Netflix's GirlBoss - Ups and Downs of running an online business

Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope 2018 will bring us more projects and adventures. I just renewed my domain and hosting for another year so I wish to blog more about my adventures living in the United States and my friends' adventures in covering some events in the Philippines. Yes, Glamour Moments is now a group effort (aka collaboration) of me and my friends. So, if you have any upcoming events or projects that you would like us to be involve, just message me and I'll be happy to connect you with fresh ideas (instant plugging).

I know it is a struggle to start a blog post after holiday because I have been so busy with work and the cold weather freezes my brain to think of a topic to post! My friend has an upcoming event this week so I should have posted something I decided to create an online review of Netflix's Girlboss (which was created and written by Kay Cannon of Pitch Perfect) and a loose adaptation of Sophia Amoruso, an eBay flipping vintage clothes seller.

Nasty Gal herself is so much aggressive on what she wanted to do in her life. I guess some reviews were over dramatic because She is keeps trying to prove and convince herself that she is kind of a rebel person that you will hate but she is not.

I will not focus my review on Britt Robertson which I think did great in her acting (being so arrogant and complicated) but I will point out some important matters that I've observed while watching the episodes. I have family and friends who sell products or offer services online and heard different stories about struggles and success so this is such a good conversation on sharing what you have learned from based from actual experience.

When Sophia started to avoid having a real adult job, her vision is to prove herself that she don't need to get employed when she can work for herself. She tried to flip vintage clothes and sell online which she started posting an auction in eBay which she earned a lot of money. Getting an audience from a huge selling platform like eBay is very hard. Your product must be unique, attractive and authentic. When posting a product online, you have to create a very attractive name for your product title and include a detailed description like size, color, texture or anything that you think will convince a buyer to place her/his bid. She got banned from eBay in 2008 for posting hyperlinks in feedback comments.

Another challenge is creating a business name that will become your "brand." Before you start buying a domain name for your website, you should research first and try many alternative options as possible. was an adult website and Sophia started sending invitation using that website URL when its too late when they found out so they have decided to use her eBay shopper's name as

Managing your inventory and cash flow is also challenging. Make sure you monitor all of your products and replenish your stocks. Also, track your deliveries and feedback. It is important that you send the ordered products on time to avoid negative remarks from your customers. I know we cannot avoid harsh comments from other people but it is better to stay away from them and be professional. On managing your cash flow, be sure that you have enough funds to run the business.

Sophia has Annie (her best friend) by her side on everything she does. Unfortunately, Annie asked her if she can work with her (like real work with salary) and Sophia did not like it. I know we have friends around to help us out but we should be discussing the possibilities of working together and if we are going pay them or not. There are also some other that will become your competitor so if they do that - they are not your friends! LOL

I know how difficult to drop everything you do and start your own business.

To my friends who are managing their own business --- good luck on your chosen career

To us who are employed - be inspired and motivated.

To some unemployed - never lose hope, opportunities are just out there waiting for you

Netflix canceled Girlboss after one season and Amoruso stepped down as CEO in 2015 and last year, Nasty Gal filed a bankrupty.


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