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Why Google Adsense

[caption id="attachment_9710" align="aligncenter" width="430"] I removed my previous Google Adsense and re-apply because I have moved to a new place. Thanks Google Adsense for approving my application! [/caption] Okay, I have to admit that I have tried several 'online monetizing programs' but none of them are successful. Some are too slow to generate income and some platforms have too many pop ups which I wanted to avoid...and so forth reasons, hehehe. I know other people earn a lot in direct advertising, meaning, clients of brands contacted the website owners directly to place their banner, logos or even links on the site owner's pages but still I prefer the hard way of earning which is base on how people will search my website. How effective is Google Adsense? It's simple, since you are targeting a range of traffic and impressions your ads will be displayed on how you share your content. And now they are offering 'Adsense Direct'

Thousands of Youth Gather for Habitat Youth Build 2014

Sharing this wonderful press release from Habitat for Humanity. God Bless everyone! Press Release: “Tagbo. Tukod. Tana!” Over 5,000 youth will converge at this year’s Habitat for Humanity “Youth Build”, happening simultaneously on May 3, 2014 in five key provinces in the country, to make a commitment to help rebuild homes across calamity-stricken areas in the Philippines. This year’s Youth Build is expected to be one of the biggest youth gatherings in the country. Beginning May 3, young volunteers will sweat it out as they get their gloves, hard hats, and shovels ready to begin the construction of Habitat houses in earthquake-hit areas in Bohol, and Yolanda-affected communities in Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Naga. After Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) destroyed parts of the country in November last year, Habitat launched its “Re-Build PH” campaign with a target to rebuild 30,000 houses. This year’s Youth Build aims to rally the youth to do their share to meet this target. “Rebuilding the

Hello ACen Anime Central Badge!

My badge aka passport to ACen or Anime Central Event in Chicago has arrived! Celebrating and bringing the Japanese pop culture in US, Acen is happening on May 16-18 at Hyatt Regency O'Hare and Donald E Stephens Convention Center. What to expect? Anime.Manga.Cosplay.Games.Exhibits...and more! Stay tune for a full coverage report here in my blog :) Here's the official website for more information,

Wish you could start the year with a hair do-over?

[gallery ids="9677,9678"] With new Pantene, will make your wish come true! I always wanted to try something really different. My hair is not so cooperative for the past few months and I'm glad that I got this from my mailbox. We all know that Pantene has a range of hair products depending on your hair needs. So you have to check the labels first before buying it. Let's see how good it is on my hair.  

Inviting you to the 4th Bulihan Festival in Sampaloc Quezon

I will miss this year's festival (and the succeeding years, lol) as I have already migrated to another planet. My mom was born & grew up in Sampaloc, Quezon - a town wherein the locals were called 'Sampalukins.' Me and my family usually visited Sampaloc during our school vacation, special holidays and town fiesta. Shout out to my Sampalukin family and kumares. [gallery ids="9658,9660,9659"] During the past years, I really appreciated the increase rate of activities held before and during fiesta. You will see the  transformation specially when they have committed to promote local craftmanship which is called 'buri.' I was unable to witness some of the attraction because of work but I always tried my best to capture different houses decorated by colorful buri - an additional attraction specially to the tourists or bakasyunista. This year's theme is 'Blooming Sampaloc,' describing a small growing community and exploring its beauty of nature.

A place called Little Quiapo in Chicago

Happy Fiesta! That was my first impression when I entered Little Quiapo and saw their menu on the table. We, Filipinos who are living abroad are missing some of our home dishes that is why we make extra efforts to look for a convenient and close to our hearts place like this one. [caption id="attachment_9649" align="aligncenter" width="448"] A jeepney table saying Buhay Pinoy. From Quiapo to Chicago.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9650" align="aligncenter" width="448"] The welcome signage![/caption] As I said that the ambiance is very homey and imagining ourselves celebrating town fiesta. The award winning menu are Lechon, Crispy Pata, Lumpiang Shanghai, Calamares, Kare Kare, Sinigang, Tinolang Manok, Menudo, Dinuguan and a lot more of Filipino barbecue and sweet Spaghetti (Pinoy style). [gallery ids="9651,9652,9653"] Kare Kare which is one of my favorite pinoy dishes is highly recommended. Its peanut sauce is a

FREE Google Online Course: Making Sense of Data

Here is another FREE online course from Google - Making Sense of Data There are no prerequisites but make sure that you are familiar with spreadsheets and of course your common sense, hehehe Through this course you'll able to: Learn about the basics of data, including the structure and organization of data Learn about the steps of the data process Create and use Google Fusion Tables Organize, summarize, and create charts from data Learn about different data analysis techniques and when to use them I've learned that Google has 'Fusion Tables ' - a web application where you can gather, visualize and share data and convert everything to maps, charts and graphs. The only difference here is you have to complete the final project and receive a score of at least 70% on the final assessment on April 4, 2014. Extra Tips: Read the instruction carefully. You'll be seeing a lot of data and analyze each items before you proceed with the next session. Practice the u