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Self-Care Summer: 4 Vacation Destinations for the Ultimate Reset

  From food adventures to events to travel, the Glamour Moments blog is your premier internet destination for informative articles and personal posts. Reach out for more info today! Image from Unsplash There’s nothing better than just checking out of life for a while - and checking into a hotel instead. A self-care reset trip is what the doctor ordered to prevent stresses, expectations, and pressures from taking over your life. Summer is coming, we’re finally seeing the last of the pandemic, and it has never been a better time to travel. Here, Glamour Moments shares four perfect cities to travel to for some much-needed pampering.   1.     Los Angeles, California In the City of Angels, wellness is a way of life. LA has access to the country’s best and most cutting-edge health and self-care practices . From $1,000 facials to hole-in-the-wall acupuncturists that needle the stress out of your body, you’ll find self-care activities galore in this city.