Polaroid Fotobar: Transform your digital images into Polaroid Prints

I never own a Polaroid camera. I think during those years only 'can afford' kids has the opportunity to purchase and own that gagdet. Before digital cameras were born, I recalled that I used to have a Kodak or Minolta film cameras.

Remembering how expensive to buy a film and developed the prints, today, some of our candid moments were uploaded online (mostly our selfies, haha). Others also prefer prints, you can easily order online like web based apps Snapfish or Shutterfly.


One of the most well recognized camera brand in the world is Polaroid. Celebrating it's diamond year, Polaroid is known for its exclusive classic border photo print which we enjoyed sharing this kind of format in TimeHop.

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I have the opportunity to visit one of the Polaroid Fotobar branch in Las Vegas. According to the website, this retail shop is also available in California (San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose and many to mention).

One of the "Fototenders" or store attendants mentioned to me that it will only take 20 minutes to print your digital photos. All you have to do is to visit the Fotobar and select your photos from your Smartphones, Facebook or Instagram. You may also select print sizes according to your preference (also you can start customizing your photos
with unique shadowboxes or frames). Prints were very nostalgic, you'll be amaze seeing sample photos posted on the store's wall.

Printouts will start at $15 and the rest it's up to you if you would like to add accessories or if you prefer to ship it if you order a acrylic custom size photos.


Also available are these awesome Polaroid cameras on sale. You may also check out the photo exhibit/museum located at the 2nd floor.

I bought these cool shirts "Polaroid shirt" and saying I'm a "Photographer" for only $5 each.

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Visit the official website - http://www.polaroidfotobar.com


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