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C2E2: Celebrating 10 years of comics, cosplay and pop cultureconvention in Chicago

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo brings ton of experience to all ages whether you love comics, toys or looking for any pop culture memorabilia. It was my first time to experience attending this convention in Chicago since the location is too far from my place (about 20 miles commute) and considering the cold weather (yes, still cold in Spring!) . I was planning to attend any weekend (Saturday or Sunday) when this contest pop up on my Facebook newsfeed for C2E2 by Bugle Newspaper Facebook Page. I answered the question by sending a private message. Few days later, they told me that I won two all-weekend passes to C2E2 (a belated birthday gift to me!). Good thing I haven't bought my ticket yet so I took a friday off from work and IT'S OFFICIAL, I'M GOING TO C2E2!!! I checked Google Maps right away to plan my trip to Chicago. It looked like taking buses and trains will be too tiring for me since it requires a lot of walking and transfers so I decided to b

LG Launches Laundry Love

On National Women’s Month, LG empowers alpha-males to do the family laundry with LG washers Even with more women joining the workforce, studies have shown that a bulk of the housework is still relegated to the women. This is known as “the second shift” , where the family structures are still holding on to traditional roles in gender equality with regard to the chores that the women are still expected to do. One of them is the laundry. This takes up so much time and energy that women often feel that they no longer have time to take care of themselves. Aside from the stereotypes that many Filipinos grew up with, where it was the norm to leave all the homecare duties to the women, another reason that men give as to why they don’t help out is that they don’t know how to do the household tasks properly. Launches Laundry Love. From L-R: Actor/model Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, LGEPH-Washing Machine Product Marketing Manager Ms. Cel Anolin, LGEPH VP-Home Appliances Mr. Woo Young Jeon,

Sleep: A Simple and Healthy Solution for Looking and Feeling Younger

Are you ready to dive into the fountain of youth?  Growing older has a broad range of complications, like aching joints and wrinkled skin.  Thankfully, you can maintain your youth and vitality just by getting more sleep.   Image courtesy of Pixabay Running on fumes We often forget our childhood lessons about getting sufficient slumber.  The old adage about “early to bed, early to rise” goes by the wayside for many adults, with sleep seen as a bit of a waste of time.  Instead, we attempt to replace the energy we would gain from catching Zs with caffeine, sugar, and other stimulants.  According to HealthLine, adults’ sleep requirements range from 7 to 9 hours per night.  When we sacrifice that sleep, no matter how we try to fill in the gap, we may sacrifice productivity, focus, stability, and long-term health.  Being sleep deprived can impair your immune function, cardiovascular health, digestion, and hormone production.  In effect, it can age you before your time. Cov

Where to buy Hello Kitty beep™ cards? #hellokitty @sanrio @hellokitty

Hello Kitty is celebrating her 45th Anniversary and it means we're going to see new (and more) Hello Kitty collectible items and brand collaborations. Good luck to our Hello Kitty wallets! LOL beep™ cards can be used by commuters who travel by Manila railway lines such as the Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1), Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT-2), and Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3). It can also be used on select bus lines and pay for toll fees on the Cavite Expressway (Cavitex) and North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) roads. Available in Red, Blue and Yellow beep cards  Credits to Anna Karina Bate Lopez-Tan Editor's note: Buy me please?????? HAHAHAHA

Phoenix Publishing House and Ricoh Philippines Collaborate to Aid LuzonMission Schools

Under the Alagang Phoenix initiative , Phoenix Publishing House Inc. has partnered with Ricoh Philippines, a technology and imaging company in donating several multifunction printers & projectors to select mission schools in Luzon. Photo caption: Eric Sulit, president and CEO of Ricoh Philippines Phoenix Publishing House, Inc., one of the leading publishing companies in the Philippines, has been revolutionizing the textbook industry for the past 60 years by providing best-in-class reading and instructional materials. The company has been an advocate of Filipino-authored textbooks and local publishing with their vision of providing quality instructional materials for Filipinos and by Filipinos. Alagang Phoenix was born out of the company’s firm commitment to continuously improving the quality of Philippine education and the quality of life of our educators. Alagang Phoenix conducts training and workshops for the academe to promote their development and le