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10-30-10 Philippine Fashion Week Presents Penshoppe Summer Collection

10-30-10 Philippine Fashion Week Presents Penshoppe Summer Collection 8pm at SMX Convention Center, After Party at 9pm for the Premiere of ARRIVALIST Penshoppe's Christmas TVC This is my first time to attend Philippine Fashion Week and am glad to say that I've made it. We've been invited to check on the summer collection of Penshoppe. You can see models wearing chic colored summer outfits. Definitely a must have for the upcoming season. [gallery ids="9184,9185,9186"] Also, We've seen the premiere of Penshoppe's Christmas TVC entitled, "ARRIVALIST" It's a short story of reunion of lovedones, since Christmas is fast approaching and some of the Filipinos abroad are going home to celebrate the season with their family.

What's the scariest movie of all time?

What's the scariest movie of all time? 'Psycho'? 'The Shining'? 'The Exorcist'? Which freaky film frightens you the most? You can vote here: DON'T WANT TO SEE THOSE FREAKING PHOTOS??? JUST SCROLL DOWN AND VOTE! HAHAHA.

The Amazing Race Asia season 4 bloggers event and viewing party

Bloggers got a chance  to witness the upcoming episode of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 at National Sports Grill, Greenbelt 3 in Makati. Meet and party with the Philippine Team - The Richards and Lani Pillinger. Also, watched the telecast of the series featuring the last pit stop in Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines. [This is my first time to attend TARA events and I'm very glad to meet The Richards and Lani Pillinger] TARA premiered on September 23 through AXN, being tagged as "The Toughest Race Ever," all participants were undergone physically and mentally test and expect more laughter and wacky moments as they race. This is the first time when TARA premiere simultaneously through online, a one whole week before its on-air broadcast. Have you catched the first episode online? Here's the link Dont forget to tune into AXN Asia tonight at 8 PM (JKT) 9 PM (SG/MY/PH/TH/INDIA) 10 PM (HK) 11 PM (TW/KR) to catch the TARA New Zealand leg of the

Nido Fortified® Science Discovery Center's Halloween Event

Celebrate Halloween with your kids as SM Mall of Asia presents a Trick or Treat activity on October 31, 2pm onwards at Science Discovery Center. This year's team is a space alien Trick or Treat and dress up your child to come into her/his spaced theme costume. Are you a BLOGGER? Good news for you. You can participate to a LIVE BLOGGING activity and a lucky Blogger will receive a prize for the day. A lucky winner will receive a Smart Bro SurfTV Kit! If you're interested, kindly reply below for more instructions. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Video - True or Viral?

An 82-year old film clip from a Charlie Chaplin movie premiere appeared a woman passing through and talking to someone on a mobile phone? This is now an online sensation and have gone viral. A film organizer from Belfast, George Clarked claims to have discovered this puzzling visions, Take note that this flick was shot in 1928. Whether this black and white film is a form of viral or still, many have thought that this device is a 'hearing aid' or A Time Traveller, who really knows? video source In reality the picture appears to be of a hearing aid which in the 1920s had the same general shape of cellular phone today, something you held up to your ear rather than the innocuous inserts that elderly people use today. Siemens invented hearing aid devices in the early 20th century. The photo below is their 1910 model which is a storied part of their history. The clumsy hearing aid went through several early revisions including the popular 1920 mode

Bowl your way to good health

Great news to all bowling enthusiasts! Yes, SM Bowling offers a complete World class ten pin Bowling services and facilities that provides endless hours of physical and mental enjoyment at affordable cost. SM Bowling Center provide state-of-the-art facilities feature LCD touchscreen bowler terminals and automatic scoring systems displayed on massive 42 inch plasma screens. Group lessons, complete with a bowling coach, as well as exclusive party package are also offered for a gastronomic refill, enjoy a game of billiards? Find some of the best billiard facilities in the country right here. Whether you're just relaxing with family or friends, or competing in a company tournament, SM Bowling is the place to be. As many as 46 lanes of bowling heaven provide an enjoyable way to strengthen your arms and legs, burn accumulated body fat, enhance social relationships or build great team spirit between co-workers. Enjoy SM Bowling facilities to the maximum, services offered are: 1. Formal B

Funky Halloween Bowl

Get Ready to experience a new meaning to fun this HALLOWEEN with good music and activities that will surely rock the night! Special features and activities brought to you by SM BOWLING CENTERS: 1. The "Rec Room" - Get a chance to play Rockband and Wii Games 2. Photo Booth 3. Face Painting 4. DJ set up and in house decors 5. Trick or Drink! 6. Professional Dancers 7. Funky Bowling What is FUNKY BOWLING? Funky Bowling is a new and more fun style of bowling. Bowlers will be challenged to play differently as they will be given cards that would dictate how they are supposed to bowl for each frame. The Funky Bowling Cards contain the following instructions: Frame 1 - Have someone stand in front of you, legs apart. Roll the ball through their legs. Frame 2 - Wear the blindfold and use the ramp to bowl *be sure to get a friend to assist you Frame 3 - Bowl Backwards between your legs Frame 4 - Bowl while on your knees Frame 5 - Bowl between your legs Frame 6 - Spin in circles five tim

A Healthy Food Business called "IMPRESSCA"

I am very inspired reading this material, a dream come true with full of hope :) Impressca is a healthy food business designed for the health conscious and those who advocate healthy eating and living. They serve a variety of wonderful fresh and home made salads, healthy grilled panini, health tea, brewed coffee, natural fruit juices, organic rice meals, pasta, veggie and fruit shakes. From kiosk, now their branches are growing from different parts of the country. I am really happy to visit and taste their salad and fruit shake. Bloggers got a chance to hang out at SM Cubao during its 3-day sale promo.


Get the pampering you deserve in high style! HOUSE OF GLITZ NAIL STUDIO is your full service spa and  specialty gift boutique located at the 3rd level of Cybermall inside Eastwood City.  Enjoy one of our many manicure, pedicure, or body treatments, enhanced by our own line of organic scrubs, lotions and essential oils which are free of toluene, parabens and formaldehyde. At HOUSE OF GLITZ NAIL STUDIO we are about more than just beautiful nails; we are committed to complete hand and foot care. That's why we've designed our services around improving the condition of your hands and feet for quality results that last long after that perfect polish application. So if you are seeking a nails spa that will provide you with the most glamorous treatment and professional nail service... look no further! HOUSE OF GLITZ, where we provide you with top notch service at affordable prices.  Our nail technicians are here to help you relax and unwind your mind and your body, to balance your day

Go Wireless at Home with the New PLDT Wi-Fi Modem

With the emergence of digital technology, everybody can access anything online through their work, home and even at the nearest coffee shops and malls! Through internet, expansion of social networks and information are just within your reach. Specially when you're at home, thinking of how you are going share the connection if every members of your family need to go online. The answer is, through SINGLED WIRED BROADBAND CONNECTION! Yes, it's very true. As the digital lifestyle is ain't really an option, Quoted from PLDT AVP and MyDSL head Gary Dujali. "It is what life has become. So, it's important for everyone to have unrestricted access to the web at home whenever they want, wherever they want." Fortunately, this is why PLDT myDSL is launching its newest innovation this November, the new MYDSL WIFI MODEM. Think reliable high-speed connection brought to you by PLDT myDSL that can be shared by the whole family anywhere at home because it's already wifi capa

Testing This Flock Blog Editor Feature

Now am still testing this new social media browser called "Flock," and I'm typing this message at Flock's Blog Editor. Cool, isn't? Plus all social media features you need are into one space. No need for an apps or tabs. Just register your account and boom! get all updates you want in twitter, facebook, myspace, etc! FLOCK :) Blogged with the Flock Browser

SM Funky Bowling

I've got a chance to witness what was funky bowling is all about. It's simply fun and weird. If you're thinking how it went? then, watch this video first For more info visit, SM Funky Bowling Page at Facebook

Celebrate a Bewitching Halloween at Eastwood City

Celebrate a Bewitching Halloween at Eastwood City with all the exciting Halloween events lined up for the kids and kids at heart. Visit the Chamber of Horror from October 23 to 31 starting at 4:00 PM at Eastwood City Walk 2. It’s the 7th Year of Scaredy Cats and Dogs, a Halloween event for the benefit of PAWS. On October 23, kids and their pets can participate in the costume competition and join the trick or treat around Eastwood City. Lastly, catch Magic 89.9’s Witching Hour on October 30, 8PM at the Eastwood Central Plaza.

The Amazing Race Asia Travels to Legazpi City!

The Amazing Race Asia Travels to Legazpi City! The Amazing Race Asia’s upcoming Philippines episode this October 21, 2010 (Thursday) 9PM on AXN promises lots of unexpected surprises, and it does not disappoint – as the race travels to Legazpi City – gateway to the Bicol Region’s 8 Wonders of Eco-Tourism led by the majestic Mayon Volcano as backdrop and ending with the 5th pit stop at the island resort of Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island.  This episode promises lots of laughter and wacky moments that will have viewers in stitches, as motormouths and madcap personalities dominate the Race. For the first time ever, The Amazing Race Asia will showcase its most expensive production yet as Legazpi City and Misibis Bay Resorts plays host in a bid to show the world how beautiful the Bicolandia region is. Viewers will see the detours and challenges shot in picturesque locations such as Lignon Hill, Cagsawa Ruins, Cagraray Island and the Misibis Bay Resorts. Humour is the name of the game as this

World-Class talent, International publicist - Joyce A. Ramirez

Now, you'll never be left behind when it comes to your favorite international tv programs like Lost, Entourage, Hawaii Five-O and many more. Why? Because, our very own Ms Joyce A. Ramirez is now making waves as an international publicist. You won't believe if I'm going to reveal that she was selected as one of Seattle Best Coffee's 10 Best Customers and included in "A-List: 100 Filipino Luminaries," showcasing the best and brightest Filipino public figures that garnered international achievements. Currently, she's been helpful to promote The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. I've been told that she's soon hosting her own travel show. Wow, why not? “I am hesitant because I am vain and not sure if I am telegenic enough to pass my own personal screen test,” she laughs. “There are women who are stick thin in person but looks fat on TV plus I am used to working behind the scenes so the change is quite nerve wracking! So let’s wait and see.” Incidentally, J

DJ Hello Kitty in the Mix

Hello Kitty will be releasing her first album called DJ Hello Kitty in the Mix on October 20 The album contain several of her favorite songs such Lady Gaga's Just Dance and BEP's I Gotta Feeling. DJ Hello Kitty in the Mix」track list: 01. Just Dance feat. COLBY O’DONIS / LADY GAGA 02. One More Time(HOUSE NATION Remix) / SUNSET IN IBIZA 03. I Gotta Feeling / BLACK EYED PEAS 04. I Kissed A Girl(Jason Nevins Funkrokr Edit) / Katy Perry 05. Nothing In This World(Jason Nevins Extended Remix) / Paris Hilton 06. I Know You Want Me(Calle Ocho) (More English Extended) / PITBULL 07. HEAVEN(DAISHI DANCE Remix Chieko Kinbara) / Hamasaki Ayumi 08. Touch My Body / Mariah Carey 09. My Girl / HONOREBEL feat. SEAN KINGSTON & TRINA 10. Lala Song(Tocadisco Remix) / BOB SINCLAR & SUGARHILL GANG 11. ~Interlude 1~ 12. Thriller(Vocal Club Mix) / Richard Grey 13. …Baby One More Time(Davidson Ospina 2005 Remix) / Britney Spears 14. Beautiful(Peter Rauhofer Remix) / Christina Aguilara 15. ~Interl

A Drink Called "Bad Trip"

Overcrowded. This is the best description of the venue. They have several branches in Metro Manila. The prices of the drinks were cheaper compared to any bars. But what I observed was the lack of ventilation (even the portion is open air) and crews were too busy even they forgot you until you'll call another crew to follow up your order. For the first time, I've tasted this kind of cocktail drink called "badtrip," oh hindi ka naman maba-badtrip afterall, it tastes so good. Its a mix of vodka, white rhum, gin and juice. I've researched online and its a bestseller! They also have Mojito, Squeeze me and Bad Girl (feminine version, lighter drink version of Bad trip) I haven't tried their foods, maybe on my next visit :) Official Website

A Drink Called "Bad Trip"

Image courtesy of this blog, Overcrowded. This is the best description of the venue. They have several branches in Metro Manila. The prices of the drinks were cheaper compared to any bars. But what I observed was the lack of ventilation (even the portion is open air) and crews were too busy even they forgot you until you'll call another crew to follow up your order. For the first time, I've tasted this kind of cocktail drink called "badtrip," oh hindi ka naman maba-badtrip afterall, it tastes so good. Its a mix of vodka, white rhum, gin and juice. I've researched online and its a bestseller! They also have Mojito, Squeeze me and Bad Girl (feminine version, lighter drink version of Bad trip) I haven't tried their foods, maybe on my next visit :) Official Website

Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

"The Social Network is to Facebook, PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to unlimited mobile internet service " "Dominance of Social Network" Facebook has largely dominated the internet. It is the most dominant funnel to news and information sites. This is why most search engine are creating and continuously developing their own news pages. It is not all because of the socialization, relaxation or pastime that it gives to its users. There are a lot of ways that Facebook is useful for internet people. For website owners and e-commerce, the social networking site is a powerful traffic source. Now, Facebook is now stuffed with innumerable information, making it a primary source of anything. Anything that you want to know is found on Facebook. It is now the fourth-largsest of traffic for media, competing against Google, Yahoo and MSN. Whether we admit it or not, it seems that they are buying the top position, to be named as the ultimate media source. And it is not imposs

Streetdancing at The Collective

One of the great happenings on that night was the Streetdance. A group of young people were dancing and showed their hippiest moves. I was stunned with their moves. It was neat and well practiced. Videos were taken using my Samsung ES65

Metro Badminton - Our new home

Am glad that the AM Team is now back in badminton court for action! Metro Badminton has a promo rate of play all you can at 60php! The place has a nice change room and shower rooms! Also available, table tennis and boxing lessons Here is the address and the contact number 2 Pioneer st., Mandaluyong 8 taraflex courts; 8 rubberized courts Contact: 746-1815-16

Weekend with Ashton and Spa Galore

  Look at Ashton, He's growing up so fassst!!!!   Spent the rest of the weekend with Ashton and at House of Glitz Nail Studio at Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall They offered complete hand and footcare from manicure, pedicure and massage. Don't forget to visit, House of Glitz Nail Studio at 3rd level Eastwood Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood City, Q.C  Contact numbers: 232 6811/ 09272784038

I Salute FMCC! - Filipinize the whole World!

FMCC is celebrating their 4th year anniversary, the birth of Urban Patriotism. The exhibit was held at the OuterSpace at The Collective in Malugay St, Makati City . At first, I didn't know the exact location. But through browsing the map and thorough understanding of the landmarks, fortunately, I was able to search the place with no worries. Honestly, I am really good in following directions but always I get lost when the place am heading to is MAKATI. The exhibit was full of memories. Tons of photos, album record awards, even toys and comics collectibles were displayed. I was very lucky enough to volunteer to cover the last day of the exhibit. Later in the night, people came in and I was surprised to witness this gathering because it was really different. There were group of young people who were able to perform street dancing, that's awesome! I was able to capture their moves, I'll post the videos separately. Upon seating in one area at The Collective. I had a small tal

FREE WEBINAR: How to Put Up a Coffee Shop & Choosing Your Coffee

     In celebration of Coffee Month this October, the Philippine Coffee Board ( ) is organizing a series of activities to promote locally grown coffee. This October 9, Saturday, 10 am to 12 noon, we are having 2 hour webinar on: 1. How to put up a Coffee Shop ...Speaker: PACITA"CHIT" JUAN 2. How to Choose Your Coffee Blend Speaker: EMMANUEL"MANNY" U. TORREJON Visit Facebook for more details on how to join the webinar FREE WEBINAR: How to Put Up a Coffee Shop & Choosing Your Coffee Or Register here

A Fun Filled Day At The Blue Water Day Spa Blogger’s Event

Last Sept. 21 was a fun filled Sunday for the people who attended the Blue Water Day Spa Bloggers’ Event held t the Kabisera Bonifacio High Street at The Fort, Taguig . Enthusiastic bloggers had a great time engaging in the various activities that the organizers have in stored for them. The day kicked off with the “Jazz Up Your Singlet” contest where participants had the chance to design their own  singlets featuring the Blue Water Day Spa logo. Here, participants had a fun time, as they let out all their creativity to come up with the best singlet design of the day. Many of the participants enthusiastically scrounged up all the art materials that were provided by the event organizers. The entries for the singlets contest ranged from the simple to the ones with all the frills and decorations.  The winning singlets got tons of gift certificates from Blue Water, as well as getting the chance to show their stuff right on the catwalk. As for the other finalists, they also received cool c

Here's a FREE coffee treat from UCC

First, visit and register for an account using your email address or check your inbox if a friend sent an invite for you to register. Then, wait for the confirmation email Print it out and claim your coffee at the nearest branch Last, spread the good news with your family, friends and colleagues

Pre-Christmas Shopping Experience at SM Cubao

Cubao , is one of the busiest area in Quezon City. It is considered as one of the most important commercial area in Araneta Center along EDSA and Aurora Boulevard (Wikipedia). I remembered during my childhood days that Cubao was considered the most famous shopping center in Metro Manila. I was surprised upon entering the Cyberzone area, whew! It was totally different from the last time I visited SM Cubao (which was years ago! The basement area was used to be a foodcourt and arcade zone). Well, I also thought of this is the FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER and I missed the Beer Celebration!  (SHOPPING is the first thing that comes to my mind today, Sorry Friends, Till next beer time!) I was about to go home when I decided to drop by at SM Cubao to check on  the Sale. Luckily, I was given an opportunity to shop because it's pay day! We rushed at the ground floor and checked the sale on digital gadgets. Cool, prices were dropped until I decided to choose this -   SAMSUNG ES65 (original price was