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Budget-Friendly Ways to Adopt a Plant-Based Diet

Adopting a plant-based diet is beneficial in many ways, both to you and the environment , but it can be difficult to know how to get started. Eating fresh fruits and veggies every day can be expensive if you aren’t used to shopping for those specific items, and meal planning can be challenging, especially if you have picky eaters in the house. In most cases, however, the pros far outweigh the cons, and there are some easy ways to make lifestyle changes that won’t break your budget. Photo by  JillWellington One of the keys to adapting to a plant-based diet is to be prepared. Arm yourself with plenty of meal ideas and keep an open mind; don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things or different cooking methods. Utilize online resources that can help you find out more about the foods you’re eating, and how to uncover deals and coupons. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Consider the details While there are a ton of fruits and vegetables to choose from, you may f

At the forefront of technology with Taiwan Excellence

Dubbed as the heart of Asia, Taiwan beats with a fiery passion that attracts many Filipinos. In fact, the number of Filipinos who visited the island republic increased in 2018 by 44.13% from 2017. For some, Taiwan is a food destination and picturesque views. To many others, it is the home of cutting-edge technologies and life-changing innovations. Over the past year, Taiwan has grown into a global leader in innovation by supplying solutions to our modern problems. The value they provide is so gigantic that the Taiwanese economy lists global powerhouses such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM as part of its clientele. It's easy to get lost at the rate Taiwan churns out game-changing products. So, for those who are looking to get the best Taiwan can offer, look for the seal of the Taiwan Excellence Award. "Products selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards serve as shining examples for the domestic industry. Apart from the distinction, these products and brands

Hello Kitty friends around the world tour in Los Angeles, California

Hello Kitty is celebrating her 45th anniversary, there's a special adventure awaiting in Los Angeles so our HK team flew from Chicago to Los Angeles to experience the Hello Kitty friends around the world exhibition. We explored 5 rooms and transported into Hello Kitty's journey on different countries to London, Paris, New York, Honolulu and Tokyo! Where to buy tickets: buy it only at - there's no third party seller so please be careful when buying to other people Where to go: The Pop-up event is located at new LA Plaza Village in 555 N Spring St in downtown Los Angeles. How much it is cost: Weekdays Monday to Wednesday is $27, Thursday to Sunday is $30. There's a special access in the evening from Thursday to Saturday at 9pm -$50 that includes a special gift. What to do : You should check in first before boarding. This is a timed event so you have to be on time (they said to check in 15 minutes before your time). Right aft