Course 2 - Google Analytics Platform Principles

GA certificate2

Here is another exciting FREE learning experience from Google Analytics Academy. The course 2 covers the principles of the Google Analytics platform. Discover and understand the components and how to collect data base from what you need, focusing on the four components namely:

  • Collection

  • Processing

  • Configuration

  • Reporting

But before you take this course, make sure you have read Digital Analytics Fundamental because it gives you an overall overview of analytics and its basic practices.

Logon to for more details

(Registration open through March 27)

Hooray, I passed course 2 again with a perfect score!

 GA ScoreCourse 2 is much easier compared with the Digital Analytics Fundamentals. The Unit Lessons are discussed accordingly. You have to understand the entire four components so that you can perfect the Assessment. Though the questions are really tricky, still, I managed to get a perfect score :)


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