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O'sonho: Taste the dream

O'sonho (o-son-yo): taste the dream. They serve awesome portuguese fusion cuisine with unbeatable prices. Also tryr Bacalhau de Asado, O'sonho Salmon, jumbo wraps, tenderloin steak wrapped in bacon, espatada de carne, chorizo sisig, etc. Great place to kick back and relax with friends and family.

you can also check their facebook profile at

1880-5, 1880 Building, New Eastwood Mall
Eastwood Cyber Mall, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 4701768 or 0922-8707844

Fizzer,ph Booth at Toycon - Day 2

We have around 150+ new members (I'm still encoding 2 more sheet of papers!) and hopefully we can draw the winners!

Thank you for visiting booth at Day 2 of Toycon!

See you at!

Toycon Aftermath

Crowded of Toycon enthusiasts on the 2nd day/last day.
Toycon was really a successful event to date. Programs onstage were so uplifting. Even the cosplayers ruled that night.

This was also the first time that I've never bought a single item on the said convention. As our group were focused on supporting the booth

Went late in the evening and guess what? Luckily, Alodia dropped by and as a reward, I took the chance to take photos with her. She's so sweet, simple and friendly.

So, congratulations to the Collectibles Unlimited for another year of celebrating the fandomness!

See you in 2011!

Catch Sofia LIVE at Eastwood Mall Open Park on July 3, 7pm and Venice Piazza on July 17 at 8pm

Catch Sofia LIVE at Eastwood Mall Open Park on July 3, 7pm and Venice Piazza on July 17 at 8pm

Catch Christian Bautista LIVE at the Venice Piazza on July 4, 7PM.

Catch Christian Bautista LIVE 
at the Venice Piazza on July 4, 7PM.

06-19-10 Toycon Day 1

It's been my 9th year of my undying support for Toycon.
And it's really getting better (close to best!)

As we set up for our booth assignment (, am observing that exhibitors were really great in timing. As the clock ticks by 10am, most of them were able to set up their booth and waiting for our friends to go inside.
I went outside the entrance and I was surprised that at around 10am (sharp!) people were lining up and excited! There was a father who asked me if her daughter can still come inside because the line was very long and it reached 2nd floor!!!! I said, yes sir, pls tell your daughter to wait patiently.

We were stuck at our booth by afternoon, as tons of people were inside the venue. I never had a chance to watch and see Paramita performed (hehehe) but I can hear them singing (background).

As the organizer said there were over 150  cosplayers participated on the contest. Cool!

What makes it more interesting? THE SPONSORS!!!

An overflowing of coke a scent…

06-18-10 TOYCON DAY 0

Setting up for the big event. Don't forget to visit us at Megatradehall 2-3, June 19-20, 2010.
Entrance fee is P100.

Rachel Alejandro LIVE at the Venice Piazza

Rachel Alejandro LIVE at the Venice Piazza

Catch Rachel Alejandro Live at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill on Saturday, June 19 at 8:00 PM.

PLDT SME Nation’s Pinoy Bossings show the way to success for SMEs


PLDT SME Nation’s Pinoy Bossings show the way to success for SMEs

THEY ARE WALKING success stories: twelve entrepreneurs who made it big and are now inspiring models of Filipino ingenuity, hard work, courage and perseverance. These twelve “Pinoy bossings” are part of PLDT SME Nation’s “Bossing Ako” campaign, aimed at fostering the emergence of a new generation of Filipino entrepreneurs.

“Today there is a sense of renewed hope, a feeling that we, as a people, have been given a fresh start and it is the perfect time to promote the advocacy of PLDT SME Nation. That advocacy is to help give rise to more Filipino entrepreneurs. We need more Filipino entrepreneurs to ensure the nation’s economic future.

“SMEs practically form the backbone of the Philippine economy. They provide not only goods and services but also create wealth, livelihood and employment. Supporting the advocacy for entrepreneurship is an opportunity for nation-building,” says Kat Luna-Abelarde, PLDT vice-presiden…

Sightings: TOYCON Banners @ SM Megamall

Promotional Banners are now hanging at SM Megamall floors near escalators and
can also be seen at SM Megamall Events Boards Announcement.

Countdown Begins: See you at
the 9th Philippine Toys, Hobbies & Collectibles Convention 2010
Also visit Toycon Facebook Page -

Behind the Scene: Toycon Events Briefing for Exhibitors

Toycon Organizers and their Sponsors
The Toycon organizers (Collectibles Unlimited) and Megatrade held their briefing for exhibitors last night, June 9 at Megatrade Conference Hall A & B (Snacks were served courtesy of Kusina ni Kambal)

Several items were discussed including on rules and regulations, proper guidelines and the presentation of
Toycon's schedule of activities.

This briefing is more of the things you would like to clarify during the pre and post events preparation as well a chance to meet the organizers and other exhibitors.

As a proposed schedule of activities, there were about a number of segments plus DC Comics participation as event partners on the 9th Toycon. These segments include: cosplay, games, raffles, product launchings/sponsored segments, film showing, and live auction.

For updates, you may logon to

I'll be covering this event since I've been actively involved on this 2 day activity.

See you at the 9th PHILIPPINE TOYCON

Imagination, makes great things come to life

Sam in the "I Imagine Awarding"
All big things and the realization of dreams start with imagination. It never fails to awaken our passions in achieving our goals. It lives with every endeavor, however big or small. Brimming with energy, full of fresh ideas and outpouring with spirited courage, the youth of today is the epitome of a bright and promising future – a shared vision that Samsung wants to help realize.

With its “I Imagine” campaign, Samsung in partnership with Folded and Hung circled-in on the young generation’s passions, concerns and outlooks. Encouraging the Filipino youth to speak-up and voice-out their opinions, thoughts, feelings and ideas, the Samsung I Imagine Shout-out Making Contest was done online where over 10,000 entries from students aged 15 to 25 registered and posted their shout-outs about three categories: Talk, Play, and Love. Talk, for shout-outs that express emotions, ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes and ambitions; Play, for shout-outs that express …

Here it is, my Prince of Persia Mousepad with USB Hub

Thanks to Columbia Pictures and Disney!

I've won this Prince of PersiaMousepad with USB hub during the contest promo of the movie.

This mousepad has 3 USB slots + A SD Card Reader (Awesome!)

“Never Say Never” Official Video - “Karate Kid” Soundtrack

I just home watching the red carpet premiere of the Karate Kid. Surprisingly, it was an amazing film. I'll give my inputs tomorrow and meanwhile, I've found out that the official soundtrack of this film was sang by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith.

Here is the music video

The gods have a plan for you. A destiny. - Prince of Persia Movie

The gods have a plan for you. A destiny.
-Quoted from Tamina

The film starred by Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan (adopted by the king, he was a street urchin in Persia) set on 16th century. Togethher with his foster brothers, they were about to attack the sacred city of Alamut. Surprisingly, his strategies worked and lead a surprise attack against the orders of his brothers. After several fights, he took the 'mythical dagger of time' wherein it has the ability to go back in time for a short period so that you can correct whatever mistake you would like to change at any moment.

Conflict arises when King Sharaman died when he tried the gown and went burned. Dastan was accused of killing of his father and he ran away. Along their journey to find out the truth who really killed the King, he met merchant bandits and tried to convinced his uncle Nizam only to found out that his uncle's hands went burned but Dastan remembered that his uncle wasn't able to touch the gown.

Fights and adv…


PROMO TOY STORY 3 ADVANCE SELLING PROMOPROMO PERIODMay 28-June 16, 2010BRANCHESIMAX Theater Mall of Asia and IMAX Theatre North EDSAMECHANICSa. For every purchase of two (2) tickets to the movie at IMAX Theatre Mall of Asia or IMAX Theatre North EDSA from May 28-June 16, 2010, moviegoer gets one (1) FREE Toy Story 3 Trading Card set.