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Van Ness Wu's new album - Different Man @VanNessVanWu

This is his 7th album (am I right?), and am glad that over the years he continues to create new music. Different Man is Van Ness' new album with the collaboration of great artists like Jae Chong, Terry Liang, Bi Guo Yong and Erik Lin.

Van Ness really worked hard to complete the album for two years to make room for improvements. Two special songs included is his tribute to Michael Jackson and Prince and His love song, Little Wedding dedicated to his partner :)

1.V.A.N.N.E.S.S Intro
2.Heart Thief
3.Inside Love
4.Different Man
5.Love Overtime
8.How Did You Know
9.Let it go feat. Flowsik
11.Little Wedding
12.V.A.N.N.E.S.S Outro

Different Man

Marry Me

PS:I would like to thank my fan girlfriends who took effort in helping me to get this album :) Salamat! I wasn't able to bring this copy abroad :( but thanks to some friends who kept my album... I missed my F4 collectibles!

Chromecast - the easiest way to watch online video on your TV

Chromecast plugs into any HDMI port on your TV, and uses your existing wifi network to stream video from the internet to your TV.

For more info

Now i can stream any youtube clips or videos in chrome browser!

Where to buy Google Chromecast? browse these links for price reference.

On Plagiarism, Stealing, Copying

In the News today:
Photo plagiarist said financial woes made him steal pic

Being Poor is not an excused to steal or plagiarize in order for you to win in a contest. If you are poor and educated, you can think of other ways to earn money - get a part time job in school or any work of your interest. This really saddened me.

And now you are being criticize on what you did. His school should do something, sayang pa naman at he's studying in one reputable University.

Tapos, meron pang copycat dyan somewhere sa tabi-tabi.

Goodness, can't you think of a unique name for your "group"? LOL
(this is a personal blind item).

[caption id="attachment_8245" align="aligncenter" width="384"] I saw this signage sa UP pa man din, tsk tsk tsk[/caption]

Can't wait to watch Agents of SHIELD tonight!

Agents of SHIELD aka Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division led by Gen Nick Fury (as we recalled his appearance in Iron Man in 2008) is a covert agency of non-superheroes is now a television series piloting tonight at ABC.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
ABC, Tuesday nights at 8, Eastern and Pacific times; 7, Central time.

Produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Television. Created by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Ms. Tancharoen, Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell, executive producers.

Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson), Brett Dalton (Agent Grant Ward), Ming-Na Wen (Agent Melinda May), Iain De Caestecker (Agent Leo Fitz), Elizabeth Henstridge (Agent Jemma Simmons) and Chloe Bennet (Skye).

I should start browsing and review Marvel Cinematic Universe (list of films) and Marvel Comics to get a close view of various events in relevance to the film and television series.

also read:

Golden Gate Bridge Fun Facts

Golden Gate bridge was opened in 1937. Identified on its orange color, this bridge has been one of the famous landmark in San Francisco.

Tourists can visit the bridge by walking and biking during the day. There are designated areas wherein you can safely cross the bridge.

Listed as one of the seven wonders of the modern world
Built at a cost of worth $35 million
Golden Gate Strait is the entrance to San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean
The color, International "Orange" was selected because it is visible during fog for passing ships

There were famous movies that included Golden Bridge, these are

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
Monsters Vs. Aliens (2009)
Milk (2008)
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
Hulk (2003)
The Core (2003)
The Rock (1996)
Interview with a Vampire (1994)
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
The Abyss (1989)
Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
A View to a Kill (1985)
Basic Instinct (1982)
Superman (…

The Evolution of Online Shopping

Buying and selling of goods and services has emerged since everything is available online. Retailers are now using this method to sell their merchandises and services and became as one of the major source of information and result has been anticipated by the consumers.

One of the most famous e-commerce online shopping site on the web is, years before the site mainly focused on selling books, now, it catered all kinds of goods from clothes, cds, electronics and many more. Since the site has been launched in 1995, online web shopping directories and search engines were established and competition is getting tighter.

One of the most effective in promoting one's business is through the use of search engine tools and social media marketing. As the development made the marketing more convenient, it is considered as the cheapest way to provide information online, most tools are downloadable for free.

Defining your users' need is one of the factors to consider in providing goo…

Now You See Me

Three magicians and a mentalist, a super team called "The Four Horsemen" is today's famous illusionists which brought together and perform their greatest act in Las Vegas and planned to rob a local bank in France using their magical techniques.

Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco acted as superheroes in helping the audience to receive amount of money during their magical stint. Amazing!

The movie has a lot of camera spins, lens flares, CGI tricks which also explains how each incidents happened so you have to pay attention with each details and the sequence of events. The plot is too predictable, the FBI guys keep on chasing them. There are minor complications in the middle part wherein you will discover who's the real villain in this story.

Now You See Me uses ordinary magic tricks and styles. The most important is - we are all entertained with those magic tricks. Thanks to high technology :)

Rotten Tomatoes rated Now You See Me with an average …

Ekstra - The Bit Player

Loida, is like every 'ekstra' we see on the television or movies. The bit players can be anyone (masa) that will act as (1) a passerby, (2) a maid, (3) party-goer, or (4) that each scenes requires a 'crowd.'

One of the country's bankable actress, Vilma Santos is Loida - a single parent who dreams of becoming a 'superstar' so she accepted each every extra role offered to her.

It was like a real visualization of what's happening behind the scenes, showing bit players in a very unfair situation. Loida's character is a true humble person, her emotions are transparent despite of those selfish filmmakers and producers treated other bit players.

Director Jeffrey Jeturian has done it frame by frame from how bit players were being selected and Loida showed up her skills in order to get a few seconds fame onscreen.

I enjoyed each scenes specially the part when Loida forgot some of her lines because of
nervousness to her excitement that she'll joining her favor…

We're the Millers

David Clark messed up when teenage punks steal his cash and stash leaving him with a major problem (debt) to his supplier. He was forced to travel to Mexico to bring back a large shipment of mary jane (marijuana, ahem).

Realizing that this is one a tough job, He hired Rose (a stripper, Jennifer Aniston) to act as a fake wife and two kids and a cool RV - they are the "Millers," an illusion  family traveling to Mexico and the trouble comes in.

I don't think this is a wholesome comedy because the story is related to drugs and some dialogues are absolutely for mature audiences.

The plot is predictable, though I enjoyed Jennifer Aniston's strip dance. Expect a lot of comedic fight scenes, chasing with the bad guys, and a lot bloopers.

A funny movie that will only last for a couple of hours, so you have no other choice to watch it and leave it afterwards.
Rotten Tomatoes rated this flick with an Average Rating: 5.4/10

Jason Sudeikis as David Clark
Jennifer Aniston as Rose O&…

Waking up in Las Vegas

Famous hotels and casinos are in Las Vegas and each hotels have different attractions while you're tired and need a rest from gambling at the casinos, you may also check out these cool places at the Las Vegas Strip.

[caption id="attachment_8212" align="aligncenter" width="270"] Me after watching Bellagio Fountains[/caption]

Along the strip, you will find malls and spend long hours of buying stuffs from accessories, clothes and souvenirs. You may also find designer goods like Louis Vuitton, Prada and a lot more.

Drinks, drinks and get some more drinks!
Drinks are free if you are playing, don't forget to give waitress a generous tip for them to accommodate you. Feel free to chat with them and ask about interesting stuffs inside the casino.

Go out and have fun!
Or go outside and party at the Strip. Buy drinks across the street and treat yourself with your favorite drinks.

Free Shows Outside the Hotels
Bellagio Fountains. Water rockets which perfectly…

LG G2 to arrive in the Philippines - best smartphone in the world!

This has been an exciting month. With lots of new smartphone innovations and launches, we are definitely living on a 'high-tech' goodbye old smartphones, hehehe.
Press Release

MANILA, Sept. 13, 2013 – The internationally-acclaimed LTE-ready LG G2, dubbed by as “the best smartphone in the world,” will finally surface in the Philippines on the 25th of September 2013.

Glowing reports about LG Mobile’s newest premium flagship have been milling around since its worldwide launch in New York the previous month. Even global netizens have voted LG G2 as “the best smartphone out there now” in a recent poll.

Removing ‘Optimus’ in LG’s high-end mobile handset line, the LG G2 puts forth human-inspired revolutionary features, making it the brand’s most sought-after smartphone to date.

Elysium - wealthiest place on space

I won't forget this film, This is the first movie I saw here in USA :) LOL
Set in 2154, the film Elysium described the world as: overpopulated, full of diseases and pollution. Max, portrayed by Matt Damon who wishes to travel to Elysium but unfortunately, he's just one of the poor factory worker. Everything is automated on that time, police robots disciplined each citizens indiscriminately with will arrests you with no humane reasons.

Max had a radiation accident when he got stuck inside the factory machine room and gave him few days to live. He wanted to get to Elysium where he can be healed in split seconds.

There were people who tried to hack the system just to enter Elysium, most of them were unsuccessful. Everything has been put into illusion wherein you can image refugees who would like to escape on their place and live harmoniously at Elysium. From the writer of
District 9 if you could recalled, Neill Blomkamp's theory of having Elysium is like a 'healing place'…

Here's how to score tickets to 2013 Cosmo Bachelor Bash on September 24

Click this page and start hunting those Bachelor Bash buttons all over the page of and get a chance to win (2) tickets.
I was surprised that they made few changes on the mechanics such as:

You must be at least 18-35 years old
You must reside in Metro Manila (how about the near provinces like Bulacan, Laguna or Cavite?)

Oh well, looks exciting though I cannot attend this event! :)

So Girls, start hunting those buttons!!!!


Make wonderful memories with lolo and lola at Araneta Center

September 8 is Grandparents' Day, bring your lolo and lola and enjoy this exciting activity provided by Araneta Center.

Press Release

The Araneta Center honors grandparents on September 8, Grandparents’ Day

Our lolos and lolas hold a special place in our hearts. We never fail to be fascinated whenever they tell us stories about their youth, and we love how they dote on us even when we’ve grown out of our pigtails and sandos. They discipline us, but they also always make sure we get to indulge on life’s simple pleasures. We cannot thank them enough for being such a big part of our lives.

This Grandparents’ Day, you can turn the tables and show your grandpa and grandma your love and appreciation by spending the day bonding at the Araneta Center. On September 8, create beautiful and memorable moments with your lolo and lola at Making Memories, a special photo exhibit showcasing life’s precious moments. The photo exhibit will also include tips on how to strengthen brain power.

The event wi…

My Nuffnang cheque is on the way! @NuffnangPH

The long wait is over, oh yes, Thank You Nuffnang PH for processing my payment and your assistance in depositing it to my bank account. More power to Nuffnang PH

More blessings to come ;) LOL

Found these Hello Kitty stuffs in Asia

I was browsing my news feed and found out these cool Hello Kitty stuffs online.
Surprisingly, Singapore has released its exclusive Hello Kitty Exilim TR10 costs around less than $1,000 USD. That was really an expensive gadget haha.

In China, Hello Kitty has its own flavored beer from passion fruit to banana. Hmm, I wanted to taste its lemon lime flavor.

And, Hong Kong has its own exhibition representing Hello Kitty back to 60s in Langham Place. Check out its some of its nostalgic locations including Rock Tunnel, Star Ferry, Clock Tower and Bamboo Theatre.

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Hay, fainting!