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My Ultimate Throwback - #MeteorGarden

It was May 2003 when this 'ultimate fandom' started. I never thought that until this year (2014), my ever first love Asianovela will be shown again. I couldn't recall how many times it shown by two giant local networks in the Philippines. What I love right now is how we reminisce' this so-called 'Ultimate Throwback.' [caption id="attachment_9635" align="aligncenter" width="300"] My friends surprised me with this Album on my birthday![/caption] Meteor Garden captured the heart of Filipino audience. Remember the Meteor Fever segment in the afternoon wherein everyone go- crazy buying and collecting those stuffs from tumblers, pencils, notebooks and even umbrellas? Who lined for Pepsi's promo? and bought several cans to take home some memorabilias like mousepad or glasses? During those times, we learned how to sing Mandarin songs without understanding its meaning. Thanks to the internet, we research the pin yin/ romanized and learn

#20PHnet: My Internet Timeline

I remembered that Internet was first introduced in my school wherein we can browse to research our assignments and current events. We were given a free (3 hours) usage per month in our library. From there, I began to surf the net and practice HTML which was our first project in Computer Subject. Many of us (girls) took the chance to browse our favorite Hollywood 'male' celebrities. It as 1997 (Titanic) when I noticed a lot of my schoolmates were downloading images of Leonardo DiCaprio, each of them giggles on the side and printing some of his latest news. [caption id="attachment_9630" align="aligncenter" width="384"] One of the great activities I attended was SM Malls' Wifi-Testing[/caption] My first email address created was from Yahoo (and still exists!), I was able to communicate with my relatives in the USA. Then, I created my first webpage through Yahoo Website Builder as our school project. Our goal that time was to create a portfolio. T

Get Real, Candy Crush candies are here!

To those who are addicted to Candy Crush Saga, like me :) you can now taste the real sweetness of this special edition candies that was launched last year. Varieties included jelly fish, sour fruit gummies, mixed fruit gummies and color bombs. Enjoy these candies available at Walmart or any store retailers. reference

The 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden Show

The most classic and staple in every occasion are Flowers. Any simple decoration depending on the arrangement or occasion like birthday, graduation, prom, baptismal and wedding. Looking for flower arrangement? You can check country's premier suppliers and wholesalers at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show which is still opens until March 23 at the Navy Pier. You can also see varieties of flowers, great for outdoor features and a large number of floral shops or florists all over the city. Highlights of the event: Do Green, Do Good - Inspire and Educate to learn more about gardening Marketplace - Check out the exhibitors promoting green products and services Seinars and Workshops - Learn how to gaden and check out the schedule held daily Garden Gourmet - Featuring top Chicago chefs sharing their dishes using organic / home grown ingredients Kids Activity Garden - An interactive exhibits and crafts for your kids! Floral Exhibit - See the exhibit from North Central

Points of Life Lesson I've learned during my 34 years of existence

Last week, I finally said goodbye to 34 years and now I still don't feel am 35 (feeling kid again, yeah?) .When I was 30, I celebrated all month with different people in my life - family, friends and officemates. During those years, I somehow reached some of my goals like pursuing a good career, traveling with friends and meeting new people (leaving them as well). [caption id="attachment_9609" align="aligncenter" width="270"] Cowabunga, Pizza Party![/caption] The next life will be more challenging. But before that, let me reflect on these 34 years. 1. Independence I live independently during those 11 years. I have my own choices, taking charge of myself was such a big challenge. And, the best thing is I have started to take a direction which was I didn't expect to happen - a career that makes more interesting. 2. Learn to improve Yes, I don't have much room for improvement but I'm doing my best to exert efforts. I was being challenge one d

Habitat for Humanity Philippines and BPI gives thanks with Zalora

Here's another announcement from Habitat for Humanity Philippines, BPI & Zalora. Let us continue to help our fellow kababayans through shopping online at Zalora using your BPI cards. Press Release: Makati City (March 12, 2014) – Habitat for Humanity Philippines (Habitat), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and Zalora Philippines (Zalora) today launched a promo that encourages BPI Cardholders to help Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) survivors by shopping online. “People have the heart to help, but sometimes don’t know how,” says Habitat CEO & Managing Director Charlie Ayco. “This partnership with BPI and Zalora is a good and easy way of doing so as we now move towards rebuilding the lives of those affected by Haiyan. We have a long way to go and every amount helps in giving these families back their homes.” ends Ayco. Habitat aims to distribute 30,000 Shelter Repair Kits and build 30,000 core shelters for those affected by Haiyan depending on availability of funding.

#DearFutureMom: Your Child Will Be Happy

I'm too lazy to blog for the past months, or ran out of topic to posts but this advocacy came into straight from my inbox and I love to share it with you. Prepare for a box of tissues because the message is very touchy. Too all future moms out there, don't be afraid if you have find out that your child has Down Syndrome. “What kind of life will my child have?” A scared mom-to-be wrote to CoorDown (Coordinator of the National Association of People with Down Syndrome) when she learned she was expecting a child with Down syndrome. The organization, in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Italy, responded by creating this #DearFutureMom campaign: World Down Syndrome Day takes place on March 21st. Help spread the important message behind Dear Future Mom to help advocate the right to happiness and well-being of people with Down syndrome.

Chicago River turns Irish green - St Patricks Day parade

One of the greatest attraction in Chicago during the celebration of St Patricks day is turning Chicago River into Irish green. It has been celebrated for almost 40 years (now a tradition), and if we are thinking how they did it? It was a miracle (joke!) --- they said it was just a formula created and tested by independent chemists. Don't worry it's safe for the environment. The parade started at 10am last Saturday March 16 and the best location to see them was from the East side of the bridge at the Columbus drive or lower Wacker drive. You may check this site for more information, Fortunately, or unfortunately we're lost in Magnificent mile? We were able to see this bridge. While am tracking our location via GPS, Mommy took this photo.  

Course 2 - Google Analytics Platform Principles

Here is another exciting FREE learning experience from Google Analytics Academy. The course 2 covers the principles of the Google Analytics platform. Discover and understand the components and how to collect data base from what you need, focusing on the four components namely: Collection Processing Configuration Reporting But before you take this course, make sure you have read Digital Analytics Fundamental because it gives you an overall overview of analytics and its basic practices. Logon to for more details (Registration open through March 27) Hooray, I passed course 2 again with a perfect score!   Course 2 is much easier compared with the Digital Analytics Fundamentals. The Unit Lessons are discussed accordingly. You have to understand the entire four components so that you can perfect the Assessment. Though the questions are really tricky, still, I managed to get a perfect score :)

My non-slip Spigen Samsung Galaxy S4 Slim Case

I'm searching for an affordable slim case for my less than a year Samsung Galaxy S4 and I stumbled upon this link from Amazon. Spigen has variations of cases and the good thing here it is very durable, lightweight and something you may consider for a tight budget. [caption id="attachment_9588" align="aligncenter" width="300"] source: Amazon[/caption] Description from Amazon: SF (Soft Feel) Coated: Non-Slip Matte surface with a Grip Compatible with All versions of Samsung Galaxy S4 (2013 Model) Premium Urethane Coating: prevents discoloration Slim, form-fitted and lightweight Perfect cutouts for speakers, camera and other ports List Price: $24.99 Price: $9.99 You Save: $15.00 (60%) Manufactured by Spigen SGP in California, USA suited for Galaxy S4. If you are very cautious, this case is a good deal for you. Unless you will settle for another casing that can guard your entire pho

Join the next course on Analytics Academy: Google Analytics Platform Principles

Just got in! Here's another FREE learning experience from Analytics Academy - Google Analytics Platform principles Last year, we had finished the first course in Digital Analytics Fundamentals and now here is another opportunity to learn ore how Analytics works. It will cover the major components of Analytics platform and how we can use the data and make it useful. To learn more, visit this page The course begins on March 11. Course Schedule Pre-Course Survey Unit 1 - Platform Fundamentals Unit 2 - Collection Unit 3 - Processing & Configuration Unit 4 - Reporting Final Assessment Post-Course Survey Glossary

Hello March!

Finally, my favorite month is here! You already know the reason why, LOL. [caption id="attachment_9578" align="aligncenter" width="336"] Source: SM North Facebook Page Yes, hello to my favorite month![/caption] So, what I'm busy about? Nothing. Am still indulging myself watching series online and finishing some part time works at home. I'm too lazy to blog maybe I'll try to write something am still checking out what are the things that I need to write (checklist please?), totally lazy blogging. Nothing's new, snow is still here :) can't go out, hahaha! Here's our first day of March treats at home. Have fun eating, cheat weekend! [caption id="attachment_9577" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Breakfast from IHOP. I was so sleepy so I just stayed at home waiting for my breakfast, haha![/caption] [caption id="attachment_9576" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Late Dinner (Por