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Thank you for your greetings!

It's my birthday! Thank you for all those who greeted me online. I am grateful that even though I didn't publish my birthday in Facebook and some people may forget but others remembered it. My office always sends me a birthday card, which is so sweet! I also wanted to thank some of the brands that I love and supported since I migrated here in United States - Kohl's, Ulta, A&W, New York & Co and Nothing Bundt Cake. I know there are a lot of freebies to claim like free coffee in Starbucks, free Jamba Juice, free appetizers, discounts on restaurants and so many too mention. But I am so lazy going to all stores and spend some cash to redeem my freebies. How to get those freebies? Simply be a member of their mailing list or be a rewards member. Others, you have to purchase or maintain a certain amount to become platinum rewards holder which you can score freebies and special discounts even if it's not your birthday! I'm writing this blog post to cele