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How To Keep Your Pup Out of Trouble During The Day

For many people, coming home to their dog at the end of a hard day at work is one of the highlights of the day. For others, trying to keep their pup out of trouble while they work can be a full-time job. There are many incidents that can disrupt the day, like using the bathroom indoors, scratching furniture and making a mess can be time-consuming and difficult to clean.   Dogs are intelligent and, with a little determination on the part of their owner, can be easily trained. Here are some strategies from Glamour Moments that you can use to get your dog to behave well, even when you’ve been gone all day.   Reducing Boredom Throughout the Day   Smart Dog Training and Behavior says you’ll need to manage your dog’s energy , particularly if your dog is a more excitable breed, like a Labrador retriever. Most dogs need some sort of entertainment throughout the day, and will act out in various ways if they are bored and have nothing else to do. This can lead to torn up carpets, r

Finding Time for Tidy: How a Clean House Is a Relaxed House

  Photo by Unsplash Sitting in a cluttered house is overwhelming for most people. And even if you don't recognize the additional stressors, tidy habits can change your outlook, productivity and sense of relaxation. So here are some facts and tips from Glamour Moments to help you achieve the relaxing home you deserve.   How Does Clutter Affect Your Mindset?   Neuroscience research shows  clearing clutter  aids in productivity, focus and the ability to process information. If your home is extra disorganized, you may have symptoms of anxiety and depression. Those who have a tidy environment have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.   When you live in a messy environment, the mess leads to a low-grade fight or flight response. This chronic state makes it difficult to digest food and fight illness. When you tidy up your home or perform a  deep clean , you increase your health and ability to feel good about yourself.   What Steps Can You Take Toward a Tidy Home?