Be a guardian of the cyberspace - no to gatecrasher blaggers!

This campaign has been shared to some of my friend's walls and saying that this stupidity must end, ASAP!

Before migrating to the outer space, I am an active blogger covering for several events like entertainment, food, lifestyle - name it and I think I have been a diligent blogger where I responded quickly if I'm attending or declining. As soon as the event invite landed on my inbox, I usually check my calendar if there are any other particular activity on that day for not to clash any event that I have confirmed. Worst comes when there is a weather disturbance (oh stupid storms and heavy traffic in EDSA, slow moving buses for 8 hours!). So what's this blog post about? Hmmm, years passed by, and let's forward on 2014 - blogging has changed. bloggers changed. attitude becomes worst. hungerness for lootbags. take home stuffs which is inappropriate. huge demands or else a bad publicity will crawled online. stealing cameras and luxury items inside the event. blogs that don't exists or either blogger is not blogging - a misrepresentation. social media wars between bloggers and PR. buying likes. calling themselves top bloggers but take a look at their pages, no traffic, like typical ghost town in it and everything is happening where else? in the Philippines! - oh crap, yes but don't worry guys I have stumbled upon this blog post in Australia which inspires me to write about this crap.


I will not mention any names in particular incident but I have witnessed how these crazy blaggers hunt for events and what they did was to sneak out, bring more than two other blaggers then look for someone they knew inside the venue --- the flash, they're inside.

I also overheard how they planned each event to gatecrash. A certain leader will orient them which places they will go and will divide themselves by batches. Two will go to Makati. The other two will go to Ortigas. Then they will switch places. Fabulous strategy!

What made me laugh while listening to them (tsismosa ko and I have bionic ears sorry!) was the leader said, I will exit the venue first then you all follow. Just text me when you arrive to the venue, I'll make sure you'll enter to the event...amazing race!

Unfortunately, one female blogger is roaming around tables. Looking for something, then I was seating infront, she grabbed a lootbag under my table and carry it. I was just staring her, and I notify the two guy friends seating beside me. Good thing they were able to see that stupid klepto girl stealing my lootbag, she opened it. Checked what's inside. Then, she carried it for almost 10 minutes. She continued grabbing other lootbags, then, I said --- I think that's mine. Then she was shocked when I approached her. She apologized so I didn't make a scene. Sarap sabunutan pramis.

What's the real deal of this post? Dear blogger friends (yung matitino), let us STOP this. This stupidity must END. Approach every PR agency friends you have. Alert them there are people who gatecrashed their event. Or, if you're in charge of inviting bloggers, be transparent. If they are not on your list - send them home. If they threatened you, then, be it. A single post about you won't hurt, because they are blaggers. No one read their post. They didn't even know how to crawl their blogs. Or even don't know how to post or not posting after all. They are just stealers. Ask for the security and throw them away outside. Stop whispering that this person gatecrashed on your event, approach them directly...if they insisted to stay, then, call a police! tell them they are stalkers.LOL.

Hay, blogging is really more fun in the Philippines!

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