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Get Unstuck: Easy, Everyday Wellness Strategies for a Healthier,Happier Life

An estimated 30 percent of the global population is obese. It’s no wonder why most of us want to get healthier. Cardiovascular disease causes one in three deaths in America, with cancer a close second. Although you can’t change your genetic predisposition for these diseases, simple lifestyle adjustments can significantly reduce your risk factors and improve your health. Photo courtesy of Unsplash If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to health and fitness, don’t worry. These simple, daily strategies can help you get healthier from head to toe: Healthcare and Insurance To stay healthy, it’s crucial to follow doctors’ orders and keep appointments like health screenings or annual checkups. Especially as we age, we must keep our health care in check to prevent conditions from progressing. Health insurance helps cover the costs of doctor visits, medications, and any necessary procedures. Although you might have to pay a monthly premium, having a healthier body