Meteor Garden 2018 Reboot: Meet the cast, watch the trailer andMVs #MeteorGarden2018

After 17 years (if my calculation is right), the new Meteor Garden is back. The reboot has 48 episode which will air on Hunan Satellite TV from July 9th every Monday to Wednesday at 22:00 Mango TV Entertainment (please confirm if this is correct!).

We already knew that the story was inspired from Japanese manga Boys over Flowers and to my surprise, Harlem Yu and Penny Dai agreed to use their songs in the opening and closing. I am not much familiar with the cast and am trying to fill in some information based from reading their profiles online but I know there will be a lot of comparison from original cast (they're the best for me! but let's give the new cast members a chance). I watched the trailers and I've found out that they filmed in different locations which to me is very interesting to see. Storyline is somehow adapating the current school environment. I'm looking forward to watch it with English subtitles online. Please share if you have any other additional information about the new Meteor Garden.

Shen Yue as Dong Shancai
Dylan Wang as Dao Ming Si
Darren Chen as Hua Ze Lei
Liang Jing Kang as Feng Mei Zuo
Wu Xi Ze as Xi Men Yan

Sun Qian as He Yuanzi
Sun Yihan as Teng Tangjing
Li Jiaqi as Jiang Xiaoyou
Dee Hsu as Daoming Zhuang
Wang Runze as Tian Ye
An Ziyi as Li Xinhui
Dong Xin as Li Zhen
Liu Yinhao as Chen Qingh

Below are the trailers and MVs. Enjoy watching.

Meteor Garden 2018 OST | Penny Dai - Ni Yao De Ai

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