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The Wolverine

Okay, as promised to myself not give any spoilers about this film because I know some of you are excited to watch The Wolverine on bigscreen.

The trailer is a giveaway clue of what will the story is all about. We saw Wolverine saving a Japanese soldier trapped in a tunnel and now when Wolverine travels to Japan to search for his own self thinking that what will be his life would become and searching for answers.

The flick has focused more about involving a giant samurai robot, ninjas, and memories of Jean Grey (I find it awkward seeing her flashing on and off, sounds weird LOL).

His fast-healing power has been decreasing, what else clue shall I giveaway? Even he became weak, his powers are still strong. Then I shall conclude that Wolverine got hurt in some scenes.

I know that comic and superheroes geek will review this film much better than this simple blog post. I had a great night watching the film in 3D and the action/fight scenes were good specially the train scene which I got myself …

Enjoy Philippines - 2013 Mid Year Supplement is now available

The largest provider of discounts and coupons is here in the Philippines. Get a chance to score with over 250 brands in 800 locations in Manila, Boracay, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.

Enjoy Philippines has released its 2013 Mid Year Supplement with over 30 new premium partners, more gifts, more discounts and VIP privileges at the Rue Bourbon on July 18.

All privileges may be availed of by using the Enjoy membership card or the Enjoy VIP HP mobile app that have made it even easier for Enjoy members to enjoy leisure moments, enjoy the best products and services and save money at the same time.

These discounts includes: shopping, fine and fun dining, bars, health and beauty shops, language schools, photography studios, adventure trips, hotels and resorts, walk through and car parts and services

With over P350,000 in everyday savings delivered agains the Php1995 annual membership fee; Enjoy members have long known the exceptional value of this long running VIP privilege program

To learn more…

Filipino Buffet with a twist - Chef Laudico's Guevarra

This is not a typical buffet restaurant, I mean we have been to different events and enjoyed the food at the buffet table and then forget about the place because we have our own favorite buffet restaurant. Most Pinoys are fond of buffet style eating wherein you can sit for a couple of hours and enjoy the food on the table. When I entered this old historical house in San Juan, what made me interesting is the ambiance - rare decors, the ceilings are too high, and it brought back memories specially when I saw this telephone unit on the side :)

On its soft opening last March, Guevarra's has been a word of mouth to any guests who entered the suburbs of San Juan and taste this new found experience - a Filipino buffet with a lot of family oriented memories.

I even missed some of the family gatherings I have attended when I was a child and this is the best place to bring your friends, colleagues, and family. There were small tables for couples or reserve a room for meetings or small family …

Contest from Chowking: Mooncake dice for a prize

I ordered my dinner at Chowking and then the cashier gave me this flyer and card. For a minimum purchase of P99 with Lipton Ice tea, get a Free scratch card for a chance to win exciting prizes like shopping GCs and Samsung mobile phones.

Da Who?

I have been blogging since 2003 and attended several blog events, conferences, parties or product launches. I have my personal blog running since 2009 (oh, 2003 blog stuffs is all about my fan-girling moments) and encountered surprises which I don't pay much attention.

Until last time, I have witnessed unusual things to several people who are present on that night.

1. This person grabbed the decors on different tables without thinking that those were event's ornaments. We didn't know if these decors were free to take home.
2. Heard a lot of non-sense talks about some other bloggers (bloggers bashing each other). I can name a few, I'll just whisper it to you :)
3. This another person needs to improve hygiene. We have attended left and right gatherings. We ate a lot of foods, all smells were mixed up and traveled from one place to another - What I am trying to say is --- why don't you take a personal kit with you and make yourself presentable.

4. The same person (#1), too…

Man of Tai Chi - Starring Keanu Reeves and Tiger Chen

This has been a long term movie project (five years to be exact) with Keanu Reeves (as a villain and his first directorial job) and Tiger Chen, the former stunt man who plays himself who is being trained by a master of the peaceful art - Tai Chi.

Written by Micahel G. Cooney, the movie is all about 'fighting, abandoning morals and finding his own self.' Tiger Chen is a young practitioner of Tai Chi, has able to join professional fighting to prove his strength and at the same time to earn small amount of prize until he was discovered by an underground fight club operator, Donaka (Reeves). With numerous 'win' battles, Tiger has been straying away from the discipline of Tai chi.

The martial arts fighting scenes was evenly done though there are long routines that takes a lot of time (but it's entertaining to watch such kind of action scenes). The story has also features different cities in China and Hong Kong.

You can see the natural emotions of the characters and their v…

Craving for Korean Fried Chicken? Try Smoper Chicken

Are you a big fan of 'fried chicken' and would like to try other deep fried chicken recipes? Called it a 'fried chicken craze' in Metro, we are surprised to find out two or more Korean fried chicken outlet popping around in our places.

If you love Asian cuisines then you can't say no to Korean deep fried chicken, perfecting its natural crunchy taste and spicy (hmm, though there are a lot of sauces to try: either soy garlic, or hot and chili).

I have first discovered Korean fried chicken courtesy of my brother in Ayala Triangle and the rest is history. We have been to different malls to compare and taste this 'yummy' fried chickens, most of these food stores are crowded so you have to arrive early so that you will not wasting your time.

I ordered a box of Smoper Fried Chicken last time for our lunch and everybody enjoyed its flavor (soy garlic), we didn't asked to glaze it because we would like to try the natural flavor.

Visit Smoper Chicken at One McKinley …

Me, Myself & Eastwood Revisited

I was so tired fixing some stuffs here at home and decided to take a break and went to Eastwood City (one of my favorite place in Metro because its just few meters away from home). My first stop was to visit St Pio Center in Libis. The covered parking space is now converted to a prayer garden where Station of the cross is being held. I saw few constructions happening on the area, more space for parking.

I was so hungry that time so I went to CyberOne building and ate at NamaNama in third floor. I ordered 'Thai Bagoong rice' which I have been craving for since last week. I went around the building and saw these two sale books, feeling teenager lang.

And, walked around Eastwood City Park...took some photos and attended the Sunday Mass at Holy Family Chapel now known as Blessed John Paul II Parish. After the mass, I went straight to Starbucks and started reading one book which I finished reading for less than 2 hours (pwede bang isoli?).

Ex-Team Bonding Weekend

I had a very tiring and memorable weekend with my ex-teams. Spending extra hours with them is remarkable. I miss talking non-stop to my girls and good thing that they dropped by at my place and cooked breakfast for me (how sweet!). We updated ourselves about anything under the sun and browse some more kikay stuffs on my closet to gave away.


They love freebies and girly funky items so I decided to sort all those goodies that I don't need (some are unused!) instead of throwing it away. They scored big time on some stuffs: accessories, bags, clothes and even shoes (brand new, ahem!). At first, I was thinking to sell these stuffs but I changed my mind and instead gave away these things as an early present for Christmas (insert Christmas jingle here).
Later in the afternoon, I met the second batch. My most lovable boys and girls :) So, we agreed to dropped by in Araneta Center and looked for a good place to eat our late lunch.

Good thing we saw this 'Flavors' …

Our Visit to Smoper Chicken - Korea's Favorite

Located in One McKinley Place Podium at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, Korea's one of the best fast food chicken store is here - Smoper Chicken has a wide varieties of different Korean meals such as chapchae, bibimbap, kimbap, curry rice toppings, and the sure winner - fried chicken!

Smoper Chicken offers variations of sauces to be mixed with the chicken before serving or you can ask for the sauce, I highly recommended soy garlic (am not really a big fan of spicy sauces but it tastes good as well).

Enjoy a basket of fried chicken served it style! That was also my first time to try their unique product - Curry Fried Chicken! At first, you'll smell its aroma and it's really delectable. Smoper Chicken has this unique crunchiness on their fried chicken that will satisfy your cravings.

Smoper Chicken's location is perfect for all working people like me. Whenever we visited One McKinley Place, we see huge crowd waiting for their seats. That is why all who are working nearby h…

Twitter Etiquette: Agree or Disagree?

I stumbled upon this article. I have been a Twitter user (not addicted to this social network), and I only follow particular users or accounts that are really interesting like following news feeds, business or associates or even my top crushes celebrities to stalk them online hehehe.

We have our own ways of using Twitter. But there are people who continuously abuse it like, tweeting nonsense or we called it papansin but what I didn't like about Twitter is the hashtag attacks that I could not read the message because it was full of 'hashtags' -- hello, Twitter has only 140 character limit. Imagine spams of # hashtags all over and the message is not evenly related to it. Others, only tweets because they would like to share their stories (blog posts feeds, ahem) and some are spoiler alerts thinking that they are the only person to know a certain issue (tsk!).

I'm not a celebrity so don't follow me.


Read more:…

Enjoy the music of Cadbury Dairy Milk's Creamy Chocolate Fountain

It's overflowing. The happiness that drawn on each faces when we see chocolates or someone handed us a bar of our favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is priceless.

This is something that you could not imagine: Having a good time eating chocolates and at the same time, playing at the Chocolate fountain? Sounds interesting, right?

Bringing the one of the most loved chocolates in the world, Cadbury Dairy Milk has a limited offer to all chocoholics. For every P25.00 SRP, you too can discover the smooth and creamy taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk (30g) and have a chance to try this gigantic Creamy Chocolate Fountain in 2 minutes.

Be a future musician or DJ, simply press the chocolate bars and create your own music. You'll see an amazing 'chocolate' flow while enjoying its background music.

This one of a kind display is open from July 6 to August 5, 2013 at the Events Center, Lower Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building A.
Snapshots of the Chocolate 'Musical' Fountain


The history of #Hashtag - revealed!

Hashtags, as we saw on Social Networking sites have been existed several years ago and the meaning of each "#" is really different.

# in music is a "sharp"
# in operating system is when we press it to send instruction to telephone operating systems
# in chat like MiRC to label your channel or groups

and now, # uses to make the "word" to trend in Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="386"] The History of Search, credits to[/caption]

Before Midnight: The saga continues on July 10

I know that you can't wait to see this latest installment of Jesse and Celine's story.

Catch Before Midnight on July 10, showing in all theaters nationwide.

For updates and promos, please Like Before Midnight on Facebook (, on Twitter (, and on Instagram (b4midnightph)

Read more here - Before Midnight - PR

The Little Things She Needs opens its 4th store at Glorietta Mall

Time flies and one of my favorite 'fab' store, The Little Thing She Needs opened its 4th branch at the Glorietta Mall (G/F Glorietta 3 near McDonald's).

I remembered when I attended their first launch in Eastwood City Walk 2 and I went crazy shopping for my day-to-day accessories. You may read my story here: My Shopping Experience at The Little Things She Needs at Eastwood City Walk 2
On its opening, everyone has got a chance to check out the new items such as folding flats and bags, and shoe styles different from other 3 existing outlets.
So, See you there and have fun shopping!