Elysium - wealthiest place on space


I won't forget this film, This is the first movie I saw here in USA :) LOL

Set in 2154, the film Elysium described the world as: overpopulated, full of diseases and pollution. Max, portrayed by Matt Damon who wishes to travel to Elysium but unfortunately, he's just one of the poor factory worker. Everything is automated on that time, police robots disciplined each citizens indiscriminately with will arrests you with no humane reasons.

Max had a radiation accident when he got stuck inside the factory machine room and gave him few days to live. He wanted to get to Elysium where he can be healed in split seconds.

There were people who tried to hack the system just to enter Elysium, most of them were unsuccessful. Everything has been put into illusion wherein you can image refugees who would like to escape on their place and live harmoniously at Elysium. From the writer of
District 9 if you could recalled, Neill Blomkamp's theory of having Elysium is like a 'healing place' where everyone fighting to save their lives.

Jodie Foster as the defense secretary has her own ways of protecting Elysium. She hired Diego Luna to spy in the community wherein she would like to plot a coup that will give her full power & authority.

Max has a childhood friend who has a daughter dying of leukemia wanting also to heal her daughter in Elysium.

The plot of this film is very predictable, the middle part of the story was kinda slow and it made me 'yawn' for a couple of minutes.

Rotten Tomatoes gave Elysium an average rating of 6.5/10
Little Max & the Nun:
Nun: Remember where you come from.
Max Da Costa: I promise you, one day I'll take you to Elysium.


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