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I have 5 invites to free Google Domains! Come and get it!

As one of their beta users, Google Domains offer 5 free referrals, to those who would like to acquire Google Domain account simply do the following steps: 1. Like and Follow my two pages in Facebook 2. Comment below with your name and email address The first (5) who completed the mission will receive (1) slot, Google Domains is currently only available in the US but we can negotiate on how we can work on the registration (if you live outside US, LOL).

Buy one, get 50% off on all @HelloKitty items at Claire's #hellobesties

The world's leading retailer of accessories for girls and young women announced a very good deal for all Hello Kitty fanatics (that includes me, hehe). According to their website, Hello Kitty products are now on sale and as an additional treat for everyone, you can even get a free Hello Kitty tote bag for every $15 you spent. Last week, I purchased my Hello Kitty backpack & wallet (40th anniversary design) through their website because I don't have time to go to the mall which is 10 minutes walk from my home, LOL I read few comments from other buyers that they didn't received their free tote bag, I think they didn't checked the total amount of purchase since you have to accumulate at least worth of $15. Each second item you bought has a discount of 50%. So if you purchase the first item at $10 and the second item for $5 (the second item will be 40% off amounting to $3), the total amount will be $13. I hope this logic is right. Make sure you double check the total a

Warning for those who runs a Private Blog Network - Google is watching you!

Just got in! Google is mad once again! Now, after kicking out some spammed sites on Search Engines and detecting unusual link activity on sites - here's another surprise most specially if you are runninga Private Blog Network...Google is now de-indexing some of the private blog networks. How and Why? If you have received a notification from Google Webmaster and sent a "thin content" warnings then it's about time for you to panic... Some niche focused network sites that share and target commercial keywords are now in danger, Google is now killing some if it so you better start cleaning up your mess! I don't know how to fix those manual think content penalties but I think the best way to do is to focus and write on topics that don't have enough commercial value. If you fall under Google's radar, then, say Goodbye to your network blog and start a new life... references:

No More Mandatory Google+ public profile when signing up!

Our relationship with Google and its products is mutual. You cannot take away each of it, finally after struggling and forcing you to have your own Google profile when creating account is not a big issue anymore. If you are trying to create a new account, you may opt to select the "No Thanks" button and you'll be safe! There are several changes happening in Google so expect some massive transformation (RIP Google Authorship). photo credits and article resource:

Renewing credit cards while you're in abroad

If you migrated or have a job assignment which requires you to stay abroad for a couple of years and own a credit card with you which will expire very soon (let's say you don't have any plans of terminating your account since credit cards are very much helpful to you in purchasing online or anywhere), the good news is you can renew your card while you are out of the country! If you have an online access to your credit card account, you may send a message to customer support and validate that your card is expiring. They will reply promptly asking some of your personal information for additional security, they will call you to confirm your mailing location and other matters concerning in mailing your card. [gallery columns="2" ids="9900,9901"] Don't worry about the courier charges, since they will handle it and deliver the card to you 3-5 weeks. In my case, my card got expired last August. I contacted HSBC end of July, they processed my request on 1st week

Comic Geeks, Superheroes, and Nerds at Chicago Comic Con 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy, Gotham Screening, meeting various comic artists, photo ops with the stars and 4 days of comic hunting - these are just some of the highlights happened last weekend at the 2014 Chicago Comic Con presented by Wizard World. According to its website, this is one of the largest comic book conventions in the US. expanding for over the years, it opened to a lot of genre from science fiction, fantasy, film, animation and video games. [caption id="attachment_9895" align="aligncenter" width="418"] Dan Parent for Archie Comics[/caption] Luckily I bought the Saturday (one day pass) ticket because it's too expensive and I still have work during weekdays. Two of my favorite programming activities are: the exclusive screening of Gotham and meeting the most popular characters / artists from Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy. You can check the program highlights on this page. Warning: you'll be overwhelmed with its jampacked schedule so