The best part of me 2013 - Part 1

I'm now compiling all things that happened to me in 2013. More like a year ender report that highlights the best or worst things I've encountered throughout the year. I was disappointed with the Facebook Year ender app because it didn't scanned my best events, experiences and encounters. So, I'll be making my own summary. LOL.


We welcomed 2013 at EDSA Shang Rila Hotel. That was my first time self-spent $ to experience the luxury and comfort during New Year. Staycation with the family and celebrating new year with happiness.

My yearly panata of going to Quiapo church for the feast of Black Nazarene. I always declared January 9 as my official holiday and devote my entire day at Quiapo. Attending mass and walking the entire stretch of Quezon blvd was one of my greatest experience in life. Kuya Az will continue this panata since I am miles away now.

I also got a chance to visit Divine Mercy Shrine in Bulacan. Thanks for my twin sister, Aileen. The place is really sacred. I wish I could go back there and Thank for all the blessings that I have received.It was also on that month when we watch our idol, Ely Buendia at Music Museum. That was really an epic performance.


The love month, just kidding. We failed to attend the Hot Air Balloon fiesta due to bad weather condition. I was really frustrated at that time because I have to cancel our trip for our safety.

As we celebrate Chinese New Year, traveling to Ongpin is a must. Buying my favorite delicacies and eating at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Also I bought gifts / charms for my friends.

I love meet ups so I have decided to meet my beloved Retardeds sisters for our post Christmas gathering. Then, we plan our summer getaway.

My birthday month. Oh, my schedule was jampacked at that time. Organizing get together for my friends and also planning my friend's wedding. Night outs are never ending, even we had to meet during breakfast for those who worked at night. Then, Breakfast club is formed. LOL.

I also love road trips. Me and my twin sister traveled to Tagaytay. Had a mass a Pink Sisters convent and explore Sky ranch. It was a very tiring but fulfilling adventure.


Welcome Summer!

As a big fan girl to Ser Chief aka Richard Yap, I don't care if am puyat at work as long as I have to see him personally. He's so gorgeous and handsome. Thanks to a blogger friend who invited me, I almost jumped to my excitement. Hay....lovable.

April is a busy month. We're busy for our friend's wedding and it was a blast.

It was also our town's fiesta. So I decided to go there because they were joking that it might be my last year to attend the feast. And it was true. LOL.

I also an out of town lover, so me and my sisters went to Laguna to spent the rest of the night together. Full of laughter and stories. I'm going to miss the girls.


I decided to quit from my Job in Eastwood because I have a lot of personal commitments to do. And also to prepare the biggest transformation in my life. I also went to different churches to pray and meditate. I asked for guidance to pass the Embassy Interview. Good thing that everything went well, I just had to pass a document to complete my requirements and then, goodbye Philippines. LOL.

Also that month, I was offered a new job. I grabbed it while waiting for my visa which arrived a couple of months.


Palawan! Yes, that was my first trip with my brother. We had so much fun traveling around Palawan. I am definitely going back soon! Exploring the beauty of of a kind.

To be continued....


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