#20PHnet: My Internet Timeline

I remembered that Internet was first introduced in my school wherein we can browse to research our assignments and current events. We were given a free (3 hours) usage per month in our library. From there, I began to surf the net and practice HTML which was our first project in Computer Subject.

Many of us (girls) took the chance to browse our favorite Hollywood 'male' celebrities. It as 1997 (Titanic) when I noticed a lot of my schoolmates were downloading images of Leonardo DiCaprio, each of them giggles on the side and printing some of his latest news.

[caption id="attachment_9630" align="aligncenter" width="384"]05312009252 One of the great activities I attended was SM Malls' Wifi-Testing[/caption]

My first email address created was from Yahoo (and still exists!), I was able to communicate with my relatives in the USA. Then, I created my first webpage through Yahoo Website Builder as our school project. Our goal that time was to create a portfolio. Too bad I wasn't able to save everything when Yahoo Website Builder was terminated. I also tried created mini-webpages in Angelfire.

I also learned how to chat. I met a lot of 'online buddies' at ICQ, MIRC and YM. Clans were born, but I didn't join any of them. I just wanted to talk to random people online.

When we got our free Edsamail account, we used that as our communication tool. Then, I received invites to sign up at Mailcity (which we used to send projects in school) and Excite.com (just for fun). But I rarely opened these accounts so it got terminated after few months. And, I retain Yahoo as my online companion.

We decided to apply for a PLDT line and used Internet prepaid cards like Blast and ISP Bonanza (the birth of unlimited Internet and walang tulugan). I needed a decent dial up connection so I subscribed to Pacific Internet before DSL was introduced. I witnessed how impressive the connection improved from slow-pagong to parang hinabol ng rabbit, but when everyone in my neighborhood got their own Internet connection...DSL was just like a normal wifi at malls :) LOL

I hope the Philippines will have a stable Internet connection in the coming years. Unlike malls, who usually offer 'free wifi,' I wish also different establishments (aside from Starbucks) will also do the same. And, for schools, wag sana ipagdamot ang Internet specially in Public Schools. Kids should also learn how to improve their skills and don't rely too much on the Internet. Kawawa naman ang library. Books become too obsolete because students will just hit 'Google' and search for something.

Also, Internet programs should also be implemented. Train these kids to be the next 'Internet' guru. We have a pool of talented programmers/developers, Internet practioners/Digital Marketing, but what we need is someone who can be the next 'icon' in the Internet Industry.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Philippine Internet!





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