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My Horrible, Unresponsive and Poor Customer Service Experience with RCBC Bankard

It's already September and I haven't receive any updates coming from RCBC Bankard. I sent my inquiry multiple times (May 2015 and June 2015) with regard to my expiring RCBC JCB Bankard (my credit card is expiring in November 2015).
I remembered I also sent an inquiry six months before the expiration date using the old RCBC email and it bounced back.

Early January 2015, I noticed that I am not getting my online statement in my inbox until I went to their (new) website and sent another request to update my password because the system locked my account preventing me to access my online statement.

I have two credit cards from RCBC - JCB Bankard and Mastercard. In 2013, I called them to terminate my cards since I will emigrate to USA. I can't recall the steps they want me to do but I told them I can keep the Mastercard since I can use it abroad while they can terminate the JCB Bankard since it is a local card. I kept waiting for instructions
until I flew, I heard nothing!

[caption i…

Tracking the Twitter Hashtag #ALDubEBforLOVE

Out of curiosity, I researched some free hashtag Twitter monitoring tools if the count is somehow accurate. There are so many Twitter monitoring tools available online, some are paid and the free ones only capture a minimum audience. I saw these websites and tried logging in if the Twitter Hashtag #ALDubEBforLOVE broke a record (reaching almost 25 Million tweets) as announced yesterday. The closest tracking was from, 23 Millions and ritetag captured the audience impression.

Yesterday, I've read that claiming the Tweets were unreal, manipulated, paid - in short, "bots" or automated. I was surprised when I tracked the hashtag and everyone (including me!) contributed as early as 12 midnight (reaching almost million tweets) and of course expect delay tweets from overseas or those who watched online late .

Organic reach in Twitter is determined by the availability of the users and engagement. So, if there are 25 million tweets recorded - all tweets are delivered …

Postcard Exchange in Elfster

This is my first time to join this swap project in Elfster. I know it's strange to receive from someone you don't know but I am enjoying receving snail mails or cards from people I know. This project is much different because once you register, Elfster will pair you with someone and our first project is to send a postcard. Since I think we live in the same State (Illinois), I just sent "my secret elfster" a Sanrio sticker card. I know am not good in crafting but that is one good souvenir to send.

To monitor if your "secret elfster" received your postcard/greeting card, just login to Elfster Postcard Exchange page and you'll able to see the alert. All comments were posted on the Elster board so you can read the excitement of all those who participated in this program.

I wish Elfster will pair me to another member who lives in other State so that we can exchange different postcards.

Here's what I received. How about you, when was the last time you receiv…

Chicago Women's Expo

The event was held in Donald Stephen Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. This was one of the best experience to get pampered and discover new stuff - health, beauty, fashion, food, etc.

Chicago Women's Expo is one of the biggest event dedicated to all women regardless of your age. It was my first time to attend and it was overwhelming. The moment we arrived the venue, we checked out booths and when we reached the Regis Salon (which was located at the corner), they were giving away ticket stubs. We got our numbers and we didn't know what's store for us. Then, the lady announced that they were picking random numbers and winners, what's the prize? - a hair makeover for free! So, we were seated near the stage and wait until my number was called second to the last! We lined up and wait for our turn. The stage I think occupies 10 salon chairs.

It's my turn, my Mom took these photos (my hair is a mess at that moment so I wanted a haircut so badly!). My stylist mentione…

PLDT, Microsoft to boost PH IT education, launches Digital Campus Suite

I am looking forward to this partnership, this is a very good way of boosting students' knowledge and helping educators to adapt the digital learning and experience the use of current technology in education. I hope students will become proactive and maximize their potential on their chosen fields. We all know that digital learning (online education) is offered abroad so this is our chance to introduce this new environment instead of paying a high amount of tuition fees to enroll abroad online. Our correspondent was fortunate to attend this launch event, and am sharing the press release below for your reference. It's about time to encourage everyone to participate and share this valuable information to your family & friends.

PLDT SME Nation, Microsoft and COCOPEA have joined forces for a digital innovation that will help change the landscape of Philippine education.
In photo, from left, are: PLDT EVP and ePLDT President and CEO Eric Alberto, PLDT Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan…

The battle between Facebook Ads versus Google Adwords

I rarely talk about this on my personal blog because as a PPC practitioner, we have our own opinions depending the need of our client.

For example, if the client has a new business and would like to promote his brand to customers - the first thing that comes in his mind is to create a Facebook page and invite his friends to like the page. This is the first brand engagement that he would like to spread the word among his friend's timeline.

When other clients run a contest for a specific period of time. Having the most number of likes, shares or pick the best comment win a prize. It can be any goods, gift certificates or free services. He will invite different personalities who will help him to boost the campaign like bloggers or anyone who has thousands of followers in Facebook.

The engagement is more organic Social Media because the client is not yet using the Facebook Advertising (paid feature). There are scenario that the clients would like to target a specific demographics like ag…

Invitation to all bloggers: Signed Up for Blogapalooza on October 25, 2015

We're proud to announce that Glamour Moments team is once again attending this year's Blogapalooza. This is one of the biggest B2B networking event in the Philippines and becoming influencers to advocate some brands they choose.

If you are new to blogging and clueless about getting into spotlight, here's an opportunity for you.

Click here to register
Few tips to share before signing up and attending Blogapalooza:

1. Update your blog regularly. Think of topics that you think you are interested in. Categorize your blog posts if you have several topics about fashion, gadgets, food, etc. Marketers love reading 'convincing' stories rather than pasting their Press Releases. Also, update your "About Me" and include some successful stories in blogging (this section serves as your blog portfolio).

2. Make sure your Social Media pages are updated, viewable in public and with complete bio. I often laugh at some bloggers where they said they are great influencers but neve…

Get cashback when you shop online using

Christmas is just around the corner and we are now thinking of ways on how to save money and everyone is now hunting for low price items to give.
During those times, we only rely on newspapers or magazines for shopping discount announcements. I also experienced cutting coupons and bringingthem with me to save money. Today, mobile apps are rampant and purchasing is just one button away. But choosing the best feature or which establishments offer the most attractive promotion is one of our challenges we face as a consumer. Luckily, there are shopping websites that offer price comparison which highlight your cost savings. The most interesting part of the feature is you can directly purchase the product without leaving your house.
If you are looking for certain goods, like bags, accessories, or even home supplements, visiting Shopback is highly recommended. Why? This store has amazing offers and you'll be able to enjoy being rewarded.

Before joining, you will notice a pop-up for informin…