My Ultimate Throwback - #MeteorGarden

It was May 2003 when this 'ultimate fandom' started. I never thought that until this year (2014), my ever first love Asianovela will be shown again. I couldn't recall how many times it shown by two giant local networks in the Philippines. What I love right now is how we reminisce' this so-called 'Ultimate Throwback.'

[caption id="attachment_9635" align="aligncenter" width="300"]My friends surprised me with this Album on my birthday! My friends surprised me with this Album on my birthday![/caption]

Meteor Garden captured the heart of Filipino audience. Remember the Meteor Fever segment in the afternoon wherein everyone go- crazy buying and collecting those stuffs from tumblers, pencils, notebooks and even umbrellas? Who lined for Pepsi's promo? and
bought several cans to take home some memorabilias like mousepad or glasses?

During those times, we learned how to sing Mandarin songs without understanding its meaning. Thanks to the internet, we research the pin yin/ romanized and learned how to pronounced each words written on each lyrics.

Then, we voted their songs in MYX countdown. We spent sleepless hours texting and 'fighting' with other voters just to make sure that F4 or any other member/s songs remains on Top 5. Those were the days I also met people who recognized my name 'daomisyel' spreading around the chatroom and Yahoo Groups.

The first memorabilia I got was the Fantasy 4ever album. My brother bought it at Powerbooks. He told me that the album was selling crazy and since I won't be able to drop by at Megamall, I gave him the money and he brought it home.

[caption id="attachment_9636" align="aligncenter" width="300"]One of our fan gatherings. We love overnights and fan bonding! One of our fan gatherings. We love overnights and fan bonding![/caption]

I created a Yahoo Group called 'F4 Phils' wherein I moderated the group and invited subscribers to become moderators. Our first EB was during 'The Event' wherein we line up outside the Ultra (very OA line pero worth it). I even skipped one class just to watch the concert. My classmates were cheering for me to enjoy the show which I did :) and got wet because of the rainy weather condition. Umuwi akong putikan, hahaha.

I also started making friends online. I've met a Fan Club based in Hong Kong and I was happy that they taught how to join several online forums to get exclusive clips. I was surprised that some clips were really taken by dedicated fans who followed them everywhere. As a promise not to replicate those clips, I stored them in my DVD. Unfortunately, my house got flooded (by Ondoy) and some of my stuffs got damaged including my back up CDs. The only clips I restored was the one I edited. Poor me, all
efforts are gone.
They sent me some exclusive memorabilias like notepads and stickers which I really appreciate. But we lost contact when they shut down the site after 'The Event' concert.

The F4 concert in Ultra was a bit frustrating but fun, I was outside watching them on a big screen while Happy 50 TV I was million feet away, Sigh.

[caption id="attachment_9637" align="aligncenter" width="307"]I even joined Toycon and set up a booth for F4 Fans! I even joined Toycon and set up a booth for F4 Fans![/caption]

Our official tambayan was at SM Megamall foodcourt near Bodhi (as we always include this location on all our EBs/gatherings/etc). That place was memorable wherein my friends and I usually considered this as our 'base' exchanging goods and giggling on each F4 members' faces on magazines or photobooks.

I failed to attend Jerry Yan's first Bench/ event because of my Masters (am still completing my units that time). But promised myself to attend the second event which was held in NBC tent and the third event when I brought the troop to Cebu :)

I also helped to organized some events and movie screenings. Those were volunteer works which I treasured most. Sleepless nights, bonding with the girls, endless chikas and screaming out in the middle of the night because we saw a ghost!

Two of my ultimate experience were the 2006 F4 HK Concert and 2009 Jerry Yan's 2nd album launch in Taiwan. I can't simply describe the happiness. It was my first out of country experience to meet F4 and Mickey Mouse :) I think I should write a throwback journal about this tour.

[caption id="attachment_9638" align="aligncenter" width="360"]My Trip to Taiwan, only to meet Jerry Yan! My Trip to Taiwan, only to meet Jerry Yan![/caption]

I remembered a friend wrote an article on my experience with Jerry Yan in Taiwan.
Here's the link:

There were also down moments when some had to part ways but it's okay.
The friendship continues, we never had a chance to fix those personal differences but in our hearts - we are supporting F4.

I am not closing my book but I had a great journey with F4. I don't know if I am going to see them again but I'm happy that Meteor Garden will be air in the nth time. Sorry sa mga Kill Joy :) Aminin nyo, pinanood din nyo :) hahaha.

I know many of us had great stories. Mas maganda storya nila because they really flew miles away to follow each F4 member.
But ika nga, mine was considered an opportunity and I will treasure this memories F4EVER.

Nood kayo ah :)

So how about you, what's your Ultimate Throwback F4 or Meteor Garden experiece?

You may share it by posting a comment below.


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