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My First Fun Encounter at Anime Central Convention 2014 in Chicago

I love attending Anime Conventions because I wanted to see several collectibles like manga, art works, shirts, and exhibits. This was my first Anime event in Chicago similar to attending Toycon when I am in the Philippines (hello Toycon!). Anime Central held at Hyatt Regency O’Hare and Donald E. Stephens Convention Center has been in the Industry for a couple of years showcasing anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture here in Chicago. What made me more interesting is the venue, it's really huge and jampacked with fun filled activities like panel talks, game room, screenings and a lot more.   I downloaded this app via Guidebook and everything you need to know about ACen is accessible through this app. You'll able to see the real time schedule & venue map and you can manage your (3 day) activities without wasting your time. Cool, yeah! Its 3 day event got me tired and I am not complaining because I was amazed how people love 'anime!' and everyone was wearing their o

Dear PLDT: I have already disconnected my account!

I was shocked when I received a surprise 'call' from my Smart roaming # and SMS stated that I should settle the remaining balance in PLDT! The fact that I have already sent my termination letter to them through fax days before I left the country. I called PLDT Support Hotline way back in 2013 before I migrated and asked for the procedure on how to terminate my account because no one will use my landline and PLDT MyDSL account. A customer service representative told me to fax the letter to this number, 8606425 and include a photocopy of any government issued ID. I fax my letter and it was received according to the transmission receipt. So, I thought everything was settled until my brother told me that a PLDT bill arrive in my apartment when they were fixing my stuffs. I was unaware that they have ignored my request of termination and still receive an outstanding balance. (I have already paid in advance before terminating my account!). And now this collecting agency is asking me

Ways to determine a successful social media strategy - My Takeaways

Last April, I attended the Social Media Strategies Summit at Embassy Suites in Chicago showcasing different topics and discussing some comprehensive strategies that will help our business make our campaigns effective. The power of Social Media grows rapidly and millions of users have been using a lot of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and a lot more compared with traditional way of promoting or endorsing products and services through magazines, newspapers or flyers. Since the use of Social Media is 'cost-effective,' our media budget has been utilize properly channeling our promotions to different platforms to attract fans and followers. The way we deliver our campaigns in 'real time' has been more effective and easily can be reach by our customers like inquiries, feedback or concerns about your services. Once we have define our goals, we will start to make our objectives and later on monitoring our campaign progress. Another thing is

SEO Postcard, thank you!

Just got in! I was surprised when I checked our mailbox that usually contains brochures, coupons and newsletters from different brands and establishment. And, this is one of the most unique advertising that I have experienced so far in my over 5 years of practicing SEO --- A postcard promotions through snail mail! So, SEO companies and friends... if you have the machinery then start producing your own SEO postcards and send them over. I can't recall if I signed in for something or this was from my previous conventions I've attended.   Oh well..Thanks, am keeping this!  

My Own Walk tour in Chicago

This was my second attempt to do a walk tour in Magnificent Mile right after attending the Social Media Strategies Summit last April. The weather is unpredictable (rain shower in the morning and sunny all afternoon), so I managed to walk from the venue (Embassy Suites) to Magnificent Mile. Magnificent Mile is a perfect venue for shopping, dining and sight seeing in downtown area. You will see different brands like Nieman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, Burberry, etc. There were a lot of establishments on the entire stretch of Magnificent Mile with an approximate distance of 0.75 miles. Nathan Hale Nathan Hale was a soldier for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He volunteered for an intelligence- gathering mission in New York City but was captured by the British and executed. (Wikipedia ) Tribune Tower The Tribune Tower is a neo-Gothic building located at 435 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It is the home of the Chicago Tribune and Tribune Company. (

Selfie in Chicago

I rarely took selfie but since I was in downtown Chicago yesterday, I decided to make something worth memorable and I'm glad that the rain stopped in the afternoon. A good timing to walk at the Magnificent Mile - one of the greatest attraction here in Chicago (Michigan Avene) wherein you can see Chicago's business district and luxury retail stores. Among you can see are also the tallest buildings in the United States such as John Hancock Center and the Trump International Hotel and Tower. You can also see some of the famous landmarks like Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower and Chicago Water Tower (source: Wikipedia) While am inside the bus on my way home, I checked my mobile phone and browse my selfie photos until I saw this #photobomb which is really hilarious! This guy in red shirt which I didn't noticed was in the background of one of my selfie photo. I know it's really hard to take photos specially it was rush hour (that's around 5pm I recalled). [caption id="