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Hello Kitty Chocolate Toy Surprise - Mystery Box 1

I went to the mall last Friday to buy some food and I stumbled upon this Hello Kitty choco toy surprise. There are 12 toys hiding in a chocolate coated egg shaped container with 1 mystery toy awaiting inside. I only bought 1 since I am not into collecting small Hello Kitty stuff, just for curiosity and I don't want to spend much $ on this (FOCUS). Toys included are small plastic Hello Kitty figures, keychains, and puzzles. The box inside contains 1 Hello Kitty Egg, so wait until I open the foil to check out what's inside: Here's what i got! A Hello Kitty small figure. This can be placed on top of your PC desktop monitor. After opening the foil, you have to break the chocolate coated egg to get the toy which was hidden inside of a pink plastic egg. The only disappointment on this was it was too hard to open the plastic egg. Also, for health reasons - you may also thought that this might be dangerous because the plastic egg is coated with chocolate. It may be also a choking h

My views on Google ask bloggers to no follow links for free gifts or promotions

Few days ago, we read that Google has issued a friendly notice to bloggers who receive free products, endorsements or promotions from brand companies. It was mentioned that we, bloggers should include a 'nofollow' links to any products or services we reviewed so that it won't force to display in organic search results. Many go crazy, panicking on why it is too late for Google to drop the bomb wherein they (Google) suspended some blog sites that suspiciously accepting 'paid' links injected to their blog posts or running a link advertisements. Here are some of my takeaways that may help you to understand what Google really wanted to happen: DO NOT PANIC. If you have included links as a token of appreciation after receiving your free products or services on each of your blog post, do not worry about it. If Google flagged your website and suspended your domain in Search Results the best thing to consider is to check on your neighbor links (they may be spammed or have

4D Non-Surgical Facelift comes to the Philippines

No matter what age you are in, it is never too late or early to be the healthiest and best version of yourself. Visible signs of aging can start when we hit our mid 20’s to early 30’s. This include loss of skin elasticity and volume resulting to sagging skin especially on the cheeks and jaw, fine lines and wrinkles on forehead, expression lines on eyes and cheek, and more prominent nasolabial folds. Introducing Fotona4D, A non-surgical laser face lifting machine that can rejuvenate skin and fight common signs of aging (Uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and facial sagging). Although Botox and Fillers are first in-mind when it comes to non-surgical anti-aging treatments, there are patients who are not comfortable with the idea of injections and want the least invasive procedure. Painless procedure with same anti-aging effect as Botox and fillers and no down-time Fotona 4D, the latest technology for non-surgical rejuvenation and facelift is now in the Philippines. The great novelty a

My first @influenster Voxbox @houlihans @inspiralized #HouZoodles

How to get an Influenster VoxBox and Freebies Online I stumbled upon this on Twitter when I search for the term "freebies" or "free giveaways." I joined last year and never been an active member until I have time today to browse more about Influenster's mechanics on how to score freebies. [caption id="attachment_10925" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Join today, [/caption] Influenster is a program which sent outs sample products (yes, name them...they have everything!) and as a consumer through the power of social media (using your personal account linked to Influenster), you'll able to share or review the products on hand. To be able to start receiving these awesome boxes of heavenly goodies, you must sign up and join Influesnter. There are ways to be able to reconnect like using your Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter or Google. Then, earn badges from different categories (lifestyle, food,

G Stuff Treats Help You Have a Happy Healthy Summer!

Just got in! Here's an amazing announcement for all. Summer is on its way and I would love to share this to everyone especially those who love using organic products (like me!). Make sure you scroll down to read more and hope you all have a great summer experience (I'm envy, we're still snowing here in Chicago LOL) --- editor Summer officially begins! G Stuff, the healthy and organic shop, offers a host of bestsellers perfect to accompany you with whatever you’re up to in the season of the sun! Keep Fresh and Clean with G Stuff Travel Kit The famous G Stuff Travel Kit is a set of handy toiletries that is a definite must have! Wherever you’re headed to enjoy all that nature has to offer – soaking on the beach, hiking up the mountains, discovering exquisite waterfalls or just trailing on a hot sunny day with friends! We always want you to keep fresh and clean that is why we’ve prepared these essentials you will need before your summer trips. G Stuff Travel Kit include these f

My sweet visit to Niles Public Library for Sweet Home Chicago exhibit

Chicago is one of the city that has too many history to discover. I did not know that most candies/chocolates I ate were originally from Chicago! It was in the late 1800s when some brand names like Wrigley or Snickers became most popular produced candies in the history. Good thing that Niles Public Library features "Sweet Home Chicago," a sweet exhibit that chronicles the the candy legacy. Some interesting facts like why did they choose to operate their factories in Chicago and an unveiling documentary that was narrated by Bill Curtis, "Candyland USA." The exhibit is located at the third floor, Franklin Gallery until May 31. There are some candy events and fun activities feature each week so you better check the calendar of activities. [gallery ids="10905,10906,10907,10908,10909,10910"] For the Grand Opening Weekend, Doo-Wop and Barbershop with the Convertibles had a fantastic show last Saturday and Curator Leslie Goddard lead the talk about Chicago's