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CarCan Wins “Car Product of the Year” Award for 2020

 February 22, 2021 – , an ecommerce business that specializes in accessories for automobiles, has been awarded “Car Product of the Year” ( ) for their flagship product, the CarCan, a compact trash container that was designed to clean your car and save the environment from litter and plastic bags.  “ We are honored to receive this award for the CarCan ,” says Kyle Lewis, owner of and a former contractor. “I designed the CarCan myself to be the highest quality possible. We know that it's helping many drivers and preventing plastic bags and littering in our communities.”    CPOTY awarded CarCan with their first-ever “Car Product of the Year” award, recognizing the CarCan for its environmental sustainability, versatile design and utility compared to other products on the market. The CarCan comes with four pockets and is fully washable and reusable. It is also multifunctional and can be used as a storage bag or cooler bag.