!

These gorgeous Valentinos gave away flowers to all lucky female shoppers. Sigh, my radar was not working at that moment because am busy working nyahahaha. If I should have been informed about this ... tsk.

Globe first on the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini

Wow, Samsung Galaxy III mini is now available.

Globe first on the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini. Globe Telecom is the exclusive Philippine carrier of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII mini until March 5, 2013, giving Globe subscribers first dibs on the latest device from Samsung’s roster of Galaxy S smartphones. The leader in postpaid gives subscribers various plan options where they can get the Samsung Galaxy S III mini for free for as low as P999 monthly. Under Unli Surf Plan 999, subscribers get unlimited surfing and 1 call and text freebie. Under My Super Plan 999, subscribers get P900 worth of monthly consumable for calls and texts, free 50MB for mobile surfing, and two call and text freebies.

Finally under Platinum Plan 3799, subscribers get the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini and the Samsung Galaxy SIII both for free, complete with unlimited surfing, P2,800 worth of monthly consumable for calls and texts, and 7 call and text freebies. In photo during the Philippine …

Generation SYKES: Our Party. Our Generation.

Throughout the evening, gorgeous SYKESers were spotted everywhere. But there were those who simply stood out. For making _90s fashion cool again, our headturners won P15,000 each.
Partying in our generation is really different specially when you are working in BPO wherein huge celebration is prepared before the year ends. Though some of us were busy last Christmas season plus working in shift schedule gave us headaches because of left-and-right invitations of gatherings, like what SYKES did last December 16 wherein over 7000 colleagues gathered at SMX Halls 1-4 to party. Dressed in true 90s fashion, the program was hosted by our favorite DJs Chico and Delamar with Gino. The crowd couldn’t help but scream like awestruck teens when Stagecrew performed ‘90s hits like Pretty Fly for a White Guy, Sweet Child of Mine and Santeria! But aside from the songs, the ‘90s was also popular for its signature moves. The internationally acclaimed Philippine All-Stars brought back MC Hammer’s Can’t Touc…

Trailer: The Google Movie - 'The Internship'

I'm browsing Search Engine Land and found this new movie, 'The Internship' (The Google Movie) starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The movie is all about two men who lost their jobs and decided to try their luck to get a job at Google.

More info of the movie here,

Full credits to the original source

Spending Pre-Valentine Celebration at G.E.B Superclub

I love going out every weekends / even after office hours too. Let's say I missed going to bars and clubs, meeting my friends in the middle of the night looking for a good place to chill and relax - definitely somewhere in Quezon City wherein there is a huge stretch of different entertainment establishments like restaurants, bars, clubs, karaoke and spa! -- Tomas Morato is one of the busiest streets in QC, you can enjoy nightlife at very casual without hurting your pockets, ahem.

I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day - Am not a kill joy but it's a working day plus payday is on the 15th (sigh!) and my friends decided to go somewhere (out of town) trip next week hehehe good thing that there was a pre-Valentine gathering exclusively for bloggers and bloggers' friends held in G.E.B Superclub in Tomas Morato, Quezon City just across Zirkoh and Ambers. Opened and launched last November 2012, this new entertainment disco club has fascinating interiors, laser lights, mi…

For Valentine's Day: Your Guide to Buying Flowers Wholesale

Where to buy fresh flowers wholesale for your special someone? Here are some of the tips you need to know and make the most of your hard earned cash plus making this event, memorable. (insert background music, lol)
1. Ask from your friends or family members or any experts like flower distributors or vendors that you think is reliable and can give you value for money. You may also start browsing online for special flower arrangements and delivery.
2. A good vendor should be know for selling quality and fresh flowers. Must be in the business for a number of years and made famous because of good advertisements these are: Island Rose, Flower Express, Manila Blooms, Designer Blooms, Holland Tulips and a lot more.
3. Does the vendor supply flowers wholesale to many other florists on a regular basis? If yes, and particularly if it’s on daily basis that tells you that the vendor has reliable products and a reliable and efficient system of delivery.

4. Ask about the vendor’s production facility. T…