Discover the Dinosaurs

I love anything about Dinosaurs! I even watched the 3D version of Jurassic Park and I was amazed with the technology used to remake this flick. Last time, I saw an advertisement that there will be a moving replicas of Dinosaurs in Navy Pier so we decided to take a look.


Discover the Dinosaurs is a unique exhibit featuring over 40 dino creatures that you can control the motion and come to life. Kids and alll the members of the family enjoyed this exploration plus we were able to learn more about pre-historic life.

Inside the hall, there are different activities for fun like the mini-theater, the maze and mining of gems. Playgrounds and rides were also present. In addition, there are fun booths like face painting and photo ops with moving dinosaurs.

I know the materials used for the dinosaurs were quite expensive. These high technology that make the dinosaurs move was the main highlight. Regardless of the half of the space was only occupied, I wish there will be more fun tidbits of exhibits like video walls or a museum guide hologram that will lead our way inside and discuss the pre-historic age.


What this exhibit needs to improve is having additional feature not only exhibits but more on the learning side. Yeah, we just pushed the button and see them moving but we need something very 'intimate' like understanding the technology used and more interaction between guests and the dinosaurs. I remembered when we had have Jurassic Park exhibit in the Philippines, they did the same thing of making the dinosaurs move and roar...the most interesting part was, we were chased by a dinosaur (mascot) and we
thought it was real and we panicked...ran to the exit door ... laughed because we knew it was just a mascot, lol.


I've read a lot of not so good reviews about the exhibit, but for me - it was totally cool.

I wish I could take home a 'moving' dinosaur.



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