Renewing credit cards while you're in abroad

If you migrated or have a job assignment which requires you to stay abroad for a couple of years and own a credit card with you which will expire very soon (let's say you don't have any plans of terminating your account since credit cards are very much helpful to you in purchasing online or anywhere), the good news is you can renew your card while you are out of the country!

If you have an online access to your credit card account, you may send a message to customer support and validate that your card is expiring. They will reply promptly asking some of your personal information for additional security, they will call you to confirm your mailing location and other matters concerning in mailing your card.

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Don't worry about the courier charges, since they will handle it and deliver the card to you 3-5 weeks. In my case, my card got expired last August. I contacted HSBC end of July, they processed my request on 1st week of August and I just got my new card on 2nd week of September.

For other information, you may call your card's customer service hotline or send them a message.

Now my two cards from Bankard are about to expire next year and 2016 (I think), I'll let you know if they have the same procedure or might give me a headache. LOL.


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