The battle between Facebook Ads versus Google Adwords

I rarely talk about this on my personal blog because as a PPC practitioner, we have our own opinions depending the need of our client.

For example, if the client has a new business and would like to promote his brand to customers - the first thing that comes in his mind is to create a Facebook page and invite his friends to like the page. This is the first brand engagement that he would like to spread the word among his friend's timeline.

When other clients run a contest for a specific period of time. Having the most number of likes, shares or pick the best comment win a prize. It can be any goods, gift certificates or free services. He will invite different personalities who will help him to boost the campaign like bloggers or anyone who has thousands of followers in Facebook.

The engagement is more organic Social Media because the client is not yet using the Facebook Advertising (paid feature). There are scenario that the clients would like to target a specific demographics like age, location, preference (music, food, or brand). They can instruct their Social Media analyst to start working on the ads.
Creating Facebook Ads is very easy and manageable. All you have to do is to gather all necessary information you have for your business and set up the Facebook Ads. You can also select the amount of impressions or engagement you would like depending on your budget. Payment wise, you may use paypal or credit card and don't forget to set a rule
on your budget range so that you will not get shocked when you receive your billing.

Another tip is set a daily budget and schedule of running ads. By doing this, you will able to monitor your ads and budget. I schedule my ads every week, because I had a bad experience on letting the ads run continuously and got shocked when I saw the bill and the client went mad about it.

Google Adwords is still the largest network for paid search. We all know that Facebook will only display ads on Facebook, Google is much broad in terms of servicing online ads. Your ads can be created in text, graphic images or videos. Even you can see your ads in Google network like Youtube, Blogger, GMAIL or any website that has remarketing.

When I first started creating campaigns in Adwords, I read and familiarize myself with Google Adwords. There are self-explanatory tutorials available in Google Partners, you can also take the Google Adwords Exams (the main goal of this is for you and your business get certified).

Luckily, I was able to pass the Google Adwords Certification exam and now continuing learning different tricks in paid search. Unlike in Facebook, Google Adwords is more complicated because search campaigns are based on how people search online using keywords and how we can encourage them to click on the website.

Other media platforms like Twitter Ads and Bing Ads are also good secondary & third option, but it really depends on your goal and budget.

I once tried Bing Ads and the conversions were really good.

So, how about you...which online advertising platform do you use most?


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