Points of Life Lesson I've learned during my 34 years of existence

Last week, I finally said goodbye to 34 years and now I still don't feel am 35 (feeling kid again, yeah?).When I was 30, I celebrated all month with different people in my life - family, friends and officemates. During those years, I somehow reached some of my goals like pursuing a good career, traveling with friends and meeting new people (leaving them as well).

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The next life will be more challenging. But before that, let me reflect on these 34 years.

1. Independence
I live independently during those 11 years. I have my own choices, taking charge of myself was such a big challenge. And, the best thing is I have started to take a direction which was I didn't expect to happen - a career that makes more interesting.

2. Learn to improve
Yes, I don't have much room for improvement but I'm doing my best to exert efforts. I was being challenge one day to create a 'website proposal' for a client and with so much confidence, I did it :) and learning how to improve those tasks day-by-day.

3. Enjoy Life
Yes, I always make sure I have plans for weekend. I don't want to spend a day without doing something or going somewhere else. Love to enjoy each free time. Malls, out of town trips, coffee with friends were my savior.

4. In trouble? Laugh on it
My past employer gave a lot of trouble during those times and my only solution is to laugh on them. My co- workers knew that story and after each 'sermons' ... I just gave them a big laugh :) Problem solved. The company was dissolved! LOL

5. First Time Experiences
It was my first time to do 'kart racing' and it was fun. Also, during those years was also my first time to participate in an outdoor tree planting activity. I was surprised that I was able to climb the mountain, clean the grass and plant the trees. These two things were rewarding :)

6. Old saying, money can't buy you a happiness
That is correct, you don't need to spend a lot of money to be happy. Don't worry about spending a little amount to enjoy life. A cup of taho made my day complete :)

7. In bad mood? Exercise!
I feel more energetic after office hours because I will hit the gym afterwards. That's what we called "motivation"

8. Giving away stuffs - Don't own too much, throw them away!
When I moved out (emigrate), I had to prepare my stuffs. I gave away some of it, threw things I don't need. And, endorse most precious things to some friends. I only brought 2 luggages with me versus the stuffs I had left.

9. Say Thank you always
In anything you do or receive, always say Thank you. Be Thankful for whatever you have right now in your life.

10. Charity works
You don't need a shout out or timeline status to share that you did charity works. It's between you and the institution or the person you helped. Let God reward you in the future.

11. No turning back time
Time is really precious, decide on the things you wanted to do for the next days. And think again how did you spend those time?

12. Let go of negative people
I met a lot of negative people during those years and I am proud that those who stayed are my 'true friends,' Thanks to them, I have realized and managed to handle those negativity and decided to let them go. If I blocked you on my Facebook, you belong to the negative group. If I didn't reply to any of your message, that means I don't want to be associated with you anymore. If you insists talking to me despite of your negativity, think again, because I won't be able to speak a word and hang up.

If you cheated some of my friends or lied to them, you are also part of the red card group.

If you dared to spy on me, like what happened last time when this Qatar girl asked me to be her friend and later on I've found out that she's just spying on me (I don't know why) because she and her boyfriend seaman stalked on me, yes, they have an affair so to speak and they are troubling me because the boyfriend is such a liar, stalker, cheater and a certified womanizer (he has all the negative qualities). Blocking them is the best solution. And, I don't care about their business anymore. I don't want to be associated with these hypocrites.


As I turn 35, things will be different in full swing 360 degrees. I will now face another year living with a new environment, which I am loving now :) To all who greeted me on my birthday, thank you so much. To those friends who celebrated my birthday in a very simple way, thank you for remembering our yearly feast :)

And to everyone who always dream about anything impossible, continue to dream and if you pray for it -- it will come true! God Bless Everyone.

I'm now ready for my Spring-Summer Adventure in USA 2014!!!


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