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My PayPal Debit Card is here!

I'm using a PayPal account to purchase online and I transfer all of my rewards like Ebates and Ibotta to PayPal. Now, you can enroll to get a Paypal Debit Card and can make purchases in-store or online where Mastercard is accepted. You can also withdraw money using the Paypal debit card from MoneyPass ATMs in the US and add money to your Paypal account any time by check, cash or direct deposit. The good news is - there is no annual or monthly fees or minimum balance requirement. To enroll, just login to your Paypal account and you will see a link to enroll a Paypal Cash Card. Please note that cash card is different from credit card, Paypal is also offering a credit card feature. Find Moneypass ATM near you: You can also load cash to your PayPal balance at retail locations like 7 Eleven, CVS, etc with a minimum fee of $3.95 Daily ATM withdrawals daily limits to $400 (just like other regular banks). For other charges an

Sebastian Stan: 2018 Hugo Boss Summer of Ease

Discover the Ease of Summer looks by BOSS with Sebastian Stan. We have seen him attending fashion week and fans were excited when they saw him on a location shoot for Hugo Boss. In 2017, He had two successful movie projects - Logan Lucky and I, Tonya. This 2018, We can't wait to see him again in Avengers, Infinity War as Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier. Sebastian Stan is also attending several comic conventions in the United States. His upcoming appearance for Wirzard World Comic Convention are in St Louis, Portland, Philadelphia and Chicago. credits:

Delgado Clinic launches Optimal Birth Outcome Program to promotehealthy pregnancy

Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospita l, more popularly known as the Delgado Clinic , has been championing mother care for 70 years with a record of more than a hundred thousand babies being delivered to date. From normal births to high-risk complications, the Delgado Clinic has taken an extra measure of love and personalized care as all mothers do to make sure their child not only lives, but flourishes. True to its legacy, the Delgado Clinic introduces the Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) program, a free three-day workshop that serves as the ultimate care, support and education system for moms-to-be designed to minimize or even eliminate congenital defect, premature birth, new-born infections, and other chronic complications for both mothers and children. An Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) is achieved when there is zero or reduced complications. The OBO program does this by providing added-value services in support of the foundational needs of every individual mother. No matter what

Netflix's GirlBoss - Ups and Downs of running an online business

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2018 will bring us more projects and adventures. I just renewed my domain and hosting for another year so I wish to blog more about my adventures living in the United States and my friends' adventures in covering some events in the Philippines. Yes, Glamour Moments is now a group effort (aka collaboration) of me and my friends. So, if you have any upcoming events or projects that you would like us to be involve, just message me and I'll be happy to connect you with fresh ideas (instant plugging). I know it is a struggle to start a blog post after holiday because I have been so busy with work and the cold weather freezes my brain to think of a topic to post! My friend has an upcoming event this week so I should have posted something I decided to create an online review of N etflix's Girlboss (which was created and written by Kay Cannon of Pitch Perfect) and a loose adaptation of Sophia Amoruso, an eBay flipping vintage clo