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2015 New Year's Resolution for the bloggers

It's the first day of a new year and we are again it's a great time to list down things we accomplished and start targeting our goals for the next 12 months. I'm not going to post "I will lose some weight" as new year's resolution but this post will be concentrated in your career as a blogger. Why do we need to set goals? We make mistakes for no reasons, we wanted some changes in our blog like moving to a new domain name, changing layouts, hiring additional workforce as correspondents, and a lot more...the main thing here is what goals we should identify and move towards accomplishing it. 2014 Blog Performance Have you check your latest traffic report from Google Analytics? If you can analyze which blog post/s brought you visitors, then, you should maintain such kind of genre and to attract more audience, create a list of new streams like making your posts double its traffic for the next year. Re-design: Layout, Navigation, Logo If you are planning to redesign

[Video] Wonderland Express - Chicago Botanic Garden

Check out this holiday exhibition of "trains" and Chicago's great scenery and landscapes. Look out for Thomas the Tank Engine and a lot of trains. Wonderland Express is until January 4, 2014 open from 10am-6pm at Chicago Botanic Garden Ticket prices posted on their official site -

Habitat for Humanity Philippines - #WeBuild

Our new pre-lit Christmas tree 2014

We've ordered the tree online. It's almost Christmas and we're going to set it up. Here are some tips I've learned: 1. Be careful in opening the box. Yes, do not just cut and open it. Since this is a pre-lit, wires might be loosen. 2. Read the manual. There is a piece of paper on how to assemble it. Follow what is written. 3. Check the stand, it should be "X" and lay it flat on the surface. 4. Slowly check the other components of the tree. Each piece has their own numbers (for pre-lit), assemble the tree first and then check out the section of lights it should be either color coded or numbered. 5. Put it together and test the lights after bending the rest of the branches. 6. Start decorating. There is no right / or wrong in decorating your Christmas tree. I didn't follow the "red" motif that was included on the package instead I combined all decors we have at home. Tadah, the finished product! Merry is gift wrapping. One of the

Win Free McCafé for a year

US residents only :) I was browsing my inbox looking for good deals this Christmas until I stumbled upon this contest from Jewel Osco. If you love drinking coffee, here's your chance to win free McCafe' for a year!!! Simply upload your favorite mug and post it here - [caption id="attachment_10032" align="aligncenter" width="593"] My mug entry![/caption]

Check out the supercute highlights from #HelloKittyCon 2014! #HelloKitty40th 

Credits to Sanrio  Super duper...cute!

Cuteness Overload: 1st Hello Kitty Convention in Los Angeles

The moment I first heard that there will be a Hello Kitty Convention , my initial reaction was priceless! Then, I prayed that the venue will be somewhere in the United States so that I can attend. And, it was announced that the venue will be held in Los Angeles --- I jumped (3x!) and immediately browse for flight schedule available on October 30 to November 2. I nearly forgot to purchase the entrance tickets which is $30 per day, so my cousin & I decided to go on Friday which is October 31. But airfare during weekend is expensive so I arrived earlier (Thursday) and hangout with my longtime friend who is currently near in LA. I took the 10am flight going to Los Angeles courtesy of American Airlines. We arrived a bit earlier. Then, I took a cab going to Miyako Hotel (I spent overnight in Little Tokyo) and rushed to claim my badge which is just few blocks away from the hotel. I saw HK fanatics everywhere. The ambiance is exciting. The streets were filled with HK banners. I saw a HK

I'm here in Los Angeles for the 1st Hello Kitty Convention

It was 3.5 hours trip from Chicago going to Los Angeles. My flight was delayed but we arrived earlier! According to American Airlines we will be arriving at around 12:40 pm but we landed at 12:35! My destination today is Little Tokyo. My first mission is to get my badge and check what's inside. I don't have much time inside so i just took some random photos. Better bring your $$$ coz the goodies inside are expensive. Have a lot of patience coz the line is really long even the penny stretcher had the most number of people. There are exhibits, workshops for everyone, sale goodies, photo gallery and a lot more. Expect a huge crowd. So wear something comfortable. Hydrate yourself and take a lot of photos for souvenirs. I got some to buy list but i cant think which one to buy first. I want something worth memorable. Hmmm. See you tomorrow. Its Day 2. Hello Kitty rules!

Is Hello Kitty really a CAT? Here's the catch!

The moment you read this post you'll probably think where I am going. I might be in the airport or boarded or already landed. Take a wild guess! Before giving you an answer, here's what I read (latest) about my fave character. Is she really a cat or not? This issue became viral and everyone debated on this. The fact that she doesn't sound "meow" to us but looked like a cat? So how Sanrio describes her is she is a reference to a 'little girl.' Yup, she's not a cat. Hello Kitty has a pet cat who is Charmmy kitty, obviously a cat! Kitty White (her real name) lives in London apart from believing (I thought it was!) that Hello Kitty came from Japan because Sanrio is a Japanese company hehehe. She has twin sister, Mimi. HK loves red (but I used to collect pink kitties, lol) and enjoys baking and playing piano. You may read the entire article about Hello Kitty on this page:

ELY BUENDIA: The Greatest Hits Live in Antipolo!

ELY BUENDIA: The Greatest Hits Live in Antipolo! December 17, 2014 Ynares Center, Antipolo City, Rizal TICKET PRICES VIP - Php 2,500 (Reserved Seating) Patron A (Center) - Php 2,000 (Reserved Seating) Patron B (Side) - Php 1,200 (Free Seating) Box - 750 (Free Seating) General Admission - 350 (Free Seating) Tickets are now available at all SM Tickets in SM Cinema Branches nationwide and trough online at For ticket inquiries and reservations, please call 470-2222. SM TICKETS LINK: FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: Buy your tickets today!

The Citizen Services Call Center for Filipinos by Filipinos

Need an NSO birth certificate? A DFA passport? SEC documents? GSIS helpline or chat? Since 2000, Pilipinas Teleserv has been providing dynamic services to Filipinos with cutting-edge customer management solutions and innovative business process outsourcing services. Primary of these solutions is Citizen Services, an integrated customer service solution that has changed the way people transact with government agencies. Citizen Services is comprised of essential people-oriented solutions in partnership with the National Statistics Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the POEA, Civil Service Commission, BIR, DTI, PhilHealth, NCC, DOH, the Government Service Insurance System, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the DPWH over the last decade. The central services available to Filipinos are: Pilipinas Teleserv provides Filipino citizens with a stress-free alternative to acquiring their civil registry documents from the National Statistics Office (NSO) through NS

Habitat and Minka collaborate for a common purpose

For Immediate Release Habitat and Minka collaborate for a common purpose Manila (October 20th, 2014) “Minka” a South American term meaning “collaborating together for a common purpose” is now starting to be the trendy byword amongst the health-conscious market with its advocacy of being known not just as an ordinary toothbrush, but spearheading a so-called “toothbrush movement” . In a groundbreaking partnership, Minka Toothbrushes, which are available at all Healthy Options stores nationwide, have partnered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines in its ongoing social advocacy campaign.   (from left to right) Anthony Fernandez, Habitat’s Online Fundraising Officer; Jonah Marie Chipeco, Habitat’s Mass Marketing Manager; Mark Rivera, Minka’s Managing Director; Xrell Nikki Mallonga, Minka’s Director of Operations; Charlie Ayco, Habitat’s CEO and Managing Director; Yvonne Lih, Habitat’s Chief Marketing Officer; and Luisito Baclagon, Mass Market Development Head. For every sale of a Minka Too

Blogapalooza 2014: Post-event write up and observations

This is the biggest Business-to-Blogger event in Manila , Philippines because they have invited over 700 bloggers and the venue was jampacked with brands pitching to bloggers on how they can score a "post" in blogosphere. [Read more of my posts about Blogapalooza in 2011 and 2013 ] Sadly, while researching for "Blogapalooza" I couldn't find a good blog post about the event. I was excited to read the updates since I was away and this is the only chance to read them. [gallery ids="9966,9967,9968,9969,9970,9971,9972,9973,9974"] Thank you to my friends and for the event photos Yes, with 700 bloggers who officially signed up, almost 5% on my estimation had a good write up about the event. I don't know why, maybe because: 1. There are too many brands , and they don't know which one to start with apart from giveaways and prizes they offer. Yup, there is some kind of contest which if your post is chosen, you'll r

Unboxing my package from Google

I'm excited to share this awesome gift I received today from Google Partners. Can you guess what's inside? Tadaaaaaahhhhh soo cute!!!!! Thanks Google Partners!

Best holiday gift guide from iPrice

Are you working all day and starting to realized that holiday is fast approaching? Have you started your list and thinking how you can accommodate buying stuff because of your busy schedule? Today, we can enjoy purchasing presents both offline and online! This is less stressful because all you need is to create an account, set up your billing address, authorized your bank or credit card or paypal then you're ready to browse and select items you want to purchase from the comfort of your home or office. I dug up some of few good let us say, a must have for this season from famous brands like Nine West , Marc Jacobs , Kate Spade , and a lot more! See more brands from A to Z at iPrice Shop   or    [caption id="attachment_9946" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Kate Spade purses are so fab![/caption] [caption id="attachment_9947" align="aligncenter" width="640"] A little bit pricey but you'll fall

My PayPal Debit Card

Long time ago I got a hard time in withdrawing my money through PayPal. There are a lot of process to complete in order for your account to get verified and enjoy the privilege of using this payment system. During my first year of using PayPal, I have to scanned some of my valid documents that includes my government issued ID with complete details written on the card like date of birth, address and your full name. We were happy when some banks offered its service to Paypal, wherein we can connect our account and deposit our earnings (with certain fee of course during the transfer). As I migrated, things changed...I was able to force to shutdown my first PayPal account since my address won't be valid and I won't be able to use my account in some of my transactions and PayPal suggested to create a new one. The bank account connected to it also got terminated because I can't remembered my password (my UnionBank eon card got expired too!). So, its pretty useless. I've been

Macy's Pink Pony Pin - Ralph Lauren

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and let us support any organization to raise funds against Breast Cancer. Quote from Press Release: Macy’s will once again host the online “Pink Shop” featuring a wide variety of pink product from beloved designers and brands, and a visit to will give customers another opportunity to fashionably join in the crusade against breast cancer. Coach, KitchenAid, The North Face, Wacoal, Waterford, and Under Armour along with exclusive product from Ideology and Style & Co., are just a few of the brands to support the cause by donating a portion of the sale of special pink merchandise to various organizations. One can also look good while doing good by purchasing dedicated cosmetic and fragrance items from brands such as Ahava, Bare Minerals, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs and Origins. Visit Macy’s “Pink Shop” for additional details on the complete assortment of what’s pretty in pink in support of the cause. http

Another debate: Is it SEO's job to create contents? What do you think?

I'm writing this on my own perspective view of different scenarios I've encountered personally as a SEO specialist. Do you really want to do your job everything? From analyzing the websites, optimizing, building links and Social Media? Are you a person that excels everything? How do you manage your time? Honestly, when it comes to content marketing or web writing...I delegate it to my copywriters. I think it is the best idea to delegate the task esp if we are talking about contents, articles or blogs! Why? --- the answer is, why not? The reason is simple, they are the experts in the writing field. They know how to build contents without re-writing or duplicating topics we found online. They can transform a topic into more interesting story. They are talented. Period. So do not attempt (for all SEOs I know, ahem this is for you), to write because you are just creating a huge mistake in your life. I admit, I am not a writer. I usually decline writing stuff projects unless it is f

Why everyone should know about #SEO?

Each morning, it's my daily routine to read some interesting articles about SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, PPC, and any digital trends or events happening around the globe. I have been working for the SEO industry or Internet Marketing for almost 7 years (whew!!!) and I have witnessed the domino effect when each Search Engine algorithm changes from time to time and met new friends named Panda, Penguin and Pigeon. If you will read my portfolio in LinkedIn (add me!), I have listed all the tasks I've been practicing since 2007. I am so happy that I also reached one of my goal as a practictioner - to pass the Google Adwords certification. And, now am planning to study more about different aspect of Internet Marketing that includes analytics, benchmarking, data analysis, behavior structure, cost planning, etc. As an individual, do you really need to know about SEO? It's really hard to explain the scope of work we have to other 'non-seo' people because we are too

Brands you love, blog and share it at #Blogapalooza 2014

You often hear the word, "blog" which means publishing a content online whether it is a context, image or video with tons of areas of topics whether it is for pleasure, business, food or travel. Each individual has their own preferred online platform to publish their own stories and different opinions in various issues like current events, entertainments, brands they trust or products they used. If you are not yet into this "blogging" trend, I highly recommend that you start building your own brand online. If you manages to post a status in Facebook (almost everyday) or into Tweeting, then, you are now building an online presence! If you share a brand you love most and dine in a classy restaurant ... after Instagram (ming) your food, and your friends asked you how do you like the food or service, you're probably not aware that you're starting to build an online reputation for any brand or service you have endorsed. In blogging, you have to list down all you

I have 5 invites to free Google Domains! Come and get it!

As one of their beta users, Google Domains offer 5 free referrals, to those who would like to acquire Google Domain account simply do the following steps: 1. Like and Follow my two pages in Facebook 2. Comment below with your name and email address The first (5) who completed the mission will receive (1) slot, Google Domains is currently only available in the US but we can negotiate on how we can work on the registration (if you live outside US, LOL).

Buy one, get 50% off on all @HelloKitty items at Claire's #hellobesties

The world's leading retailer of accessories for girls and young women announced a very good deal for all Hello Kitty fanatics (that includes me, hehe). According to their website, Hello Kitty products are now on sale and as an additional treat for everyone, you can even get a free Hello Kitty tote bag for every $15 you spent. Last week, I purchased my Hello Kitty backpack & wallet (40th anniversary design) through their website because I don't have time to go to the mall which is 10 minutes walk from my home, LOL I read few comments from other buyers that they didn't received their free tote bag, I think they didn't checked the total amount of purchase since you have to accumulate at least worth of $15. Each second item you bought has a discount of 50%. So if you purchase the first item at $10 and the second item for $5 (the second item will be 40% off amounting to $3), the total amount will be $13. I hope this logic is right. Make sure you double check the total a

Warning for those who runs a Private Blog Network - Google is watching you!

Just got in! Google is mad once again! Now, after kicking out some spammed sites on Search Engines and detecting unusual link activity on sites - here's another surprise most specially if you are runninga Private Blog Network...Google is now de-indexing some of the private blog networks. How and Why? If you have received a notification from Google Webmaster and sent a "thin content" warnings then it's about time for you to panic... Some niche focused network sites that share and target commercial keywords are now in danger, Google is now killing some if it so you better start cleaning up your mess! I don't know how to fix those manual think content penalties but I think the best way to do is to focus and write on topics that don't have enough commercial value. If you fall under Google's radar, then, say Goodbye to your network blog and start a new life... references:

No More Mandatory Google+ public profile when signing up!

Our relationship with Google and its products is mutual. You cannot take away each of it, finally after struggling and forcing you to have your own Google profile when creating account is not a big issue anymore. If you are trying to create a new account, you may opt to select the "No Thanks" button and you'll be safe! There are several changes happening in Google so expect some massive transformation (RIP Google Authorship). photo credits and article resource:

Renewing credit cards while you're in abroad

If you migrated or have a job assignment which requires you to stay abroad for a couple of years and own a credit card with you which will expire very soon (let's say you don't have any plans of terminating your account since credit cards are very much helpful to you in purchasing online or anywhere), the good news is you can renew your card while you are out of the country! If you have an online access to your credit card account, you may send a message to customer support and validate that your card is expiring. They will reply promptly asking some of your personal information for additional security, they will call you to confirm your mailing location and other matters concerning in mailing your card. [gallery columns="2" ids="9900,9901"] Don't worry about the courier charges, since they will handle it and deliver the card to you 3-5 weeks. In my case, my card got expired last August. I contacted HSBC end of July, they processed my request on 1st week

Comic Geeks, Superheroes, and Nerds at Chicago Comic Con 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy, Gotham Screening, meeting various comic artists, photo ops with the stars and 4 days of comic hunting - these are just some of the highlights happened last weekend at the 2014 Chicago Comic Con presented by Wizard World. According to its website, this is one of the largest comic book conventions in the US. expanding for over the years, it opened to a lot of genre from science fiction, fantasy, film, animation and video games. [caption id="attachment_9895" align="aligncenter" width="418"] Dan Parent for Archie Comics[/caption] Luckily I bought the Saturday (one day pass) ticket because it's too expensive and I still have work during weekdays. Two of my favorite programming activities are: the exclusive screening of Gotham and meeting the most popular characters / artists from Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy. You can check the program highlights on this page. Warning: you'll be overwhelmed with its jampacked schedule so

Be a guardian of the cyberspace - no to gatecrasher blaggers!

This campaign has been shared to some of my friend's walls and saying that this stupidity must end, ASAP! Before migrating to the outer space, I am an active blogger covering for several events like entertainment, food, lifestyle - name it and I think I have been a diligent blogger where I responded quickly if I'm attending or declining. As soon as the event invite landed on my inbox, I usually check my calendar if there are any other particular activity on that day for not to clash any event that I have confirmed. Worst comes when there is a weather disturbance (oh stupid storms and heavy traffic in EDSA, slow moving buses for 8 hours!) . So what's this blog post about? Hmmm, years passed by, and let's forward on 2014 - blogging has changed . bloggers changed. attitude becomes worst. hungerness for lootbags. take home stuffs which is inappropriate. huge demands or else a bad publicity will crawled online. stealing cameras and luxury items inside the event. blogs that

Discover the Dinosaurs

I love anything about Dinosaurs! I even watched the 3D version of Jurassic Park and I was amazed with the technology used to remake this flick. Last time, I saw an advertisement that there will be a moving replicas of Dinosaurs in Navy Pier so we decided to take a look. Discover the Dinosaurs is a unique exhibit featuring over 40 dino creatures that you can control the motion and come to life. Kids and alll the members of the family enjoyed this exploration plus we were able to learn more about pre-historic life. Inside the hall, there are different activities for fun like the mini-theater, the maze and mining of gems. Playgrounds and rides were also present. In addition, there are fun booths like face painting and photo ops with moving dinosaurs. I know the materials used for the dinosaurs were quite expensive. These high technology that make the dinosaurs move was the main highlight. Regardless of the half of the space was only occupied, I wish there will be more fun tidbits of exhi

2014 Taste of Chicago. My Delightful Experience.

This is the annual Taste of Chicago , one of the largest food festival celebrated for five days  featuring food stalls/trucks, live music, food tasting, freebies and a lot more activities. Showcasing Chicago's finest in culinary and variety of foods. Enjoy the wide range of selection of different dishes and a night of concert held at Petrillo Music Shell. How did I get there? Its easy. I took the Blue line and alight at 'Jackson' since it was the shortest distance to walk from the station to the Grant Park. Food and beverage tickets were sold in ticket strips total of 12 tickets for $8 and you have to double your ticket purchase to enjoy the whole day of tasting different cuisines. I brought a bottle of water with me so the first thing I did was to fall in line to different sponsor booths and play some games. I took home different freebies and enjoyed the free taste specially the Pasta chips, it was really crispy! Since I don't want to waste my time walking and checkin