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My Experience at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015

Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015  is over and I can't believe that I've seen my favorites in just two days! This year, I invested my time and money (going VIP is awesome!) to experience and be part of this super event. Day 1 & 2 - Thursday & Friday (Agenda: Toy hunt) After work, I go straight to the venue to picked up my badge. Having a VIP access has many perks that includes a photo op & autograph, plus a 4 day access to the event. This year, I purchased Stephen Amell VIP access. Who is he? Oh well, Google it to find out, LOL [gallery columns="4" ids="10416,10417,10418,10419,10420,10421,10422,10423"] I also got a chance to take a look at different toys and comics at the exhibit area. There two halls, the funny part of this adventure is - I didn't know that the next hall is what we called, "Autograph session" I found out it very late when I went there on Saturday...that was my very big mistake to check out who were there last Th

[Video] Nate Ruess live in MB Financial Park in Rosemont, IL

[gallery ids="10401,10402,10403"] Benefit Concert for the Kids with Matt Nathanson and Nate Ruess. Eric & Kathy Mornings 101.9fm The Mix Chicago in partnership with MB Financial Park at Rosemont, Illinois I ran out of memory on my phone and I forgot to bring my camera (hays, amnesia galore). Nate Ruess (FUN) performed songs from his band and announced his new album. He also sang the famous, Just give me a reason (without Pink) LOL

It's Summertime in Chicago featuring Jeff Fest Arts & Music Festival

This is my second time to attend Jeff Fest Arts & Music Festival. Last year, I didn't stay late because I am too sleepy and went home early but this year, I managed to fight the yawning and enjoy the festival. Hooray for me! Held at Jefferson Memorial Park (a walking distance from Jefferson Park Blue Line Terminal). The gate opened at 6pm and tickets ranging from $5 and free entrance to kids below 12 and seniors. [gallery columns="4" ids="10386,10387,10388,10389,10390,10391,10392,10393"] Inside the venue you'll find stuff made by locals from artworks, home decorations, souvenir shirts. On the other side, different food vendors and beer local favorites (Goose Island!). And, the main area which is the concert ground where you can sit and enjoy the music from different bands from acoustics, rock, and special performance by Jonathan Jackson (Nashville series). Bringing kids? Yes, this event is open to all ages. There were kids' corner and am sure they wi

Polaroid Fotobar: Transform your digital images into Polaroid Prints

I never own a Polaroid camera. I think during those years only 'can afford' kids has the opportunity to purchase and own that gagdet. Before digital cameras were born, I recalled that I used to have a Kodak or Minolta film cameras. Remembering how expensive to buy a film and developed the prints, today, some of our candid moments were uploaded online (mostly our selfies, haha). Others also prefer prints, you can easily order online like web based apps Snapfish or Shutterfly. One of the most well recognized camera brand in the world is Polaroid. Celebrating it's diamond year, Polaroid is known for its exclusive classic border photo print which we enjoyed sharing this kind of format in TimeHop. I have the opportunity to visit one of the Polaroid Fotobar branch in Las Vegas. According to the website, this retail shop is also available in California (San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose and many to mention). One of the "Fototenders" or store attendants mentioned t