Warning: Don't Click Facebook Spam Posts

I woke up this morning with tons of notifications, tags and wall posts of screaming FB users who received or had been tagged with no reasons.

There is a worm, a malicious script that when the time you click the link, you will be automatically affected. This scenario is not common to us. We have been warned several times about it.

For your safety.


-When you see the post, report it immediately. Where to find the report button? The tick arrow on your right. You may first click "I dont want to see this post," and then, Report it in Facebook authority.
-Next is inform the person, he or she is not aware. Try logging out and change your password. You can also tell other people who were tagged to do the same thing.
-DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. If you are malicious enough, goodluck!
-Check some apps. Sometimes apps on Facebook have been infected too. Try to remove those unused apps.
-Set your Tagging Notification. I always review tagged posts for safety precautions. Go to your setting and temporarily set to review your tagged posts.

Other options may include unfollow the person or worst unfriending them.

If you think of any options post your comments here. It's annoying to see those malicious posts that is why I set restrictions on my accounts.

This photo is taken when i about to leave home for work. Curious enough it is hazing sun according to my brother. I thought it was Mars and aliens are arriving today LOL

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!!


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