Invitation to all bloggers: Signed Up for Blogapalooza on October 25, 2015

We're proud to announce that Glamour Moments team is once again attending this year's Blogapalooza. This is one of the biggest B2B networking event in the Philippines and becoming influencers to advocate some brands they choose.

If you are new to blogging and clueless about getting into spotlight, here's an opportunity for you.



Click here to register

Few tips to share before signing up and attending Blogapalooza:

1. Update your blog regularly. Think of topics that you think you are interested in. Categorize your blog posts if you have several topics about fashion, gadgets, food, etc. Marketers love reading 'convincing' stories rather than pasting their Press Releases. Also, update your "About Me" and include some successful stories in blogging (this section serves as your blog portfolio).

2. Make sure your Social Media pages are updated, viewable in public and with complete bio. I often laugh at some bloggers where they said they are great influencers but never updated their Twitter profile (still an egg!). There are Social Media tools wherein you can schedule your posts and sync your profiles. Use your common sense and research about it. Google is free to use.

3. Make yourself presentable. Yeah, you are not dealing with a bot. Marketers are real people, they will talk to you. Ask something about you or your blog. So, before deciding on attending networking events, make sure you know your blog. Sometimes, they will ask questions about you like your ability to create engagement or how frequent do you blog or if you have any experience in online branding.

Arrive early at the venue and make friends! Socialize with your fellow bloggers and start exchanging ideas. Charge your gadgets and don't forget to ask about the #hashtag... See you at the event!

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