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Our DIY Chocolate Fondue

Easy to prepare and very fancy to serve. One of the simplest desserts we can prepare at home, can be serve as an appetizer, entree' or as a dessert! First, you need to purchase a Chocolate Fountain that has removable tray & stainless steel tower that it makes the chocolate flow.

What do you need?
Strawberries, cubes of cakes, bananas, marshmallows, cookies or ladyfingers

How to set up
Cut the strawberries in half, bananas to one inch thick and present your other dippers in the tray.

Preparing your chocolate
Amazingly you can use depending on your taste buds: milk chocolate, dark semi-sweet, white chocolate, butterscotch
Belgian Chocolate is expensive so you'll be using other chocolates available on your local market. Read the manual first on how you can dilute your chocolates perfectly.

Other options include:
Cheese! yes, you can dip grapes, apples, breads, shrimps, crackers and pretzels. Just prepare the cheese by diluting it with white wine and you're good to go!
Barbecue sauc…

Fake Alert: Nothing Mentioned About Got To Believe in Barbie Xu's Certified Weibo Account

I am not a big fan of Got to Believe (but I know some are over kilig with this teleserye).

I stumbled upon this news about Barbie Xu that she asked what is "Got to Believe" because she claimed she received messages from her Weibo account.

I've checked immediately her weibo (which is Barbie is most active using this social media platform, commonly used by Chinese/Taiwanese artists). And NOTHING is mentioned about this topic.

So my question is, Is the Twitter account legit or fake?

Last time, Ken Chu warned his poser to stop using the Twitter account because it was not him. There was a conversation between Ken and Barbie. It came to my attention that assuming her account is being used by fans.

read here:

So next time before you believe on certain matters, research on it first.

Sigh, many of us believe on this even picked up by news team. boooo!
Article from Yahoo

Unofficial/Unverified Twitter Account

Renewing your domain as easy as 1-2-3

Good news! I have already renew my domain and hosting so my website will keep running for another year!

Actually, I was planning to terminate my blog because I'm no longer active in blogging but I decided to keep my domain and will try to update it from time to time. The contents will be more 'personal' so it will focus on my activities, opinions and anything that sounds interesting.

If you are new to blogging, you still have time to think for a domain name so that visitors will remember your site and they will find you easily. Usually, the domain name/s contain their names or anything sounds unique to identify you.

When you sign up for domain and hosting, an email will be assigned to you (that's optional if you're going to use that) but I'm too lazy to 'integrate' my email so I use Google docs / forms so that it will automatically send to my GMAIL account.

To learn more on how you can acquire for a domain name, you may check WHOIS and type anything/names t…

Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier

Tomorrow is the last day of Navy Pier's Winter Wonderfest, I'm glad that I was able to check out this 170,000 square feet indoor winter adventure for all ages. On its 13th year, Winter Wonderfest has a lot of attractions from Christmas decors, rides and ice skating.

I recorded this two challenging rides, the "Cliff Hanger" and "Zero Gravity". Kids love to ride at Hot Cocoa cups ride, Magical Ferris wheel and artic plunge huge inflatable slides.

Admission inside the venue is free but if you would like to try those rides, you have to purchase the wristband and enter some special attractions inside the venue.

You may check their official website for a complete list of attraction and rides,

See you on the next Winter Wonderfest 2014!

Zero Gravity

Cliff Hanger

Ice Skating Rink

My first visit to Eataly Chicago

It's 2014, hoooray for the New Year and my first post is about our adventure in Eataly Chicago. Braving the cold weather, we took a cab to be able to experience this mini-Italian village where in you shop and dine with huge variety of meat, fish, pasta, and everything you need for your Italian cooking!

Eataly Chicago opened late last year and created a huge impact to all Chicagoans. The place is huge (about two storey building) with around 8 restaurants (from pasta, pizza, fish, meat and desserts). The best thing about this place is customers can directly shop those ingredients you need, all you have to do is to ask from their guest-relations department and they are very accommodating.

Eataly is owned by our favorite chef/restauranteur Mario Batali and his partners Joe and Lidia Bastianich. Eataly Chicago is the second US location, the first one in in New York and outside US - 9 in Japan, 8 in Italy.
Fishcentric restaurant is called "Il Pesce"
Meatcentric restaurant is calle…

The best part of me 2013 - Part 2

The biggest transformation happened in mid-year of 2013!

This is it! My US Visa got approved last June and booked tickets by the end of July. I also resigned to my two month contract job because I need to prepare my things, gave away some stuffs that I don't need and endorse some of my F4 memorabilia to a friend (I miss them already!).
I am so thankful that my friends helped me to move out things and segregate those garbages I kept for the past several years, oh trash!!!

That was also my last month to attend events. So, I managed to hop in from one event to another. It was really a crazy month with sleepless nights, never ending fixing my things, and transporting my fixtures to the province.

USA, Here are I come!
Yes, you heard it right. I am here right now. After 11 years of waiting for my Immigrant Visa. I am a bit nervous specially in the Immigrant counter. I told myself to keep calm. I shall pass this final gate!

My first destination was in California. My family/relatives prepar…

The best part of me 2013 - Part 1

I'm now compiling all things that happened to me in 2013. More like a year ender report that highlights the best or worst things I've encountered throughout the year. I was disappointed with the Facebook Year ender app because it didn't scanned my best events, experiences and encounters. So, I'll be making my own summary. LOL.

We welcomed 2013 at EDSA Shang Rila Hotel. That was my first time self-spent $ to experience the luxury and comfort during New Year. Staycation with the family and celebrating new year with happiness.

My yearly panata of going to Quiapo church for the feast of Black Nazarene. I always declared January 9 as my official holiday and devote my entire day at Quiapo. Attending mass and walking the entire stretch of Quezon blvd was one of my greatest experience in life. Kuya Az will continue this panata since I am miles away now.

I also got a chance to visit Divine Mercy Shrine in Bulacan. Thanks for my twin sister, Aileen. The place is really sacre…