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U2 Innocence + Experience in Chicago - PRE CONCERT UPDATE

Surprise! The moment you have open this post I would be probably preparing myself to experience one of the best concert in my entire history of fan girling and singing "i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy" wahahaha!!!

When I found out that U2 will be performing in Chicago, I am praying that I can score tickets because it's really hard to purchase online with Ticketmaster especially if it's U2! I am eyeing for the first night show but in few minutes --- booom, it was SOLD OUT! Then, it was announced that the band has additional tour dates and extending their show - Applause! So, what I did was to go online and finally - scored a Sunday ticket.

Unfortunately, the available tickets were slowly disappearing online (it keeps on loading until you got nothing!). Upon loading, a seat number was assigned to me in one particular section. I didn't mind how much it cost and or which section I got... I hit the magic button -- PURCHASE!!! Jumping like a kid and printed out…

Turning 30 And Still Loving Toys - Part 2

Roger Decierdo's Toycon 2015 coverage continues.....

And speaking of cosplays, the older crowd gamely joined as the cosplay event got underway. While there were a lot of the usual characters from currently popular franchises, there were also a lot of unique ones like the North Korean soldier from controversial 2014 comedy film The Interview. There was also a nice throwback to some beloved characters from our childhood like Princess Sarah (done by a guy) from that popular 90’s classic.

Figure 11 Si Princess Sarah. Patatas na lang kulang.

Figure 12 The North Korean soldier

While the costumes were definitely greatly made, it was the cosplayers’ portrayals of their characters that really brought the house down laughing. One of the best was the guy who played Vegeta (from Dragon Ball Z), who came prepared with flashy special effects (actually just a guy waving pieces of cloth and moving around pieces of paper).

Figure 13 Vegeta firing his Garlic Gun. Impressive special effects!

Some more imp…

Turning 30 And Still Loving Toys - Part 1

Toycon  2015 Coverage by Roger Decierdo

Turning 30 is often said to be another step deeper into the adult world, a time where one has to seriously think about buying a house, a car, or deciding on a long-term business venture. And that also means getting further away from toys and other childish things.

But that is not the case with some people, including myself. While we are now looking at possible property investments or preparing ourselves to embark on yet another business, we are definitely not giving up our action figures, dolls, and other toys. And we are definitely always looking forward the annual Toycon.

Now on its 14th year, the Philippine Toys, Gaming, and Collectibles Convention has regularly attracted not only young people, but also those who have already gone past that category, yet still wanting to have some kiddie fun. And this year’s Toycon is no different, as it is packed with a lot of things to have fun with.

As always, superheroes were there to greet the adult populace…

Our Piyesta Pinoy 2015 Experience in Bolingbrook, Illinois

This was our first time to check out and we were curious on what Piyesta Pinoy is. Last Saturday, on a sunny weather we drove to Bolingbrook, Illinois and experience the Filipino style feastival featuring artists, vendors and performers showcasing the Filipino Talent. Different groups or organizations were present to promote our country and a perfect timing to introduce some of their craft like personalized or custom shirts, accessories, artworks, home decors and a lot more. The tents were divided into 3 - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Upon entering the venue, you'll able to see the event's main activity - entertainment. There were solo or group performances (music and dance group) from different places in Illinois (mostly from Chicago). I was delighted to hear folk songs like "Si Pilemon, Leron-leron sinta and Atin Cu Pung Sing sing"!!!

[gallery columns="4" ids="10221,10222,10223,10224"]

Besides the stage, there is a long stretch of food vendors. As …

My free museum visit to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

Get to know more about different species underwater! Shedd Aquarium is located at Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Different attractions include in the oceanarium plus get a chance to watch the aquatic show.

Illinois residents get the chance to enter the museum for FREE (aquarium gallery). Just check out the dates included and don't forget to bring your ID. (see schedule here)

If driving, parking lots are available within the area. Public transportation is highly recommended plus you get a chance to explore the downtown. You can also purchase your tickets in advance through online to avoid delays and long lines.

For paid attractions, you'll able to meet and greet the otters, dolphins, stingrays and a lot more. Plus, Kids can enjoy the 4D movie presentation (they are currently showing SpongeBob).

1200 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Ill. 60605
(312) 939-2438

Also check out Chicago Museums Free Admission Days 2015

Warning: Don't Click Facebook Spam Posts

I woke up this morning with tons of notifications, tags and wall posts of screaming FB users who received or had been tagged with no reasons.

There is a worm, a malicious script that when the time you click the link, you will be automatically affected. This scenario is not common to us. We have been warned several times about it.

For your safety.

-When you see the post, report it immediately. Where to find the report button? The tick arrow on your right. You may first click "I dont want to see this post," and then, Report it in Facebook authority.
-Next is inform the person, he or she is not aware. Try logging out and change your password. You can also tell other people who were tagged to do the same thing.
-DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. If you are malicious enough, goodluck!
-Check some apps. Sometimes apps on Facebook have been infected too. Try to remove those unused apps.
-Set your Tagging Notification. I always review tagged posts for safety precautions. Go to your setting and tem…

Enjoy A Weekend Flight Back To Childhood At the 14th Toycon

Remember back when we were kids and dreamed of flying into the stars wearing our capes made out of towels? Or when we go feed our toy soldiers to our “pet” toy dinosaurs?
Now, it’s time to relive those fun memories again, as the Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention is set to bring you back to those innocent flights of fantasy on June 19-21.

This time around, Toycon will be bringing a motley crew of caped and colourful superheroes with the World of DC Comics exhibit by Pacific Licensing. Not will you get to see some of the best action figures of Superman, Batman, and the other members of the Justice League, but you can get the chance to grab some great-looking DC hoodies from Authority Hoodies.
On the other hand, if you are more into embarking on adventures to galaxies far, far away, Toycon also got you covered, as Walt Disney rolls out tons of new figures and merchandise in celebration of the original film trilogy and in anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels tv s…

Bamboo Live in Chicago - May 30, 2015

Thank you Bamboo for visiting Chicago yesterday despite of the bad weather.

The show must go on oh yeah!!!!

[gallery columns="4" ids="10183,10184,10185,10186"]
One of my favorite OPM artist (rock/band), Bamboo performed songs from the past like "Himala, Probinsyana, 214, NoyPi, Hallelujah, Awit ng Kabataan... and brought back too many memories. He also sang some songs from his last album like "Questions". I'm looking forward to his new album which He mentioned that on its way very soon.

Meanwhile, here's some of the clips I took last night. Sorry for the blurred and "sabog" sounds because when I got closer to the stage, the speakers were beside me. I edited some of the parts but it was such a memorable and intimate night with Bamboo. Like what I've shouted on my wall: 3 handshakes plus getting closer near the stage is precious! :) #fangirlalert!!!

Hope to see more of Bamboo and his music. Have a safe travel back to the Philippines.