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Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, Inc. announced the holding of thesearch for the Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) for the year 2018.

Carrying the theme “ FORWARD: Challenging Design Boundaries ,” AYDA 2018 encourages Architecture and Interior Design students to depart from their usual comfort zones. They are tasked to challenge the vernacular archetypes and present design boundaries so they can come up with more creative creations in a variety of ways possible. During the last decade, several design disruptions have created a tremendous impact on the design industry with a more recurring pattern and consumer behaviors that have influenced the way people interpret spaces. Notions like “adaptive reuse,” “disruptive technology,” and “experimental tectonics” came up in the industry so Architecture and Design communities were presented with a new challenge: to reconsider, rethink and recreate new codes of aesthetics out of the box. AYDA 2018 is a design competition open to Architecture and Interior Design students (third-year onwards). Each student is allowed to submit One (1) entry. Deadline for submission of

Meteor Garden 2018 Reboot: Meet the cast, watch the trailer andMVs #MeteorGarden2018

After 17 years (if my calculation is right), the new Meteor Garden is back. The reboot has 48 episode which will air on Hunan Satellite TV from July 9th every Monday to Wednesday at 22:00 Mango TV Entertainment (please confirm if this is correct!). We already knew that the story was inspired from Japanese manga Boys over Flowers and to my surprise, Harlem Yu and Penny Dai agreed to use their songs in the opening and closing. I am not much familiar with the cast and am trying to fill in some information based from reading their profiles online but I know there will be a lot of comparison from original cast (they're the best for me! but let's give the new cast members a chance). I watched the trailers and I've found out that they filmed in different locations which to me is very interesting to see. Storyline is somehow adapating the current school environment. I'm looking forward to watch it with English subtitles online. Please share if you have any other additional in

Toycon PH 2018 is a new playground for fandoms - news clips,performances and highlights

It's already July and Toycon PH 2018 is over but the memories are still fresh. I gathered some clips from Youtube, Facebook, etc to highlights the best of the best performances of Kaye Cal, Sistar member and leader Hyolyn and with the Voice Philippines Janice Javer. Hyolyn Kaye Cal Also, most clips were taken from the interviews during the event. One News ANC Early Edition ABS-CBN News TV Patrol credits to the owners/ youtubers / vloggers / news agencies I'm still gathering some resources and if you wish to add your video on this Toycon PH blog post, please post your links below. I also wanted to thank my friends for sharing their photos & videos. I'm going to upload the entire album on Facebook but here are some of my favorite photos! Azrael (Toycon Organizer) and my friend Jeff The cutest photo I've ever seen. My inaanak/goddaughter Juliana with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story cosplayers Jef