My sweet visit to Niles Public Library for Sweet Home Chicago exhibit

Chicago is one of the city that has too many history to discover. I did not know that most candies/chocolates I ate were originally from Chicago! It was in the late 1800s when some brand names like Wrigley or Snickers became most popular produced candies in the history.


Good thing that Niles Public Library features "Sweet Home Chicago," a sweet exhibit that chronicles the the candy legacy. Some interesting facts like why did they choose to operate their factories in Chicago and an unveiling documentary that was narrated by Bill Curtis, "Candyland USA."

The exhibit is located at the third floor, Franklin Gallery until May 31. There are some candy events and fun activities feature each week so you better check the calendar of activities.

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For the Grand Opening Weekend, Doo-Wop and Barbershop with the Convertibles had a fantastic show last Saturday and Curator Leslie Goddard lead the talk about Chicago's history of candy.

I learned a lot from yesterday's visit at the gallery. I had so much fun to answer those trivias and I took some photos for you also to discover more about your favorite brands.

For more information you may visit the official website,

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