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Our Food Adventure at @smcitysanlazaro

After long hours of walking and shopping around the mall. It's about time to have a quality time with your family & friends by visiting and eating at our favorite restaurants and food establishments in SM City San Lazaro.

Our Lunch at Wendy's

We were very fortunate to taste Wendy's new rice meal package at a very affordable price! Try their Spring Rolls & Beef Steak and you will surely love it.

The macaroni side salad has been improved, from its packaging to the ingredients - definitely a must try!

Antonio's Coffee & Bibingka

Now, you don't have to wait for Simbang Gabi to taste these yummy Bibingka and Puto Bumbong! Don't forget to visit Antonio's Coffee and Bibingka and induldge yourself with our all time favorite Bibingka partnered with coffee or tablea hot chocolate

New Milk Tea Drinks
I am a big fan of milk teas and I would like to try these new milk teas in town - Infinitea, Tea Tattle, Drink Tea on my next visit :)
Enjoy Shopping at SM City San L…

My first nail art at @beautynbutter in @smcitysanlazaro

Nail art design became one of the most trendy accessory just like hair coloring, or tattooing. From a regular manicures into creating new colors and design patterns (like glitters, stripes, crystals and charms). Years ago, I remembered I bought stickers for my nails but it was too messy.

You may also check this out!

Your Destination to Beauty & Pampering: Beauty and Butter History

Beauty & Butter is now located at Lower Ground Floor in SM City San Lazaro

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Finding the best home leather furniture at Our Home - @smcitysanlazaro

When choosing a furniture, we always choose that is made of leather.

Aside from its durability and style, we also look forward to choose something really appropriate in our home.

Type of leather you've wanted: Make a research on the kinds of leather that every furniture has been made of. Among these are top grain leather, pure aniline leathher and semi aniline leathehr. Also, depending on its durability, you may find it really expensive.

How you can check if its 100% leather? Well, have someone to check it out for you. A vinyl or real leather looks the same but of course, we can consult our store manager to assist you.

On size and measurement, you have to make sure that you have an additional space that fits your furniture. Otherwise, it will be very hard to ask for replacement. Better measure it before you buy or call the furniture store to ask for their available sizes.

You may also consider that the heavier it is, it can last for years. Depending on its size, color, and frame - the …

Shop, Dine, Enjoy - 3 Day Sale at @smcitysanlazaro

This is my first time to visit SM City San Lazaro since it was opened last July 2005. The place reminded me of the former San Lazaro Hippodrome and now it became one of the most visited mall in Manila. I grew up in Manila, I could still remember the streets and former establishments around the mall like my former school Espiritu Santo School in Tayuman.

Good thing it's payday once again and we decided to visit SM City San Lazaro to check out its 3 day sale which started yesterday - September 28 to 30 (tomorrow is the last day!).

Since Christmas is really fast approaching, we have started scouting for gift items for our friends, family and workmates. Start to decide how much money you can spend this holiday and budget according to its purpose. Also, for you to save money is to check out sale and discount vouchers. Either check if there are sale products online or flip the pages of newspapers and magazines for sale announcement. It is really better if you shop as early as you can so t…

SM North Edsa's Mooncake Selection

Here is another festival to look forward to! Enjoy and celebrate Mooncake Festival in SM North and check out some of the mooncakes prepared by: President Tea House, Breadtalk, Polland, and Salazar.

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Celebrate the Mooncake Festival in SM City North EDSA! Relish SM City North EDSA’s Mooncake offerings that marked exquisite mooncake creations while mixing tradition with innovation.
To set your mood for the Mid-Autumn Festival, here are the delicious mooncakes you don’t want to miss!

Annex 2F, 332-9104

Apart from the diverse and exquisite flavours, the mooncakes from President Tea House also stand out with their gorgeous packaging.  If you are looking to pamper yourself or your loved ones, these mooncake offerings are perfect for you! Buy 4 pieces for P448 only or a single piece that also comes with a tin can for …

3 Day Sale in SM City San Lazaro - See you there!

Here is another shopping experience! Check out SM City San Lazaro 3 day Sale starting today, Septebmer 28 until Sunday, September 30. Get 70% off on great selection of items from clothes, accessories, gadgets, supplies and a lot more.
I suggest you better start scouting for Christmas gifts for your loved ones.
For details you may visit SM City San Lazaro's Facebook page at

SM City Sta Mesa Cyberzone Grand Launch

Where to shop tech gadgets in Manila? Check out the grand opening of SM City Sta Mesa Cyberzone today, September 28, 2012. You are invited to visit and participate in different activities. Plan your weekend ahead of time, and start hunting for new tech gadgets!

See you there!

Unboxing my Sony Bloggie Duo

After winning an Edifier Alarm Clock System with SD/USB/FM Radio - here comes another baby! my new Sony Bloggie Duo camcorder...!!!

This camcorder has image stabilization and uses face detection technology. It has 4x digital zoom and its easy to self record because of its additional 2" LCD.

Read the official website for more information about Sony Bloggie Duo

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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Lucky Chinatown in Binondo

Enjoy and celebrate as Lucky Chinatown is holding its Mid-Autumn Festival in celebration of unity and thanksgiving from September 24-30, experience and rediscover Chinese culture and tradition. Have a glimpse of different activities like Chinese Painting Exhibit, Cultural Performances, and Mooncake Festival Eating Ceremony.

The first ever Mooncake Festival Eating Ceremony will complete the Mid-Autumn festivities. Over 2,000 moonckaes will be given out for free on September 30 at 4pm.

Lucky Chinatown is located at Reina Regente St corner Dela Reina St Binondo, Manila. Mall schedule is from 10am to 10pm.

For more information, please call the Lucky Chinatown Concierge at 576-8139 or visit our website at For quick updates, like us on or follow at

Cruisin' with BSB on 2013? WOAH!

Saw this link on my timeline and reading all details...The Backstreet boys cruise will be having another adventure to the Bahamas on October 25-28 2013, to celebrate their 20th year Anniversary.

For details, visit the official website at

video source -

Multiply Photos year 2006 - My first fieldtrip outside PH!

[caption id="attachment_6307" align="aligncenter" width="350"] The Stage, whew few steps away.[/caption]

I am currently saving all my photos in and I stumbled upon my 2006 album. That was when I had my first field trip outside the country! Where I went? -- in Hong Kong, when me and my fan girl friends watched 'F4 Concert, in Hong Kong Coliseum last 2006'.

As a first timer, I was really excited on that time...and even got sick because of the weather (it was raining when we arrived...) But the journey continues and we had visited several places specially went shopping in Mongkok and I was able to hug Donald Duck! :)

[caption id="attachment_6308" align="aligncenter" width="201"] My Date with Donald Duck[/caption]

Here are the photos, hmmm  am using Olympus point shoot camera

more Multiply photos to upload!!! :) Memories, whew.

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Goodbye Feedburner?

Feedburner has been encountering difficulties with their feed data since September 19 & 20. And we have heard rumors that the feed service is shutting down (?)


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Elton John is coming to the Big Dome - December 8, 2012

Can you feel the love tonight? Oh, am not asking you. It's the official soundtrack of the Disney's film Lion King. So, why am telling you this? Hmmm, well, I was surprised to find out that Elton John is coming to Manila very soon, first time ever! The only artist that has the biggest selling time since 1997, his tribute to the late Diana, Princes of Wales has sold over 37,000,000 copies and raised millions for princess' charities.

His songs were truly inspirational. From his self titled album launched in early 70s until today, Elton John has been making good music and attract music lovers of all ages, even through ASEAN region.

I am looking forward to watch Elton John's performance because I know that his will be one of the major tourism event to happen in our country. Since his collaboration with famous international artists like Billy Joel, Ray Cooper, and many others; Elton has been touring around Europe, Australia and North America.

Can you believe that the 'Rocke…

My First Visit to Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine

I am not really familiar with different chinese dishes but all I know is everything is good to eat :)
Last time, we got a chance to discover that Hunan is just similar to Szechuan cuisine wherein Hunan is more spicier while Szechuan is common with smoked and cured dishes.

Consists of more than 4,000 dishes according to ChineseFood.About.Com, includes Dong'an Chicken, Crispy Duck, Orange Beef and Spicy Frog Legs.

At first I am thinking if I can manage to finish everything because it is really spicy!

They said that the reason why they're using extensive chiles is because of the humid climate.

Mao Zeodong, the leader of National People's Republic of China was born in Hunan

The Restaurant: Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine
Location: The Ronac Art Center in Greenhills, San Juan

Hunan Cuisine is one of the eight regional cuisines of China. As opposed to the better-known Sichuan cuisine, it is known for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep color because of the liberal use of chili peppers, sha…

Lolong, the biggest Crocodylus Porosus

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Lolong Stats:
2,370 pounds (1,075 kilograms)
20 feet, 3 inches (6.17 meters)
50 years of age (estimation)

Lolong is a male Indo-Pacific or Saltwater Crocodile captured in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur last September 3, 2012.

The name, Lolong is derived after Ernesto "Lolong" Goloran Caneta, one of the veteran crocodile hunters in Palawan Crocodile and Wildlife Reservation Center who led the hunt for him. Just days before Lolong's capture, his namesake died of a heart attack.

Wondering how exactly this creature looked like? Then, visit Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center in Mall of Asia to find out. You can imagine how huge and scary it is! I got an opportunity to visit Lolong's replica last time and I agree that this one is really HUGE.

source: Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center

Five Rules to be HAPPY

I just wanted to share this quote I've posted on my timeline.

Always remember the FIVE rules to be happy. We can be happy in our most simplest ways :)

[caption id="attachment_6263" align="aligncenter" width="269"] Talk To Me. I will Listen :)[/caption]

1. Free your heart from hatred - just relax, take a deep breathe.
2. Free your mind from worries - concentrate on other things that will make you happy
3. Live simply - enjoy every single day
4. Give More - and you'll be blessed. that's true.
5. Expect Less - be positive

Have a great Friday everyone. I feel so blessed everyday :)

Urban Street Market in Makati

Here's another place for you this weekend! Looking for organic foods? international cuisines? or any local products in town? For seven consecutive years, Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati has been tagged as the most visited place during weekend for those who would like to experience dining and shopping in one place!
Meanwhile, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc. (GMCI), a Makati-based transformative social marketing company, and the Legazpi Sunday Market organizers realized that what the street market currently presents to its customers can, in fact, further develop to nurture the promising businesses of the artisans and highlight the escalating stature of Makati.

“Being a Makati denizen and as a long-standing communications partner of the most distinguished industry players for years have given us a perspective on how staying relevant to the ever-changing lifestyle of your market matters,” notes Amor Maclang, Director for Communications of GMCI. “It’s one of the ideals …

Number to beat: 4519

I was browsing Facebook and found out that Asako Kanda has 4519 different Hello Kitty items! Recorded By Guiness Book of Records for 2013, I cannot imagine myself with lots of Hello Kitty stuffs all over my house :)

Sounds interesting, but I need space for these cuties :)

source: and

At the mall, I saw this cute Hello Kitty scooter. I promise to save $ so that I can take this home :)

DMCI Gives Birth to Rhapsody Residences in Alabang Muntinlupa

In its 60 years of history, the DMCI Homes again proved its expertise in the construction industry through giving birth at its newest quality project, the Rhapsody Residences. The resort-inspired condominium village is perfectly situated along East Service Road in Barangay Buli, Muntinlupa City. Now, after two years of construction, the said condominium village is ready for turnover, according to the developer.

The DMCI’s most recent concept came in light of the developer’s dedication in making a reliable and trustworthy brand. Moreover, DMCI aims to make every Filipino’s dreams of finally moving into their own home a reality.

Going back to DMCI’s newest project, Rhapsody Residences is purposely located amidst the best commercial establishments such as premier shopping centers and malls, state of the art hospitals and medical institutions and other IT business districts. Also, it has an easy access to main roads. Therefore, convenience is never a problem.

Talking about the design, Rhapso…

Twitter Update: Profile Changes

Few days ago, I noticed some changes the moment I login to my Twitter account.
A huge header image appeared and am pretty excited to change my profile.

There is also a "ME" tab which is your account page.

Here's how to change your Twitter Header as posted from

1. Select "Me" option, and choose "Edit Profile"
2. After selecting "Header" either you "take a photo" or "choose existing photo"
3. Scale your image and should not exceed 1256x626 pixels (with a maximum file size of 5MB).

Participate in the Mashable Poll: How do you like Twitter's New Profile Pages?

National Peace Ambassadors awarded to Universal Records Artists

Local celebrities from Music Industry were recognized and awarded in Malacanan Palace as "Peace Ambassadors," among these are Christian Bautista, Noel Cabangon, Gloc 9 and Sam Concepcion.

Other artists were also given recognition: Anne Curtis, Gerald Anderson, Karylle, Derek Ramsay, Epy Quizon, Megan Young, Mikael Daez, Kiray Celis, Igi Boy Flores, Rovilson Fernandez, Ramon Bautista, Ebe Dancel, Moro artist Datu Khomeini Bansuan, fashion designers Arnold Galang, JC Buendia, and Philippine Azkals.

New Universal Records artist and online celebrity Kimpoy Feliciano was also named as ambassador because of his social media influence.

These artists headline the “I am for Peace” campaign, which seeks to engage all sectors of society in sustaining support for the country’s peace process and strengthen the government’s peace building platform. It will also mobilize social engagements and information dissemination especially on the significant developments and milestones of the on-going …

The science of cartoons at Nido Fortified Science Discover Center

Ben 10 is one of my favorite cartoon television show I've seen so far because of his intelligence and ability to transform into ten different aliens. A typical kids show that has a power of advanced alien technology to fight for evil ones.

Last time, we were able to check out Nido Fortified Science Discover Center in Mall of Asia wherein we see a lot of interactive and hands on exhibits that are truly educational. It's just like a time machine when we had our educational trip to different places in Metro Manila (Science Centrum & Planetarium).

“The Science of Cartoons’ truly embodies what the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center is about – allowing kids to learn by getting them involved in the experience, in the medium they enjoy the most. With the help of Cartoon Network, we were able to achieve the very essence of fun and learning. We can’t wait to open The Science of Cartoons to the public” shares Mr. Arturo Carballo, Senior Operations Manager of NIDO Fortified Science…

How to protect yourself against bacteria, viruses and infection

We can find germs everywhere. It can be found in the air, on the foods you ate, surroundings and even on your body.

Your immune system should protect you against of several infections but most of the time those bacteria, germs & viruses do mutate and beating our immune system's defense.

Thinking of you can remove or reduce the harmful substance and prevent it from spreading?

Here are some of the simple steps I collated by reading different health references online:

1. Hand Washing - One of the simplest step but some people forget how to wash their hands properly. Bacteria entered
through our hands and hides in between in our fingers. Anything we get contact into like holding a pen, lifting objects, or anything we touch has a bacteria on it. A direct contact with person who has sickness can easily further spread the bacteria.

2. Kitchen preparation - Make sure that the foods we prepared for our family are not contaminated. Mostly raw meats, store leftovers and freshly prepared foods.…

Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

How can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences?

While there came up such a term as "Metrosexual", "alphamale", etc., one cannot deny that the concept of manliness in the physical aspect is still the same as from fifty years back. most women still prefer guys with muscles and exudes manliness compared to effeminate-but-straight ones.

Although a lot of Filipinas go gaga over Korean (and some other Asian) males who, more often that not, look (and dress almost) like girls, there is still a strong number of women (me included) who stick to what is i think is a "normal" look for men - men who look like men. what woman in her right mind would be happy if the guy she's with is far more beautiful and glamorous than she is?

I seriously abhor guys who are more vain than i am. i can't stand it when i discover that a guy friend owns his very own kikay kit in his purse, i mean, man-purse. it would only mea…

RJ Ledesma's Book signing on September 14 at Manila International Book Fair

It's Manila International Book Fair in SMX this coming weekend.
Expect huge crowd, lots of events and book signing. Here's one I've received in my inbox today.

Press Release

RJ Ledesma wears many hats. He just wishes he had just as many heads.

Aside from hosting television shows, weddings and events, organizing the Mercato Centrale group of food markets, editing a men’s magazine and writing a weekly newspaper column, (and yes, he was ‘Joey’ in the Royal Tru-Orange that came out in the eighties), RJ is also the author behind four best-selling humor books Lies My Yaya Should Have Told Me (2008), I Do Or I Die (2009), Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Me? (2010) and It Only Hurts When I Pee (2011) from Anvil Publishing. His third book, Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Me, was a National Book Award Finalist in the 30th National Book Awards. His books are a collection of his “Pogi from a Parallel Universe” columns in the Philippine Star.

Join RJ Ledesma as he signs all four of his books on…

Weekend Sale Alert brought to you by SM Supermalls - September 14-16

Here is another 3 day sale alert from (5) SM Supermalls on September 14,15,16 offering up to 70% off on great choices.

Also visit theif FB Pages for additional sale alert info:

SM City Marikina
SM City Sta. Rosa
SM City Clark
SM City Lucena
SM City Iloilo

4th PMPC Star Awards for Music - The best of OPM

Congratulations to all winners of the 4th PMPC Star Awards for Music. I'm glad that most of my favorite artists won several awards. Don't forget to watch The 4th PMPC Star Awards for Music will air on ABS-CBN on Sunday’s Best, this September 16.

Press Release from Universal Records:

At the recently-concluded Star Awards for Music, Universal Records proved that it is the foremost independent record label in the country sweeping all the Albums of the Year commendations – Album of the Year (Araw. Oras. Tagpuan, Sponge Cola), Pop Album of the Year (Outbound, Christian Bautista), Acoustic Album of the Year (Panaginip, Noel Cabangon), and Rock Album of the Year (Romantico, Kamikazee).

Individual awards were also given to Christian Bautista as Male Pop Artist of the year, Sponge Cola as Male Rock Artist of the Year, Noel Cabangon as Male Acoustic Artist of the Year for their respective albums.

Universal Records is also proud to be home of some of the recipients of the Lifetime Achievemen…

Latest Chrome Advertisement: Sending Satchel Bags to Bloggers

I know as a blogger we have received several items to review or some are token of appreciation because we attended an event. These privileges were truly appreciated, and as a return, we give them 'exposure' or 'space' in our blog posts.

Likewise, the message of the advertisement here is how bloggers use the Internet and Chrome as our favorite browser. I like how Satchel bag became talked of the town from the moment people received the bags to how the keywords/or the brand ranked in Google Search....

Hey, can you send me a Satchel bag too? :)

Excuse me Google, did you just advertise its OK to pay a Blogger

Fun and Excitement at Nido Science Discovery Center

Kids, here is your chance to explore a brand new interactive points and gallery with various facilities at Nido Science Discover Center in Mall of Asia.

Last Saturday, me and my friends were given the chance to visit and play around with never before seen interactive materials that your kids will surely love.

These new facilities are easy to explore and have a high level of engagement of activities plus discover several facts from the exhibit.

“A perfect bonding opportunity for every family, The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center is the place to learn, play, and emotionally grow together,” shares  Mr. Arturo Carballo, Senior Operations Manager of NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center.“We hope to instill in children the love for learning at such a young age, helping them realize how unique and interesting the world of science is.”

The NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center is located at the Ground Floor of the Southside Entertainment Mall at the SM Mall of Asia. For more informatio…

Gangnam Style is now Exclusively under MCA Music

Currently has 129,650,081 hits on Youtube, Gangnam Style by Psy MV goes viral and now became a hit craze.

First released on July 15, 2015 and upon release has the most views as a Kpop song online (

Watch out for more as MCA Music is very proud to announce its ownership to the exclusive license to the phenomenal hit,“GANGNAM STYLE” BY PSY!

Official Youtube Video,

A must visit this weekend: Chocolate Festival in Eastwood Mall

This is something that I cannot resist!

If you love chocolate, don't forget to visit Chocolate Festival in Eastwood Mall Atrium from September 7-9, 2012.

This three day event will offer a wide varities of delectable and creative chocolates. Get free treats from chocolate chip cookies, truffles, brownies, and more. Am sure you will really enjoy your week plus get a chance to meet the chocolate entrepreneurs.

Program Schedule
September 7, 6pm, Chocolate Carving & Cooking Demo with CCA
September 9, 6pm, Cooking Workshop with Chef Jac Laudico

Here the photos taken from yesterday. Too bad I forgot to bring my digicam :)

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Running a photo contest: Facebook vs Pinterest

From liking a page, and now, repinning. Which do you think is best to use when running a photo contest?
I am a newbie user in Pinterest (add me - daomisyel) and uploaded, repinned and shared several photos.

I don't have much time to update my page but I received notifications that my board has been repinned by other users (thank you!).

Which do you think is more accessible? more effective? find out here:

Image Source:

Expert Financial Advice Made Easy through BPI’s new Bankers Online Facebook App

[caption id="attachment_6132" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Carmencita Gozar, BPI VP & Brand BPI Division Head; Ms. Virginia Brocka, Brand BPI Digital Marketing Head; Ms. Josephine Ocampo, BPI SVP & Chief Marketing Officer; and Mr. RJ Ledesma.[/caption]

BPI launches 'BPI Bankers Online' - an essential guide that will help all Filipinos in making the right decision in their finances. And it was specifically designed and incorporated of how you may able to reach your financial goals. Of course, human intuition is still necessary for the decision making.


Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) launches its newest game-changing innovation called BPI Bankers Online, an app that promises to make getting financial advice easier for Filipino Facebook users.

BPI seeks to help improve financial literacy in the country by reaching out to the more than 27 million Filipinos on Facebook. Through the app, BPI encourages these users to become mo…

Japan releases Hello Kitty tourism app for iPhone

Here is an exciting news for all HK fans! Japan releases a new app featuring Hello Kitty, this app will serves as your guide when you visit to Japan plus a custom built application to store and personalized your photos with Hello Kitty or characters costume as background.

Released by Japan Tourism last September 3, 'Visit Japan with Hello Kitty' iPhone app is for free!

News Source:

Photo source:

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars - Top 3 2012 Sanrio Character Poll

I am so happy to find out that three of my favorite Sanrio characters were voted as this year's Top Sanrio Character as reported by
From last year's winner, My Melody landed on the second spot followed by Little Twin Stars.

Check out this page for the full results:

Mens Budget Buying: Shopping at #3daysalesmmanila @smcity_manila

Are you a kind of man who usually don't bother wearing something old-school or being frugal when it comes to fashion? There were debates that women have more time to shop because there are plenty of selection from different shops.

Last Saturday, I tag along a friend to shop in SM Manila (it's a 3 day sale weekend!) since he is celebrating his birthday on the 4th; I asked him to choose something he wanted whether a shirt, accessories or anything (our budget: P200-P400). He decided to hunt for shirts, and checked out different clothing brands at SM Department Store. While waiting for him, I saw huge sale on coats, tie, and accessories like belts, wallets and bags.

We spent almost 30 minutes looking for something he wanted. He knows what kind, type, color and which brand to choose. Unlike any other who just strolling around and which huge selections at more than 10 brands inside the department store, you'll be wondering which item you would like to take home.

My shopping agenda:…

Hello, September!

The countdown for Christmas has started. As we welcome the 'ber' months, I am so blessed and thankful for all the opportunities that has given to me. The month of August was so intense. I will not forget 'Habagat' and 'my Thor' experience (oh, that was when my electricity line went faulty! Also a not so good experience with some people that made me realize that they're not that important at all (winks!). blog was attacked by malware and which led to re installing the wordpress and unfortunately my images were infected and gone away!!!  :(

[caption id="attachment_6097" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Meatlovers :) yummy![/caption]

Anyways, last night. I treated my colleagues at Yellow Cab. We ordered pasta and meatlovers Pizza, which I promised to them. We had so much fun, talked about some things we experienced during the week and looking forward for our next adventure!

As I woke up today, a friend shared these awesome li…