How to protect yourself against bacteria, viruses and infection

We can find germs everywhere. It can be found in the air, on the foods you ate, surroundings and even on your body.

Your immune system should protect you against of several infections but most of the time those bacteria, germs & viruses do mutate and beating our immune system's defense.

Thinking of you can remove or reduce the harmful substance and prevent it from spreading?

Here are some of the simple steps I collated by reading different health references online:

1. Hand Washing - One of the simplest step but some people forget how to wash their hands properly. Bacteria entered
through our hands and hides in between in our fingers. Anything we get contact into like holding a pen, lifting objects, or anything we touch has a bacteria on it. A direct contact with person who has sickness can easily further spread the bacteria.

2. Kitchen preparation - Make sure that the foods we prepared for our family are not contaminated. Mostly raw meats, store leftovers and freshly prepared foods. There are ways on how to disinfect your kitchen by using clean sponges, paper towels and rinsing your kitchen area.

3. Trash garbages properly - Learn on how to dispose your garbages like segregating non-biodegradable vs biodegradable products. Also, you may disinfect your trash cans regularly.

4. Use anti bacterial wipe to clean your mobile phones and laptops. Germs can also hide on the keyboards and every corners of your electronic gadgets.

5. Avoid storing your make up in a warm room, bacteria grows quickly most specially if you have shared your make up to someone else.

Hygiene Science Inc launches a new antimicrobial product: HYGIENE 24 and HYGIENE Pro

Press Release

Here is another solution to reduce the growth of bacteria - Hygiene 24, an antimicrobial hand shield that gives 24 hour protection to your hands. Hygiene 24 is a completely unique method of promoting and protecting the health of adults, and children at work, in school and at home. This product is unlike the common alcohol-based antibacterial products in the market today as it is formulated with a minimum amount of alcohol and to insure it will not dry the skin and cause redness, chapping and flaking.

Alcohol based products on the market today contain greater than 60 % alcohol which is a skin irritant, flammable and the persistent use of which has been reported to decrease the ability to fight off infections. It is effective not only against bacteria, but also viruses, fungi including molds, algae and protozoa.

Hygiene 24 forms an invisible, odorless, moisturizing coating-harmless to human-friendly but microbe-deadly--that will not wash off and continues to be effective against microbial pathogens for up to 24 hours or more.

Here are the benefits of using Hygiene 24:

  • Labor savings, both time and money, because of less frequent disinfection needed.

  • Highest compliance with handrub goals with a single application.

  • Provides unsurpassed antimicrobial protection for hands.

  • Inhibits skin to skin transfer of germs.

  • Gentle, moisturizing hand sanitizer.

  • Easy, rapid and conveninent once-daily application.

  • Colorless product is invisible on application and will not stain skin or clothing.

Hygiene Pro is a clear, colorless, antimicrobial solution. It contains no thickeners, stabilizers, colorants, dyes or additives. It is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-teratogenic and non-allergenic. This antimicrobial coating can be use for hospitals, industrial, restaurant and school cafeteria owners.
Here is how Hygiene Pro works:

Hygiene Pro inactivates and kills pathogens through the process of lysis, wherein contact of the pathogens' cellular wall with the Hygiene Pro film produces cellular wall disruption. The contacting cellular wall is broken or ruptured and the microbe is no longer able to control its internal hydrostatic pressure, resulting in implosion or explosion of the species, depending on ambient pressure. No transfer of chemical or chemical residues occurs during this process.

The Hygiene Pro film is not depleted and will continue to lyse cells. There is no increased pathogen resistance to Hygiene Pro on subsequent exposure and no increased mutagenicity.

Hygiene Pro offers the following features and benefits, resulting in dramatic cost savings and quantum leap in
infection control:

1. Treatment imparts good durability, broad spectrum, biostatic activity to the surface of a wide variety of
2. It is leach-resistant, non-migrating and not consumed by microorganisms
3. Effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, algae, yeasts and viruses
4. Durable antimicrobial surfaces can be attained using Hygiene Pro.
5. Prevents discoloration and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungi, algae and mold
6. Inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria and mildew
7. Prolongs the life of an article by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mildew
8. Provides a treatment that is not destroyed by repeated cleaning or washing
9. Resists odors through chemical protection rather than masking or trapping
10. Provides hygienic freshness
11. Compatible with all substrates listed under approved uses

Hygiene Pro gives a high sanitation standard that looks quite expensive, but is actually the most cost-effective and easiest way to maintain cleanliness.


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